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Chapter 45: Meeting Lin Ye Again

Chu Yuan Jiang had originally planned to leave for his trip soon, but he was concerned about what He Ling had said. “I will stay here with you for a while longer. I can leave later.”

I nodded and didn’t turn down his offer.

To be honest, I had hoped that he could stay away from the trouble. After all, Lin Ye’s and my shared past was a mess, and our relationship was very much shades of gray.

But since it was Chu Yuan Jiang who said so, I would agree, of course.

We were attending Master Xiong’s party as usual that day. After helping Chu Yuan Jiang out of the car, I left the crowd to say hello to the hosts while he made his way towards the garden with his walking stick, greeting everyone on the way.

As I was walking up the stairs absentmindedly, I was suddenly confronted by a pair of eyes.

One single look was enough to root me in place, stupefied, as if I had been shocked by a lightning.

I thought my eyes had failed me. When I regained my composure, I saw that person talking to someone else, as if he hadn’t noticed me at all.

Under the neon lights, in the misty night, his face, which I hadn’t seen for so long, seemed surreal, like a hallucination. I clenched my teeth and gathered my steps, walking forward regardless of his presence.

He was having a seemingly friendly conversation with He Ling. He had changed a lot in those two years: the wedding ring on his finger, the stylish suit, the self-possessed attitude, and the slightly rebellious manner…

The only things that hadn’t changed was the pair of peach-blossom eyes hidden behind his glasses. I could see the starlight reflecting on the waves of the lakes that were his eyes, exceptionally dazzling in the misty night. Even the slightest change of facial expression carried a wild, seductive air.

I didn’t expect to meet him again when I was so unprepared.

He seemed to have no intention of acknowledging me, so I forced myself to calm down and walk over. “Master Xiong, Young Master He.”

The three of them stopped chatting, and Lin Ye took a sip from his tea cup. I smoothly greeted him as well, “Young Master Lin, long time no see.”

He cooly nodded, without looking at me, and continued to converse with Xiong and He.

I had came to ask Master Xiong about Chu Yuan Jiang’s trip, but this was evidently not the best time.

My brain was buzzing. Had He Ling not warned me beforehand, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my steps relatively steady.

Before encountering Lin Ye again, I had prohibited myself from thinking about him. Therefore, I had no idea what the indescribable feeling I was trying to restrain in my chest was, until just now.

I missed his face. I missed his body. I missed his voice. I also wanted to ask him, this time without reserve, what our relationship meant to him.

But I turned around and saw Chu Yuan Jiang coming over. He strode to my side and put his hand on my shoulder, interrupting their conversation cheerfully, “Hey, it’s Young Master Lin, our old acquaintance! When Junzi and I were back home, Young Master Lin helped us a lot. Would you do us the honor of coming over and having a coffee in our house?”

It was only then that Lin Ye finally looked our way. The friendly expression from a moment ago gradually froze over, and his eyes became cold and aloof. He didn’t spare me a look, instead he stared at Chu Yuan Jiang and spoke unhurriedly, “I heard that you still had time to serve when you deserted the country, so you’re an exile now. Being the guest of a criminal is not very appropriate, is it?”

Chu Yuan Jiang smiled and looked at me. “You are not even gonna give Junzi some face?”

Lin Ye finally turned his gaze on me, and our eyes met again.

His lips slightly curved, but there was only blank indifference in his eyes. He said nothing.

Chu Yuan Jiang still wanted to continue speaking, but I felt suffocated and dragged him away.

I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to anyone before ushering Chu Yuan Jiang into the car. Before my heart stopped pounding, Chu Yuan Jiang casually said, “Lin Ye doesn’t seem to care much. I think Young Master He was probably exaggerating.”

I tried to suppress the storm in my chest and sighed, “After all, it’s been many years.”

“You’re gone, and I am crippled. He’s married and owns a successful business. I say he doesn’t care about you anymore.”

“That would be for the best.” I said.

Chu Yuan Jiang stroked my hand. “Glad that you understand. Let’s go.”

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