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Chapter 27: The Taste of Revenge

I suppressed the anger in my chest, and stood still, staring at Chu Yuan Jiang for a while. I told him, “I am not getting out. You are going to listen to me on this, no matter what. I will not negotiate with you.”

Chu Yuan Jiang refused to say anything. His gloomy eyes fixated on me.

I faced him without flinching, and continued, “Even though Han Dong is dead, there were other people at the spot right? I still want to get them some mayhem charges and give them more years in jail! Plus, who the fúck is Han Dong? He wants my brother’s life in exchange for his?”

“If you really die so easily, I wouldn’t need to worry about you so much. Yuan Jiang, listen to me. This has already happened. It’s not like nobody knows about it as long as you remain silent. If you don’t speak up, they will only celebrate; but if you do, you can make them suffer! There is no place to talk about dignity here! If you really want to die because of Han Dong, I won’t stop you.”

Chu Yuan Jiang kept his mouth shut. I frowned, “Why are you hesitating? Give me an answer!”

“I never planned to die peacefully.” He raised his eyes.

I stared back at him unequivocally, “You are a coward!”

Then I turned around and left. On the hallway, I greeted Lawyer Zhuang who was waiting. “Let’s go. I will treat you to lunch.”

“Yeah? The talk is over?”

“There will be no more talks.”

Back to City B, I absorbed myself into work again. I spent 18 hours everyday working insanely.

But when I went off work and lied in bed, I still couldn’t help thinking about Chu Yuan Jiang.

In fact, I wanted to beg him. I wanted him to stay alive.

But I didn’t dare to say it. I couldn’t say it. I was too scared that he would feel that I pitied him, that he was a burden for me. But I only wanted to help him.

The only thing I could do was to calm down my perturbed mind and wait for him.

Contrary to my pathetic situation, the company was developing steadily. The new products received a large amount of orders, which was likely more than enough to meet the goal Lin Ye set for me. At first, there were some disputes in the company about me being appointed the manager as a rookie; now they all faded in the face of the huge profit increase.

I even made time to meet Lin Ye once. He had become more and more like a decent gentleman. Even when he was drunk, he quitted acting crazy for no reason. He just lied in bed blankly after sex, smoking.

I passed him the lemon water.

He glanced at me and drank it.

The thing between us, once it happened for the first time, the second time followed. I had already thought it through, so I was no longer as cautious as before.

He carried a strong alcoholic smell into the room. The heavy dark circles beneath his eyes told me he was exhausted.

It was him who called me out. I put off all my work, and prepared myself head to toe for the meeting.

But he was apparently not in a sober state. He clung to me the moment he entered the door, and murmured into my ear, “I miss you.”

Despite the reek, I pinned him on the bed and kissed him without hesitation. He shook his head wildly, “It’s dirty.”

I ignored him, kept exploring between his lips and tongue. They smelled like alcohol and dinner.

But he pushed me aside and tilt his head, “I just attended a business party. I need to shower!”

So I carried him into the bathtub. I filled the tub with hot water and helped him clean himself. His eyes were a bit misty and dreamlike, fluttering in the pervading steam. I applied shampoo on his hair, then gently massaged it for him. He opened his eyes slightly and exclaimed, “It feels good……”

I pressed and massaged the acupuncture points on his head through the bubbles.

“Your clothes are drenched.” He said Idly.

“It’s okay.”

“Take them off. Let’s shower together.”

I nodded, quickly got rid of all my clothes, and returned to wash his hair.

I rinsed his hair and applied the conditioner on it. Then I began to apply the body wash on him. When my hand reached between his thighs, he caught my hands, “What are you doing?”

I smiled, “What do you think I am doing?”

He slightly raised his lips and let me go, but I only swept my fingers across the skin on his inner thighs, and lifted his feet to wash them. He leaned on the edge of the bathtub, squinted at me. After finishing my work I applied body wash on myself, then pulled him up. “Come shower.”

He reluctantly lurched out of the bathtub, “You are so well-behaved today.”

I didn’t respond. I pushed him on the wall with his back to me and sprayed him from head to toe with the showerhead. He put his arms against the wall as support, and squinted in contentment, like an idle cat. I stood behind his back and started washing his butt.

He giggled, “Why are you washing there?”

I spread his buttcheeks; the hole was stretching slightly, like a tiny mouth. I splashed the water on it. His shoulder quivered from giggles, “It’s tickling!”

Until then I pressed my thing to his entrance. He looked back at me sluggishly, but I had held his waist and slowly penetrated inside. Unexpectedly, it was very wet. I didn’t try too hard for my entire thing to slide into the deepest.

“You… He gasped, but didn’t quite resist.

I pinned him to the wall and started fúcking him.

This was different than our first time, which was under careful planning and execution. This time, it happened naturally.

As if something was trapped inside my body. I felt so anxious, vexed, and a bit disgusted, that I needed to vent on someone.

But I felt empty and turned off by other people.

I felt guilty, as if I frivolously indulged myself in sensual pleasures while my brother was still in danger.

But him, only him, aroused my desire to destroy and violate.

I reached my hand to the front holding his. Under the attack from both the front and the back, he started groaning immediately. The bathroom was filled with the sound of my body hitting his.

I fúcked him twice in the bathroom. The second time, his legs was so shaky that he almost fell off on the floor. I grabbed him and wrapped his legs around my waist. With our bodies remaining connected, I carried him out and threw him on the bed.

I thrust in and out fiercely, as if I could never have enough, with the sweetness of revenge.

He was begging with a blushing face. I wasn’t sure whether it was the effect of alcohol, or really the pleasure.

I fúcked him back and forth many times, until he couldn’t shoot out anything.

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