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Chapter 24: Lin Ye’s Story I

The first time I met him, we were at an entrepreneur’s party in City X. He stood a few steps away from me, with an ogling woman hanging on his arm.

He had a righteous and handsome face. When he talked to people, he always had an honest and smiley expression. He seemed quite popular, but I disliked him.

When he was chatting with someone else, I approached his partner, and smiled gently,  “Long time no see.”

She nodded at and greeted me, but soon she found an excuse to leave. I didn’t care about her too much, but her leaving made me feel a bit uneasy.

Soon after, I heard she was replaced by someone new. When I asked her out, she showed up with a pale face.

I sneered at her, holding a cigarette, “All men are alike. What’s wrong with you? A prostitute going to keep chastity for a customer?”

She looked up with a disgusted face, “Are you doing it or not? If not, I am leaving.”

“I am being nice enough by asking you out to comfort you. Watch your attitude!”

She was absorbed in her own world. Her eyes were filled with sadness. “I have never dreamed about marrying him. I would be content that I could spend as much time as possible with him.”


“You don’t understand.”

True, I didn’t understand. After that breakup in distress, she married a divorced small store owner and helped in his store. She went from a social butterfly, to a shopkeeper with callous hands.

His next woman was a recent graduate, whom didn’t take me much effort to get. When I drove to pick her up, I held her and gave a middle finger to his window.

I just disliked him. There was no why.

When I woke up the next day, I saw my car smashed in the parking lot.

The feud started here. Maybe it started even earlier, from the moment I paid attention to him.

Not long after, that college girl wanted to break up with me. She cried and accused me of not loving her as much as before. I looked at her impatiently, and heard her mutter, “In the past, no matter how busy Boss Ou was, he always bought me gifts on holidays, and tried to make time to hang out with me. He listened carefully to me no matter what I say. What about you? You only come to me when you are in the mood, and toss me aside when you lose interest?! You never really care about me, or respect me. Then why do you say you love me?”

“If he was really that good, why would you break up with him and date me?” I was enjoying her hysteria a bit, until she mentioned the name that made me furious.

“Although he treated me well, I knew I was just a plaything for him. But we are truly in love.”

I laughed. How dare she say that? Just because she never used my money?

“This is not love. Do you know what you are?”

She sobbed.

“Still a plaything. But for free!”

Those two women destroyed my mood entirely, so I went to the club and picked some boys. I never cared whether it was men or women anyway. Ever since those two women ruined my appetite, I never called another girl.

Lin Shaohua[1] always complained about my personal life being too corrupted, explicitly or implicitly. I just thought to myself, when are you in the position to say that? As a father, you have never done anything a father should do, except for giving me money; now that twenty years has passed and you want to scold me like other fathers?

I met him again in a nightclub. He was in a casual suit, looking like a real boss with all the men around him. Even the young callboy in my arms was attracted. “Master Lin, isn’t that Boss Ou?”

Immediately I wanted to humiliate him, so I stood up and walked over.

As I approached and talked to him, I noticed he was indeed good-looking. He had a nice body too. The beefy muscles hid under the suit was sexy as hell. I suddenly realized. What those women said about him being nice was all bullsh*t. They just needed to be fúcked hard. They were making excuses when others couldn’t satisfy them.

I didn’t miss the look he had when he saw me, which gave me an interesting idea.

Wasn’t this Ou man popular? If he dated me and I dumped him like a toy, I will see if he could still keep his face!

I didn’t expect him to agree so easily. He seemed to have no guard against me.

When he was excited, his face looked like he’s the happiest person in the world, which made me deeply uncomfortable.

I mocked him several times in the hotel room openly and sarcastically, but he kept clinging to me unwittingly. His eyes were still blatantly direct.

Such a disgusting habit.

The game was not over yet, so I would keep playing. So I said, “Are we are friends now? Stay in touch.”

He lifted his lips a bit and nodded.

When I walked out of the room my lips were cramping.

Is this Ou guy an idiot? Doesn’t he know what relationship we have before? Didn’t he ask someone to smash that car? Why is he getting intimate so easily with me as if nothing ever happened?

This guy… Is there really something wrong with his brain? But if so, how can his company get that big……

I made a bet with someone in a bar, and played a huge prank on him. I was hoping for his revenge, but I waited and waited, and he did nothing. As if my punch landed on cotton.

I had never met someone who was so strange. Besides, he reacted pretty normally when he smashed my car?

Then I asked Han Dong to detain his goods. This time there is no way he doesn’t contact me. I thought. I had no idea he would meet Han Dong through his uncle.

Around that time, another gangster called Chu Yuan Jiang sent his men to warn me not to lay a hand on Ou Jian Jun. Otherwise, I would die without knowing what killed me.

I found it amusing. During this boring time, I crouched in City X, there had to be some clowns jumping around for me to kill time.

The day he had dinner with Han Dong, I planned to attend as well. However, my cars had some minor issue on the way, so I was late. As I was about to leave after grooming in front of the mirror, he broke in and spewed all over me.

My heart was cramping. The way he took vengeance was too fúcking disgusting!

While I was still in astonishment, he dragged me into a stall, held my face and kissed me. I almost suffocated by his smell of alcohol, and slapped on his face.

I regretted the moment I slapped on him. I was not as physically strong as him. If he was triggered and did me on the spot, I would lose out big time.

Lucky that he was easily fooled by me to go back to the drinking table. I couldn’t help sneering at his back. Such a senseless idiot.

The second he left, I texted DaBiao about what to do.

That day went wonderfully well. I locked him in the surveillance room and beat the sh*t out of him. All the old and new feuds were vented at once, which made me high as hell.

I didn’t give a fúck about what his brother did, but I wanted to see how he would take vengeance on me.

However, after a while, I didn’t get hurt at all. On the contrary, Han Dong suffered great loss.

Seeing the mess and chaos outside, I couldn’t help but think about his face when I was bored.

When things came to an end and the truth was revealed in front of him, I could imagine his bitter look that he couldn’t beat me despite exhausting all the possibilities. That must be super fun to watch.

He had a confident smile as if nothing in the world could defeat him. I would let the smile be covered in dust.

It was a piece of cake to arrange a meeting with Chu Yuan Jiang, but I chose to contact him and see his reaction. At that period of time, he must feel so proud and think that he can control me. The more airs he put on, the harsher I would let him fell down.

When visiting his home, I imagined all kinds reactions he would give me – refusing, threatening, or deriding…

But the last thing I could have imagined was he treating it like business.

The bruises I left on his face had gone, and his expression was peaceful, as if he had forgotten everything. He didn’t make things difficult for me and took me straight to Chu Yuan Jiang…

I couldn’t understand what happened there, but when I went back home, I felt something suffocating in my chest.

I ordered someone to investigate the ins and outs of the previous incidents. Until then I finally knew that it was his brother who started the war with Hang Dong. Not even the car smashing was his intention.

In the end, after all the chaos, I was dancing and jumping on the stage all alone. He was not even in the play yet.

Coincidently, that college student who I broke up with long ago called me. She claimed that her mom was ill, and she needed money. Let alone the fact that her story was full of flaws, what does it have to do with me that her mom is ill?

I didn’t give her face and called her lies out, and she went hysterical, “What bit deal it is to lend me some money? Why are you so difficult? You said I lied to you, but I told the same thing to Boss Ou. Why did he offer me money? Why are you so much lower than him?”

“What did that Ou guy said?”

“As soon as I brought it up, he asked me if my mom’s illness was serious, how was the hospital, how was the doctor, and if I need help to find a better doctor. I said no, then he gave me money and asked me if that was enough…… You think everybody is as coldhearted as you?”

“Do you really think he’s stupid like that? You think he couldn’t tell your tricks? It was his methods to win women’s heart!”

I smashed the phone and lit up a cigarette. He just brought me troubles non-stop.

I grew more and more intolerant of him. Something ambiguous was heavy on my chest, with some disdain and abhorrence.

It was uncomfortable to suppress those feelings in my heart. I couldn’t hold it, so I asked someone to research how he became so successful.

So, his first big order happened when a well-known company encountered capital flow issue. When all the major supplier stopped to support them, his tiny company offered a huge amount of goods without down payment.

In the end, his company was dragged down by those goods, but he did not file for bankruptcy. Instead, he sold his house and car to gather the last month of salary and rewards for his employees. He slept on the sofa in the company, and took all the debt alone.

At that time, everyone considered him an idiot, but since then, several employees stayed with until today, and became his backbone. Later, the big company magically came back to life, and his tiny company became its regular supplier as a result. After that, his business took off.

People complimented him “Boss Ou has sharp eyes and a big heart, but mostly importantly, he is a good man. We feel secure working for him.”

He was a good man? So hilarious. How could anyone talk so naively in this age.

The good men grew from a happy childhood. They had friends and families. They were as mushy as a steam bum, that anyone could take advantage of them. But this world was full of killings and blood. It was the survival of the fittest. Dreaming that one could survive by being a good man was asking for the moon.

But why was he not crushed into fragments yet, and even started a company?

With his personality, so many people could use and bully him, and trample him under their feet.

He should be living a pathetic life, and failing all his businesses. Then he would become sentimental and extreme, complaining all day…

How could he be so successful, sunny right now?


[1]Lin Ye’s father.

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