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Chapter 23: What Happened to Lin Ye

Chu Yuan Jiang’s recovery went smoothly. Most importantly to me, he showed no signs of mental issues after waking up.

“Yuan Jiang, take care of yourself……”

He looked at me, “Are you leaving?”

“Yeah, I need to go back for a few days. Gotta see what is going on, and find a lawyer for you.”

“I see.”

“Don’t worry. Everything’s on me.”



“Make me one more bowl of noodles.”


The trip to City X took me four days in total. When I went back to visit Lin Ye, he was still grounded at home “reflecting on his mistakes”. From all I extracted from DaBiao, the murder in the prison was blowed up, and somehow even the Great Elder Lin was disturbed. Moreover, someone embroidered the ins and outs of the incident to him. Lin Ye was scolded for “sloppy management, not knowing what to prioritize”. Even our relationship was dug up.

They accused Lin Ye of screwing up his work and making a mess because of a man. He was punished to kneel in the main house for an entire night.

In the end, it was Master Lin who refuted the rumors. He convinced Great Elder Lin that Lin Ye helped me only because I was a good manager, and showed him the company’s performance in recent months. Only after this did the mess finally settle.

Nonetheless, that was merely bruises and scratches, not the real pain. Master Lin had scheduled a business trip abroad to negotiate about a project, and Lin Ye was originally part of it. Because of this, Lin Ye’s trip was cancelled. He was grounded at home and couldn’t do anything. Even the businesses that were originally in his charge was taken away.

After all that fuss, Lin Ye was knocked out from the spotlight he had been in since he came back to City B.

Yesterday morning, Master Lin flew aboard alone.

When I visited Lin Ye, he was sitting in the study, reading a book with glasses on. He looked quiet and elegant, as if nothing had ever happened.

I knocked on the door and greeted, “Young Master Lin.”

He raised his eyes, and pointed at a chair, “Take a seat. ”

I was a little surprised. I was expecting some kind of humiliation, but he let it go like a breeze.

I sat down, waited for him to say something, but for a long while, he only focused on the book.

I had to start talking, “I know this is Chu Yuan Jiang’s fault. But, if Young Master Lin can offer him a hand in this, I will be at your disposal from now on.”

Slowly he closed the book, and looked at me, “Aren’t you already at my disposal?”

“You have helped me so much. From now on, I will not only take your orders. I can die for you.”

He smiled a bit. His face seemed unreal with that smile. He lifted a hand to hold his face, “Every time, something similar happens, then you come to beg me like this. Is there a way I can refuse you?”

I smiled too.

He put down the glasses. “Let’s go for a walk in the garden.”

I got up and followed him.

The garden was full of irritating cicada chirping. Sunlight leaked through the tree leaves, painting interlaced shadows under our feet.

“How is Chu Yuan Jiang?”

“The recovery went pretty well. He’s not in danger any more.”

He paused, and looked at me, “That day……I didn’t know that Chu Yuan Jiang……He……” Then he sighed, “Do you believe me?”

I nodded, “I do. You were furious because at that time you thought he one-sided murdered Han Dong.”

“You never suspected anything?”

“This is too despicable. It’s beneath you.”

He sneered at himself, kicking the rocks beneath his feet, “You know me that well?…… But your temper was terrible that day.”

“I know my brother. He knows what he should and shouldn’t do. If he did it, there must be a reason…….”

Lin Ye stood silently for a while. I walked over and held his hand, “You suffered.”

I walked with him on the flowery trail. The dew drenched our pants.

“I was about to talk to you about this.” He talked while walking.

I gazed into the abyss of his beautiful eyes, and nodded at him, “Yes? I am listening.”

“Now that we are not in City X anymore, and you know I am in such a situation right now…… Don’t act so senseless like before. Do you know why my dad invited you that day?”

I baffled, “He wanted to meet me.”

Lin Ye stared at me for a long while. “You don’t understand.”

I didn’t respond to him.

He sighed, “You are heartless. Inside your chest, the only thing is your brother, and nothing else.”

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