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Chapter 14: Snake

I had no idea how I managed to return to the hotel without feeling my feet walking. I collapsed on the bed once I entered the room, staring at the bleached ceiling, not know what to think. Master Xiong must have been fabricating the truth, right? I didn’t quite believe him anyway.

Something was making my chest so heavy that I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t help but reached my phone and searched for Lin Ye’s number, and dialed.

I didn’t say anything. I wanted to hear him say it. I wanted to let him tell me everything with his words.

“Hello?” It was a strange male voice.


“Boss Ou?”

“Who is this…?”

“This is DaBiao.” So that’s why it sounded familiar.


“Young Master has just le….”

I hung up and covered my face with my hands. I had been living in luxury for many years, but the old calluses from the past street vendor life remained on my fingers. These calluses were cutting on my thick skin, but I couldn’t feel any pain.

But my stomach felt awful. I didn’t have breakfast this morning and now my acid started to reflux.

I got up, changed into an entirely black outfit, and called a taxi back to Master Xiong’s mansion.

“Master Xiong, I am sorry. I forgot something here.” I straightforwardly said.

“Heh, I think you forgot something to say instead. Why did you rush out in such a hurry?”

“Master Xiong, I know Lin Ye. We even got along quite well…”

“I know. He asked you for a car too, but you didn’t give it to him.”

I stumped for a second, raised my eyes and saw Master Xiong looking at me with an enigmatic smile. I clenched my teeth, “That’s my brother’s car.”

“Heh, at times like this, whoever’s car he drives, indicates who is under his protection, so that others won’t investigate in that direction too hard…”


“So, had you given the car to him earlier, your brother wouldn’t have ended up in such a pathetic situation right now. Get it?”


“It’s not that hard to understand. You know how he lives at the center of conspiracies and intrigues every day, so once he meets someone as honest as you, he naturally wants to be close to you…”

“Master Xiong, can you tell me his address?”

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

I constrained the surge in my heart, “I want to give him a surprise.”

*** *** ***

I heard that Lin Ye lived together with his father, and the house was pretty close to Master Xiong’s home. Even the architectural style was similar. The mansion was hidden in a grove, and if I didn’t know the house, I would have thought it was a bunker. Very low key indeed.

I went there straight from Mr.Xiong’s place.

Thinking that I was about to meet him, my stomach stopped hurting, and all my energy grew again. How I wish I could hide a knife in my sleeve and stab him.

It was DaBiao who came out for my reception, “Boss Ou! Such an unexpected guest.”

I raised my eyes. Heh, DaBiao had thoroughly remolded himself, the gangster aura in City X seemed to have disappeared in the air. He now dressed in nice suits and did look surprisingly like a soldier. I peeked at his chest where his tattoos were at, and it was smooth and clean as if he had done hair removal.

I took a deep breath, “Brother Biao, I am here to look for someone.”

“Boss Ou, you are too polite. Just call me DaBiao. Please wait for a minute.”

My butt had barely warmed the sofa in the living room when DaBiao came in and relayed that Young Master invited me to come.

Passing through doors after doors, I noticed the outside of the house looked like a bunker, but inside it was as splendid as a royal palace.

DaBiao gently knocked on the door, “Young Master, I have brought him here.”

The door slowly opened. I walked in and saw a silhouette standing next to the window, shining under the sunlight.

My stomach started to hurt again. I turned to DaBiao and said, “I want to talk to Young Master Lin in private.”

DaBiao stood still until the silhouette next to the window turned to me.

It was the first time I realized that I had never known him for real.

His hair now obediently prostrated on his ears. He was wearing a pair of glasses, and a sweater on top of a shirt. Without the seductive phoenix eyes, I wouldn’t have recognized him at all.

“You can leave for now.” He ordered DaBiao calmly, without the tiniest expression on his face. The nightclub aura had faded away without a single trace left.


“Hmm? Why did you make it so complicated, when a car could have solved all the problems?” With the click of the door lock, he started to talk in a way like he was asking where did I had lunch today.

“I hope an honorable man like Young Master Lin would forgive my past misconducts.”

Hearing that, he smiled warmly, but the warmth wasn’t able to cover the coldness in his eyes. “Chu Yuan Jiang is nothing. I don’t care.”

I wished I could rush to him and tear his fúcking face into pieces. Where is my little Lin? Where did he go?

I lowered my head, “Before, I wasn’t able to recognize Mt.Tai with my eyes[1]……”

He paced towards me slowly. The once familiar minty cigarette smell on his body was gone and he now smelled as fresh as a woman.

He examined me coldly and squinted his eyes, “Standing pretty small, huh? It’s such a pity that I am not willing to do it anymore.”

If you haven’t prepared then why did you let me in?

“Please name me a price.”

He raised one finger, and slightly lifted his lips, “I assume you don’t have it?”

I bit the bullet and asked, “A thousand wan?”

His smile expanded, into a warm smile like the spring breeze, and his voice was as soft as when we first met. “Do you think you are driving away a beggar?”

So it was one yi[2].

“I can pay you three thousand wan first, then…”

He sighed reluctantly, “You do not have that much money at all. Why pretending you do?”

I couldn’t find words to argue.

He pointed at the door, and raised his chin, “Why don’t you leave now? Why are you standing here like a tree trunk if you have no money?”

DaBiao opened the door in time, “Boss Ou, this way.”

“Lin Ye!”

I took a deep, deep breath. “What the fúck did it mean to you when we were at City X?”

He signaled DaBiao, who nodded and retreated out.

He took off his glasses and put it on the windowsill. The once seductive eyes were now as cold and sticky as a snake’s. “You know, it’s pretty boring down there. I need someone to have fun with.”

“Then why did you choose me?”

“You don’t know?” He raised his eyebrows.

I clenched my teeth. “How would I know if you don’t tell me?”

“I have told you.”

“Even the old doorkeeper in Chu Yuan Jiang’s house works for you. Don’t say you hang out with me to spy on him.”

He laughed as if he had heard something incredibly hilarious. He walked to me, and the gentleman mask had fallen. He reached his hand and stroke on my face, with icy fingers like a dead man. “Ha? Getting angry now? Fine, I will tell you.”

“I chose you, because of sex. Because you have a handsome face, a sexy body, and a dumb brain.” And he sighed, “What about you? Why did you choose me?”

“You don’t know?”

“I was so confused for a reason like that. If you like me, you won’t even give me a car; if you don’t like me, your temper for me is excellent.”

“For the sake of our past, Young Master Lin, please point me to a clear path.”

He slightly squinted his eyes, his breath blowing on my face, “I pointed one for you. Taking my kindness for granted? Throwing keys at me? Did you think I am your whore, sir?”

“That was my filthy eyes failed to recognize your greatness. Please, generous master, point me to another one.”

He suddenly laughed out loud, “Ou Jian Jun I have treated you too well. You want me to give you another path, and I already did. How about that one yi?”

“I don’t have it.”

“Then fúck off.”

“Give me a bridge…or just a flashlight; otherwise I might fúck off to the wrong direction and into the ditches.”

“Why would I care if you fall into ditches? ”

I took a deep breath, putting my hand on his waist. “I am just afraid to make Young Master Lin’s shirt dirty…”


[1]I have eyes but fail to recognize Mt.Tai: An idiom which means you fail to recognize someone important.

[2]yi: a unit. 1 yi = 100 million.

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