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Chapter 25: The Most Intimate Person

Gu Yunjue was not satisfied with Mu Chen’s indifferent attitude so he cupped Mu Chen’s face and took the opportunity to kiss him. 

The soft touch of the other’s lips against his lips shocked Mu Chen. He looked at Gu Yunjue’s expression of admiration towards him and gave a helpless sigh. He didn’t have it in his heart to blame the other. He stroked Gu Yunjue’s head and slowly spoke, “This is something that can only be done with the person you’re most intimate with. You can’t do this with me anymore.” 

“The person I’m most intimate with is Master.” The child didn’t seem to realize the meaning behind his words. He looked up with bright eyes and a sweet smile that completely dissipated Mu Chen’s bad mood. 

Mu Chen fixed Gu Yunjue’s hairpin and told him, “Go then. Master will wait here for you.” 

Gu Yunjue exited Yanyang Palace before he licked the sides of his mouth. It appeared as if there was some heat left behind from that quick kiss. There was also some sweetness on his lips that would have encouraged others to continue what they were doing. As his feelings stirred, Gu Yunjue extended a finger to point at a certain direction. He then said to Jing Ming, “You go there.” 

“Huh?” Jing Ming was confused. “That’s in the direction of Hanyang Palace!”

“I’m telling you to go to Hanyang Palace and check what Xiao Lu is doing.” Jing Ming could feel his playfulness returning. Little Liu had been in seclusion for the entire month so the two hadn’t played together during that period of time. Jing Ming felt friendlier feelings to the other because they both weren’t human. 

Therefore, the foolish wolf who never argued back was convinced because of a few words from Gu Yunjue. Since he loved to play, he ignored his duty of sending Gu Yunjue to the Library Pavilion. He turned his back to Gu Yunjue and rushed straight over to Hanyang Palace. 

Since Mu Chen had already discovered his real form, Chu Qianshuang was on his best behavior for the past several days. Grand Master had sent over medicinal pills in order to suppress his demon Qi. If others knew about his demon Qi, they would attempt to form a contract with him in order to have him as their spirit pet. When the Master lost their life, then the spirit pet would lose it shortly afterwards. If the Master received wounds, the spirit pet would also receive injuries. Most of the time, spirit pets were treated like livestock. Most of them didn’t receive proper treatment. He didn’t want to lose his freedom.  

On top of that, Liu Hanzhi threatened that if he caused any trouble then he would be cut off and cooked. That way, years of wasted resources would be saved. 

This savage threat was terrifying! He compared Liu Hanzhi with the aloof Mu Chen and felt that Grand Martial Uncle was like a small healing fairy. 

Chu Qianshuang noticed Jing Ming and Gu Yunjue looking for him so they could play together. Chu Qianshuang felt his heart itch after holding himself back for so many days. Therefore, Gu Yunjue and Jing Ming decided that they would go to the library after they played together. As they passed by, Gu Yunjue made sure to familiarize himself with his surroundings. Mu Chen would never find out so it was perfect! Nearby, there was a small abacus that made ‘pa pa’ sounds. 

Gu Yunjue beamed as he followed after the two people. He thought to himself, ‘What expression would Mu Chen make if he found out that he wasn’t following directions?’ That handsome face usually had an indifferent expression, but if he found out then his face would probably have a faint pink blush. Those beautiful phoenix eyes would probably have some anger in them. Gu Yunjue felt that expression would appear lovely.

Qiyang Palace was located far north of Lofty Cloud Sect. Yanyang Palace was quite a far distance from Qiyang Palace. It was fortunate that Jing Ming and Chu Qianshuang had already reached early nascent soul stage in their cultivation level. Flying in the air while carrying Gu Yunjue would be easy for them. They transformed into green light and it didn’t take long before they were flying above Qiyang Palace. Gu Yunjue followed behind these two little devils and picked Duan Mu Fang’s fruit. They also picked up his expensive fruit wine. They ran over to the opposite end of the spirit beast garden to fish for Dragon Scale Carps that had been raised for over a century.  

The Dragon Scale Carps had lasted from the day of Dan Yangzi randomly coming over and fishing out some of their companions to the day when Dan Yangzhi finally ascended. They lived over fifty years in peace and quiet. They had become plump and strong in this amount of time. They were the length of a human’s arm. If they lived for another century, they would become dragons. Now that they were going to be eaten, it was unknown if this was fate or tribulation. 

The three lit a fire to roast the fish behind the mountains. They arranged the sweetly scented fruit on the ground and carried the spiritual Qi fruit wine in their arms. It was as if they all were drunk and entranced!  

As they happily roasted away, a young man wearing a dark red gown of magnificence appeared overhead. His eyes were clear and bright with amusement shining in them. His eyebrows were shaped like the moon above his eyes. With a gentle tone, he said, “I found you little gluttons.” 

This man was Duan Mu Fang, the young Master of Qiyang Palace. 

Once Chu Qianshuang realized their terrible predicament, he ran off instantly. Duan Mu Fang chanted a fixed body incantation to make the other unable to move any further. He swept his gaze over the group and mumbled to himself, “Which debt should I take care of first?”

Gu Yunjue stood up and brushed off his sleeves. He cupped his hands in greeting, “Greetings, Second Senior Brother.”

Duan Mu Fang looked over at Gu Yunjue. He laughed and said, “Ah, Fifth Younger Brother, Senior Brother doesn’t have any greeting gifts for you. You can consider this fish as a gift from Senior Brother. Later you can come over to my place again to bring some earthen jars of peach blossom wine for your Master.” 

Gu Yunjue remembered that this person had an orchard where several day children would pluck flower blossoms. They would sweep leaves, petals, and weeds into many baskets. Can wine made from that still be drunk? 

It was probably because Gu Yunjue held suspicion in his eyes but Duan Mu Fang explained himself, “The wine that’s for your Master is different from the ones that are sold normally.” Once he finished talking, he picked Chu Qianshuang up. “As for you, you haven’t seen Master for several days. He really misses you. Wouldn’t it be nice for you to accompany Martial Uncle on a trip?” 

Gu Yunjue smiled and gave a nod as thanks. He watched as Duan Mu Fang carried Chu Qianshuang and disappeared. He then sat himself back down and gave the half-eaten fish to Jing Ming. “It would be a waste not to eat this. We’ll leave when we finish eating.” The Dragon Scale Carp’s flesh was tender and delicious. It only took a bite when one could feel their spiritual power move in spontaneity. It made one feel comfortable and warm from head to toe. It was a true delicacy. 

Gu Yunjue took advantage of how distracted Jing Ming was and placed the other untouched fish in his spatial ring. He thought about how adorable Mu Chen’s face would be when he saw the fish. 

It was at twelve when Mu Chen noticed the time and frowned to himself. His little Disciple had promised to return at noon to eat. Then why hasn’t he returned yet? 

It was right at this moment that Guan Shan entered. He led a few dao children that were carrying three earthen jars of peach blossom wine. He let out a laugh and said, “Reporting to Master to inform you that three earthen jars of peach blossom wine from Qiyang Palace have been delivered.” 

“Peach blossom wine?” Mu Chen suspiciously tilted his head. Why did someone give him wine? “Where’s Jing Ting?” 

Jing Ting was watching from the window and replied with one word, “Here.”

“Fetch three breakthrough pills from the medicinal pill room for Qiyang Palace as a thank you gift.” Jing Ting made a sound of agreement. Mu Chen then spoke again, “Check on Yun’er and the others and find out why they haven’t returned yet.” 

Jing Ting let out another sound of agreement and walked away quickly. Jing Ting had a bad feeling thinking about how it was Jing Ming that took Gu Yunjue out. 

Mu Chen watched his retreating figure. His face didn’t reveal any of his thoughts. He felt hesitant towards his previous thoughts. 

It wasn’t long before Jing Ting returned with a cold expression. Gu Yunjue had a harmless look on Jing Ting’s shoulder. Jing Ming was also in his arms as well and his face was beaten black and blue and there were some faint greenish black marks as well.

Gu Yunjue didn’t wait for Jing Ting to explain and ran towards Mu Chen. He instantly revealed a fish in his hands. His pretty peach blossom eyes curved into the shape of a beautiful crescent moon. Those pure eyes revealed speckles of starlights in them. He presented the treasure with a lot of effort as if he was revealing a world full of devotion. Mu Chen listened to the sound of the child’s soft and slick voice, “Master, eat fish!”  

Mu Chen looked at the Dragon Scale Fish that had been raised for over a century. Mu Chen felt confused on whether he should be delighted or furious. He told his disciple to study at the Library Pavilion but instead he went to catch some fish. It would be reasonable for Mu Chen to spank his buttocks but the expression on his disciple’s face made him feel otherwise…. Mu Chen took a deep breath as he realized that he shouldn’t be lenient when it came to disciplining his disciple. Even if his disciple did something this cute, he should still be scolded! 

“Explain to Master why you went to Second Senior Brother’s place to steal fish? Mu Chen’s tone sounded extremely serious. 

Gu Yunjue quietly turned his face and looked innocently at Jing Ming. 

Mu Chen’s icy cold gaze followed Gu Yunjue. Jing Ming straightened himself up instantly. His eyes were wide open in shock as he looked at Gu Yunjue. The one that said that the fish looked tasty was you and the one who wanted to try it was also you! The one that stole Elder Master’s wine was also you! The one who brought in the fish and was discovered by Master was you! Why are you looking at me?!

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