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Chapter 13: Disciple’s Butt May Not Be Touched

Mu Chen held onto the storage ring as he inspected it. The storage ring was a very common one. Mu Chen used his divine senses to investigate deeper into the ring. The space that was within the ring didn’t appear to be very large. Inside the ring, there was only a small piece of jade, it was a map.

On the back of the jade piece, there was crooked writing that shaped itself into a few letters that read, ‘When you come looking for me, remember to bring two Dragonscale Carps, with some pepper and salt.’

Mu Chen: “……” The map did not tell him where he had to go in order to hand this stuff over. There wasn’t any useful information left behind. His Master had even wanted for Mu Chen to bring him two salted Dragonscale Carps once he ascended… Very good, this gift was very valuable!

Since Mu Chen was unable to make sense of the gift, then that meant that it wasn’t time for his understanding yet. Mu Chen glanced over the map and placed it into his consciousness. He clenched his teeth together and pinched the jade piece until it turned into fine powder. Yes, it wasn’t time yet! He still needed to prepare the salted fish and give a one hundred plus years old salted fish to Master. In the case that he dies earlier than expected, then he could have his disciple give the salted fish to his Grand Master.   

A faint layer of red gradually rose onto Mu Chen’s face. He felt angry about all of this!

Gu Yunjue waited until it was evening to secretly investigate what the bottle held inside. He was only able to find the bottle on top of Mu Chen’s table with a bloomed flower inside of it.

Gu Yunjue had a tiny bit of a headache. He had used the divine sense of his Immortalization Stage in order to find that bottle. There was clearly something important in that bottle. His Master had already taken that item away without leaving any clues behind about it. If there was anything dangerous about that item, then he would be unable to protect him. Could the only solution be that he had to search his Master’s soul?

Gu Yunjue held onto his forehead with his hand. He felt as if he had gone crazy!

When Mu Chen returned to his room, he found his little disciple “tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks.” His disciple looked like a naughty little monkey. With a cold expression, Mu Chen asked his little disciple, “What are you doing? Have you finished your writing exercises?”.[1]

“I did finish writing it.” Gu Yunjue’s expression quickly changed. He obediently pulled out his written exercises from his storage ring. The strokes of his words were so crooked that they resembled bean sprouts. They weren’t pretty at all.

Mu Chen looked at the words that Gu Yunjue had written and immediately thought back to the letter Dan Yangzi had left behind for him. When he looked back at his little disciple, he held some disdain within his eyes. It was really ugly! The IQ of his Master and Gu Yunjue must be the same since their letters were both similar in their ugliness.

Gu Yunjue’s smile turned a bit stiff. His little Master was not inclined to hide his mood. His Master’s disdain could not be any more obvious.

The expression on Mu Chen’s face turned cold as he held Gu Yunjue on top of his leg. He then ordered someone within the palace to get some ink, a brush, and some paper. He then gave the brush dipped in ink to Gu Yunjue. He adjusted his disciple’s posture so that his disciple was properly holding the brush. He placed his larger hands onto Gu Yunjue’s smaller ones, and wrote out the three characters for Gu Yunjue, (顾云玦).

Mu Chen’s characters looked just like his character- slender, strong, distinct, and severe. It carried some type of lofty and unyielding character that was hard to describe.

“This is your name. Now, write it again.” Mu Chen believed that he should be very strict as a Master.

Gu Yunjue obediently wrote the characters again. Although, he still wrote it crookedly on purpose, it was still way better than the characters that he had written before. Mu Chen rubbed his disciple’s head to show his satisfaction. “This one is pretty good. As long as you’re making progress.”

Mu Chen had heard that the best strategy to take with a child that could become warped easily on accident was an ample amount of patience. As Mu Chen had expected, his little disciple happily leaned against his chest after he had praised him. Although his disciple’s back was still thin and weak, it was not like the fragile state it was before. Mu Chen did not know if the reason for this was because he had been raising his disciple well. However, he felt that his disciple had gained some extra meat, especially in the bottock region.

Mu Chen reached out to rub his disciples buttocks. He confirmed that his disciple had grown some meat onto his bones. Tomorrow, Mu Chen will continue to feed him more.

Mu Chen felt the little person on his leg shift his bottom and unhappily patted it. “Growing?”

Gu Yunjue let out a word through his gritted teeth. “….Mas-ter!”

Mu Chen looked at him in confusion. The expression in his eyes looked honest and just.

Gu Yunjue quietly rested his hand onto Mu Chen’s thigh. As he rubbed Mu Chen’s thigh, he smiled to himself. “How do you write Master’s name?”

Mu Chen hugged Gu Yunjue tighter. He felt that his little disciple resembled a naughty monkey. The moment that Mu Chen stopped holding him tightly, his little disciple would then take those chances to grope around. Mu Chen continued to hold onto Gu Yunjue’s hand, and used it to write down his own name.

“The characters for Master look really nice. I want to hang them up onto the wall.” His small hand was still groping around.

Mu Chen’s mouth twitched, hearing those words. He no longer cared about the naughty little claw. He gently told Gu Yunjue, “If you practice well, then you can write some better looking characters.”

In Gu Yunjue’s past lifetime, his written characters were bold, severe, and outstanding. A spearhead was also hidden within those characters. No wonder his little disciple was this generation’s number one. He was outstanding in many ways. If he hadn’t been exiled from the Immortal Realm, then he would have been the leader of this generation. Mu Chen’s train of thought floated around. For Gu Yunjue to have become that way, he must have been lured into the devil cultivation. Mu Chen remembered that there had been a devilishly gorgeous person by Gu Yunjue’s side earlier. It must have been a honey trap that the Devil Realm had set up in order to get rid of his disciple.   

In the future, Mu Chen needed to strictly check up on the people by his little disciple’s side.

Gu Yunjue kept his head low while a smile that he was unable to hide graced his face.  “Master, what did Grand Master leave behind for you in that bottle?” Gu Yunjue asked while using the brush to copy down the characters of Mu Chen’s name.

Mu Chen held onto his chin and tilted his body to watch his disciple write out the characters. When he heard the question that Gu Yunjue asked, he blinked a bit and said with a dull tone, “It’s nothing. Children like you don’t need to worry about that.”  

“Your disciple is curious though.”

“You’re curious? If people are too curious, then they could lose their lives. You need to keep that in mind for the future. If things do not concern you, then you should not worry about them.”

Instead of getting information out of his Master, he got reprimanded. Gu Yunjue had no choice but to continue writing. He was only released once he had filled the entire sheet and got that sheet checked by Mu Chen.

Mu Chen looked at the written characters that were left on top of the table. His bad mood had become more muted. His little disciple’s characters were really ugly. Even the characters written with his feet wouldn’t be this ugly. How did this child obtain his writing skills in his past lifetime?


When Mu Chen heard the call of his little disciple, he gathered up the ‘treasured characters’ of Gu Yunjue and turned around. He saw that his little disciple was standing at the entrance while holding a pillow. “Master, can I sleep with you?” Gu Yunjue asked with a hopeful expression in his eyes.

Mu Chen wavered a bit before he asked, “Scared?”

Gu Yunjue nodded in a cute way.

Mu Chen sat down on the bed and patted the area near him. Mu Chen saw his little disciple happily run over and climb up onto the bed before he removed his shoes off. He then pounced over to Mu Chen in order to hold onto his waist, being very intimate towards Mu Chen.

“You cannot wet the bed.” The expression on Mu Chen’s face was gentle as he reminded his little disciple.

Gu Yunjue once again nodded his head in a “cute” way.

Mu Chen’s gaze turned softer as he inspected the soft features of his disciple under the lamp’s light. His disciple was so small. He needed to raise his disciple until he grew up in twenty years. Twenty years, to many cultivators, was nothing but a simple flash through time. Would he be able to raise Gu Yunjue into a modest nobleman with this limited amount of time?

Mu Chen lifted up the natural silk blanket and softly covered Gu Yunjue with it. Mu Chen patted his disciple’s small back with a gentle expression on his face. After Gu Yunjue’s breathing had slowed down, Mu Chen finally started his meditation and cultivation.

Once it turned midnight, the bright moonlight hit the window and it’s light sprinkled on top of the snow white curtain. Gu Yunjue, who was originally sleeping, quietly opened his eyes. His spirit soul that had almost reached Ascension Stage enveloped Mu Chen’s divine sense, and caused Mu Chen to quietly fall into a deep sleep.

It was at the same time that the information about Gu Yunjue fell into Yu Tianyi’s hand. Since Mu Chen had refused because of the child, it made everybody interested in the child.

As the Sect Master of Ten Thousand Sword Sect, he wasn’t only known for the power that was behind him. He was also known for being the most talented cultivator within this several hundred years time period. It didn’t matter whether it was because of his power or cultivation, there were still many people who wanted to hold onto his thighs. Even finding a dao companion would have been easy, yet he had been refused. The reason for this was because the other had taken in a disciple that was too young and couldn’t separate himself from his Master. Mu Chen wasn’t even able to go into Lofty Cloudy Sect and meet him.

In order to prevent news about Yu Tianyi’s condition from leaking out, Mu Chen did not directly communicate with him. He only said to let him go on a trip. If there was anything important, they would then consult with each other. Mu Chen was always running around looking for medical herbs when he had nothing better to do. It was shocking that there would actually be a time where he wasn’t able to go out.  

Under the moonlight, the aura of the young cultivator dressed in black turned even more domineering and calm. His complexion turned darker as he pinched the jade talisman into pieces. More than the reason with the child, another part of the letter concerned him. Mu Chen was not willing to leave the mountains because Ji Qingyuan had offended him. Once Yu Tianyi had seen this line, he became a bit suspicious. Mu Chen was too frank. He was also extremely cold and didn’t carry many feelings. He wasn’t concerned about other people at all. What did Ji Qingyuan do to make Mu Chen hate him? What caused him to have such a reaction towards Ji Qingyang?

At that moment, a young man dressed entirely in black who was carrying a sword arrived. When he saw Yu Tianyi from afar, he happily laughed. “Hahaha! Great Senior Brother, I just knew that you would be here!”

“Junior Brother Qingyuan.” Yu Tianyi’s voice sounded a bit deep. It was probably due to the fact that he maintained his positioned all year round. Whatever he said would carry the pressure of a leader and cause other to subconsciously feel like hiding themselves. The person who had made an appearance did not care and walked over to his side. With a fling of his cyan-colored magical gown, he confidently landed with grace. He raised his sword-like eyebrow and said in a tone full of laughter, “Senior Brother really is hardworking. Even in the middle of the night, you are cultivating in the mountains towards the back.” His clear and bright voice carried a teasing tone in it.  

Yu Tianyi curiously looked at Ji Qingyuan. This Junior Brother really did understand him too well.

Ji Qingyuan noticed how quiet Yu Tianyi was being and attempted to make a joke by asking a question. “Senior Brother always comes here whenever you are in a bad mood. Your behavior still hasn’t changed after so many years. If Senior Brother really can’t let go, then why not let me go in your place to Lofty Cloudy Sect? I can take a look at that man you are concerned about and see if he really is an immortal beauty?”

Yu Tianyi did not say anything nor did he do anything. Ji Qingyuan’s popularity was rising each and every day. Ji Qingyuan was interested in taking over his position once he went into seclusion, so he had already started to win over many people’s hearts. However, this person had dared to meddle in his affairs at this moment. He thought up to this point and replied, “Since you already know this, then you should bring people with you and take a look. You don’t have to worry about other things. I have my own thoughts about them.”   

Ji Qingyuan’s mind immediately went blank on the spot. He had been joking with that comment that he had said earlier. At this time, there were many things that were to be done in the sect so  Yu Tianyi wasn’t able to simply go away. However, he did not expect that Yu Tianyi would agree to him so straightforwardly.  

Yu Tianyi’s eyes slightly darkened. However, he simply raised his hand to put it on Ji Qingyuan’s shoulder, as if he was encouraging him. He gave Ji Qingyuan one last look before he turned around and left.

After Ji Qingyuan finally reacted, he let out a smile. “Then I will take Senior Brother’s place and visit him.” Ji Qingyuan’s eyes turned chilly once he saw Yu Tianyi’s disappearing figure. His face held a dark and fierce expression that ruined the clear and bright image of him earlier. He gripped the hilt of his sword tightly, using so much force that his shoulders were trembling. He was unwilling about this! What did Yu Tianyi mean? Did he want to take back his power from the sect? Then, wouldn’t all his hard work from the past years go to waste? However, Ji Qingyuan did not dare to refuse. If Yu Tianyi noticed his real intentions, then he would definitely put him to death. Yu Tianyi would definitely be able to do this type of thing..

Once he thought about his purpose behind this stroll, Ji Qingyuan coldly laughed. Within his laughter, there was hatred. Who would have thought that Yu Tianyi would fancy a male cultivator? Much less a cultivator that practiced pill alchemy and didn’t have much attacking power? If that pill cultivator wasn’t careful and happened to die, then the Lord Sect Master would probably go into seclusion in order to heal his broken heart. Who knows?

At Yanyang Palace.

Once he pulled apart the inner clothing of Mu Chen, his pupils contracted once he saw the black imprint on his Master’s chest.

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Gu Yunjue: “Since Master rubbed my butt, does that mean you’re interested in me?”

Mu Chen: “You ate that much yet you only gained that little amount of meat. You find that interesting?”

Gu Yunjue: “What I meant is that meaning.”

Mu Chen: “As if I care about which meaning it is.”

Gu Yunjue reached out to affectionately rub his Master’s chest. “Whatever Master says is all right. Your disciple doesn’t have any other meaning.”[2]

Black Meow: You’re so shameless that you’re unequal under the heavens!    


[1]This is the way of expressing your frustrations.

[2]I’m guessing that the running joke is 意思, which could mean interesting, ideas, meanings, etc. There are too many meanings that get lost over translations. It basically means that they aren’t on the same page….

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