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Volume 2 – Chapter 9: Illusion

After the banquet had ended, Qin Lun strolled around the castle with his hands clasped behind his back.

Even though it was currently nighttime, it still wasn’t the time to lie down and take a rest. Normally, this was the best time for the host to entertain their guest by chatting over a cup of tea. However, Tony Albert, the son of the baron, had questioned Qin Lun during the banquet. This fact made it unsuitable for Baron Albert to invite his guest to chat over a cup of tea.

Qin Lun’s current identity was that of a doctor, moreover, one that has come to treat a plague. It was clear that just detouring around this subject was still not polite enough. Moreover, to speak of the subject in the previous situation, made it seem a bit like an interrogation, which was no way to treat a guest.

What’s more, the baron’s family weren’t doctors. To question someone’s specialty once could be called curiosity. To question it twice, went against even the most basic of etiquette. Being a hereditary baron, that wasn’t something Baron Thomas Albert could do.

Of course, the baron didn’t know at the time that his daughter, Miss Laura, had already questioned Qin Lun once.

This inside of Albert Castle was very big. The main castle and the surrounding four auxiliary castles were connected by a stone bridge in the air. In comparison, there were very few residents, comprising only of the Albert Family and the servants, making it seem desolate.

Looking from outside in the daytime, it seemed like a magnificent sight, but when night falls, this enormous building on an overhanging cliff looked a bit gloomy and frightening due to the lack of personnel. If it were surrounded by a murder of crows, with their occasional cawing, one might believe it was a haunted castle.

Due to Qin Lun being a guest invited by the Baron, and the master had already told them something along the lines of allowing him to roam freely, he could move about the castle unimpeded. Of course, Qin Lun wasn’t someone who did not know what was good for oneself, so he didn’t randomly wander to the master bedroom and the study to “look around”.

He didn’t return to his guestroom, instead choosing to take a stroll around the castle. Besides wanting to become more familiar with the castle’s layout, he had another secret goal.

“How do I get to the castle’s parapet?”

Qin Lun recalled that the baron had said before that one could see all of Odia from a high place in the castle. He stopped a female servant who was walking by and asked.

(The parapet he’s referring to is the one on Albert Castle’s outer wall, one of the battlements on the built on the wall. It’s like an extra segment of the wall where people can walk, located on the upper parts of the main castle. As for Odia, it is not only Odia Town, but the surrounding populated area.)

After obtaining directions to the parapet, Qin Lun quickly walked through the castle passing through many corridors, until he arrived at the parapet.

At this time, the torrential rain outside had already stopped. The moist and cool wind blew refreshingly on Qin Lun. Down the mountain, specks of light from villages could be seen, like a scattered sea of stars, the light giving the moonlit night a tranquil view.

“Is Odia beautiful?” From the darkness came the crisp and loud voice of a child.

“Hm?” Qin Lun turned to look, and saw a little figure walk out of a dark corner.

“Miss Elizabeth?” Qin Lun was surprised to see the baron family’s cute little princess. “You don’t have a servant with you?”

“I don’t need them to take care of me!” Elizabeth shook her head like a little adult, making a serious face.

Qin Lun rubbed his nose, and smiled as he sized up this budding, beautiful, little loli. Even with his apathetic nature, he still had to admit that this little one was cute enough to make anything go crazy.

“Really very beautiful, but the wind here is strong. Miss Elizabeth should return to your room and sleep!” Qin Lun crouched beside the little girl, and reached out to pull the little one’s arm.

“I don’t want to sleep yet. Could Mister Stein carry me on your shoulders? My height is lacking, so can’t see Odia’s nightscape.” Elizabeth puffed up her cheeks and made her request without any restraint.

“Alright, but we’re returning once you’ve had a look. Ok?” Qin Lun picked Elizabeth up from her armpits and let her ride on his shoulders, but he immediately raised an eyebrow and asked, “Eh, why are you so cold and wet? You were in the rain?”

“So beautiful!” Elizabeth didn’t answer Qin Lun, instead, spread her arms out as if to encompass the entire Odio in her tiny little hug. “Wellington, have you gotten drenched in the rain before?”

“Miss Elizabeth, you should call me Mister Stein!” Although the strange feeling in Qin Lun’s heart had already reached an incomparable level, he still replied sincerely, “I’m rarely in the rain, nor do I like this clammy weather.”

Whether it was in the mental hospital or Hebei Supermax Prison, his already narrow cell would become damp, cold, and gloomy when it rained. If Qin Lun still liked rainy days, he would be crazy.

“Mm, I can feel that you’re speaking the truth this time!” Elizabeth looked into the distance and muttered, “I also don’t like rainy days. There’s no sun on rainy days, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the sun. Sometimes, I really want to stand here the whole night, until I see the sun rising on the horizon!”

Speaking the truth this time! Then when was I lying? Could this little one be a breacher!

Qin Lun’s expression became gloomy, his eye’s flashed, and he lowered his voice, “Miss Elizabeth, your family apparently doesn’t believe that I can cure the plague?”

“Teehee, the only ones able to protect Odia is the Albert family!” Elizabeth’s childish laughter, rang sweetly, “My father has already said, Odia is the Albert family’s responsibility for a millennium, guarded for a millennium, our glory for a millennium! Nobody can take our place as guardians of this piece of land.”

“That sure is a heavy responsibility! Is your father Sire Baron, or Sir Tony?” Qin Lun smiled without arguing. It was pointless to argue this topic with a child.

“No, not them! Ok, let me down, I should go sleep!” Elizabeth smiled and patted Qin Lun’s head, “Thank you Wellington, you’re a good person!”

“Don’t run too fast, Miss Elizabeth!”

He was unexpectedly given the good person card by a little girl, Qin Lun watched helplessly as Elizabeth skipped away.


In this castle, not even a little girl believed that he could cure the plague! Qin Lun pondered over it while slowly walking back to his own guest room.

No, if they really didn’t believe at all, then they wouldn’t question the surgery. Since they questioned it, it means the Albert family was not certain if the surgery was effective against the plague.

On the contrary, they hadn’t asked about the rumored magic medicine – ‘World Tree Flower Nectar’, which means they didn’t at all believe that there is a medicine that could treat the plague. This family definitely knew more than they let on, perhaps even knowing clearly the cause and effect of the plague.

Additionally, Elizabeth had said, she wasn’t the baron’s daughter, and also no Tony Albert’s daughter. Could it be that she was that person, Steven Albert’s daughter?

While Qin Lun was in deep thought, he had arrived at the door to his guestroom.

Entering and closing the door, Qin Lun subconsciously swept his gaze through the absolutely empty room. When his sight landed on a particular spot, the serial killer’s pupils instantly shrunk to the size of pinholes.

“Blargh!” Qin Lun stopped painfully and began to retch. Numerous beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He couldn’t help but reach out and cover his face, a bestial roar issued from his throat.

A bloody and vicious aura rose from the serial killer’s body, pervading the room. From the cracks between his fingers, two crazy scarlet rays burst out.

At the same time, at another room in the castle, a silhouette received a fright, sitting straight up from the bed. In the darkness, two light blue, ghostly flames could be seen.

“That direction is… such a tyrannical and terrifying aura!” The silhouette softly said it itself, “Originally I thought the bloody smell on his body was because he was a doctor… I’m old, I really made an error in judgment! I didn’t think our Doctor Stein wasn’t a sheep, but a wolf! Should I tell them? Forget it, I won’t tell them for now. This should be amusing! Haha~~”

The soft, rustic voice slowly dissipated from the room. The silhouette lied down once more on the bed, and very quickly began to make peaceful breathing sounds. In another room, Qin Lun had already reached his limit. He was on the verge of going mad.

Damn it! It’s another illusion! Someone did it on purpose-on purpose!” The voice that surged from Qin Lun was low and sounded like the snarling of a beast.

“That’s impossible! No, Joey…. This isn’t that illusion we experienced before!” Qin Lun’s tone changed He was struggling with everything that he had.

“Leave it to me! Leave it to me!” The sound of rage once again rose in his voice.

“Don’t! This place is very strange! We’ll be defeated! We’ll die!” Qin Lun knelt onto the floor. He held onto his head while he frantically knocked against the floor.

“Let me! Ah….”

“No, let me! I promise! I promise!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The sound of knocking came into the room from the outside.

“Doctor Stein, are you inside?” The voice of Jason, the elderly butler, sounded from the door.

“Remember-you have to remember. You promised-you promised me before….” Qin Lun’s body went slightly stiff. The low snarl that was in his throat slowly receded.

“Pardon me, Butler Jason. I knocked some things over just now!” Qin Lun slowly got up from the ground. There were beads of sweat dotting his forehead, and his face was a deathly shade of white.

“Ah? Would you like me to call in some people to clean up?” The elderly butler asked confusedly.

“No, there’s no need. I have already tidied the mess up a bit. You all don’t have to worry about it.” Qin Lun replied back firmly.

After he got the elderly butler to leave, Qin Lun took in a deep breath to calm his mind down. He once again turned around. His unreadable eyes settled on the desk located near the wall.

At the desk, there was a wrinkled piece of paper lying there. There appeared to be some names and places written on it. Along with these words, there were also some random black lines on it that looked like graffiti done by a kid.

This paper was the exact same one that Qin Lun had torn up before he threw it down to the cliffs during the rainstorm earlier!

At this moment, the paper appeared to be completely new. There wasn’t any sign of rain on the piece of paper. At the bottom of the page, there was an extra line that featured some delicately written words….

Please save us!

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