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Volume 2 – Chapter 8: Strange Phenomenon

“It’s very nice to meet you, Doctor Stein. You are even younger than I had imagined!” Laura Albert lifted up her skirt, and she made a small courtesy. She then straightened herself up before she asked him, “I’ve heard that you have taken the organ of a diseased person from Odia Town, correct?”

Would this even be considered as a question? Qin Lun’s eyes flashed. Even though Qin Lun couldn’t see Laura’s expression from under the veil that was covering her face, he could detect the serious gaze from within her eyes.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” The sound of dry hacking came from the butler that was next to him before Qin Lun could reply back.

“My apologies. Please excuse my rudeness.” Laura went still for a moment before she quickly realized that the way she had questioned Qin Lun wasn’t very polite. “Thank you for everything that you have done for Odia!”

“Please don’t worry about it. This is the responsibility of a doctor.” Qin Lun nodded back at her with a smile.

Laura seemed to be slightly embarrassed as she lifted up her skirt. She then quickly made her way out shortly after her apology.

After Qin Lun had saved that person in the public square, the most important topic to most of the people was about the mysterious and strange “Magical Medicine” he had. The operation was not mentioned at all. This made sense considering the process of the operation wasn’t anything new. Instead, the people of the town viewed that process as a normal type of treatment from a doctor. This wasn’t anything strange to them.

Why was Laura Albert not interested in his magic medicine called the “World Tree’s Flower Nectar”? Why was she instead concerned about the ordinary surgery he had done?

What had caused this noblewoman to abandon her normally distant attitude while impatiently waiting for him at the corridor without changing the attire she had worn outside? Was it only because she wanted to ask him about something this obvious?

Furthermore… she thanked him for everything he had done for Odia? For Odia….

Qin Lun observed the receding figure of the lady. There was a faint smile that floated up onto his face. It appears as if there will be many interesting events happening on his trip to this castle.


“If there is something that you need, please have the servants notify me about it.”

The elderly butler, Jason, delivered Qin Lun to a large guest room. He felt slightly embarrassed as he walked towards the door. The actions of His Little Lady caused Jason, who was usually harsh on the topic of etiquette, to feel awkward. All of the etiquette lessons for the Albert family had mostly been taught by him.

Although the elderly butler knew the reason why Laura did what she did, he felt that he deserved some of the blame. While the butler was blaming himself for what had happened, he also had a better opinion towards Qin Lun. The young doctor had a tolerant smile from the beginning till the end. He didn’t question the matter with Laura. Instead, he acted as if the young girl offense towards him was just a simple matter.

This is a young man who was brought up excellently by his family! Jason couldn’t help himself but to give out an evaluation of Qin Lun as he was a butler of nobility.

After the butler left, Qin Lun turned around. He sized up the room that was given to him as the honorable guest.

The surface area of this room was very large. If the room were to be given a visual estimate, then the room should be a couple of hundred square feet.

There was a spacious wooden bed for two in the center of the room. On the bed, there was a veil made of brocade silk hanging from it. At the bedhead, there were knotted tassels that were drooping down from it. There were also two cabinets made of redwood at the bedside. At the top of one of the cabinets, there was a delicately-colored glass lamp.

In the back of the room, there were two small windows. On both sides of the wall, there were some decorative oil paintings depicting fields. At the right side of the room, there were a few wooden chairs and a small table that formed a small salon. There was a luxurious liquor cabinet that was also displayed in the back of the room.

Qin Lun nodded his head slightly after eyeing the elegant and extravagant redwood items around him. They really did have a lot of family wealth as they were a noble family that survived for several hundreds of years. Even though these wooden pieces of furniture were carelessly placed around, they would still be considered as antique treasures that were extremely valuable. However, inside the Albert Castle, these items were just common belongings that they placed iinthe guest room for their guest to use.

Qin Lun took a few steps forward. He sat in front of the table, and he took out a quill pen from the pen holder. He rubbed at the soft pinion that was at the end of the quill pen. He then slowly sank into his own thoughts.

After Qin Lun dipped the quill pen into the cartridge of ink, he wrote down a few words onto a piece of paper which were, Odia Town, Albert Family, Military Castle…. After he thought about what he had written in his mind for a bit, he then wrote down Thomas Albert and Laura Albert below his previous words. He paused once more, and he then added the target of the mission, Steven Albert, to the piece of paper.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qin Lun’s fingers tapped rhythmically against the table as he was immersed in his own thoughts. The quill in his hands unconsciously sketched out messy black lines under the words that he had written.

All of a sudden, there was a burst of cold wind that blew onto the nape of his neck from behind him. This raised goosebumps on his skin. He slightly frowned before he turned around to take a look. He noticed that that one of the small windows located in the back of the room was open wide. The wooden window was the case of the banging noises as the cold wind blew and slammed it repeatedly against the wall.

Did the servant that was in charge of the cleaning not close it properly? Qin Lun stood up. He tore up the page that he wrote, and he walked towards the direction of the window.

After Qin Lun had arrived at the window, he discovered that the guest room was situated in the back facing the Great Maize Forest. The walls of the castle under the window were connected to sheer cliffs at angles of ninety degrees.

The outside sky had already turned dark by this time. The cliffs below looked so dark that you were unable to dispel it. The cold wind outside of the window carried heavy moisture. This wind with the heavy moisture directly blew onto his face. He could feel the drops of water on his face that gave him a sudden chill.

“Is it raining?” Qin Lun wiped off his face. He took the moment to throw the shredded paper out of the window into the direction of the cliffs.

In the dozens of seconds after he had closed the window, the bleak rain outside changed to a downpour of rain. The rain and the cold wind pounded onto the window. It was almost as if they were making the sounds of a door being knocked on.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” At the door on the other side of the room, there were genuine knocking sounds being made. Qin Lun’s heart surprisingly jumped because of the howling wind and the torrential rain outside. It also jumped because of the darkness he had seen outside near the cliffs.

“Doctor Stein, the banquet has been prepared. Sire Baron has asked me to come and guide you to your seat.” Jason, the old butler, said from behind the door.

“I will be right out.” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed. He turned his head around to glance at the corner where his medical box was located. He then turned back around so that he could walk towards the door.

The window that was firmly closed started to faintly tremble from the wind and rain behind Qin Lun’s figure. There was rain water that started to slowly infiltrate the window. The rainwater followed the direction of the window frame, and it left a spot of water on the windowsill.

Blang! Outside the window, there was a clap of thunder that sounded with a flash of lightning from within the wind and rain. The empty guest room was illuminated by this. In that moment of brief light, a palm print was seen on the spot of water that was on the windowsill…


Qin Lun followed the elderly butler to the dining hall of the Albert Castle. The dining hall was large. There was a single long table located in the middle of the room. At the wall, there were female servants that were prepared to attend.

There were some members of the Albert Family that were already sitting at the dining table. After noticing Qin Lun walk in, Baron Thomas Albert, who was sitting at the head position of the table, nodded towards him. The elderly butler brought Qin Lun to the first seat that was at the left of the Baron

At the opposite seat from Qin Lun, there was a young blonde man who had a strikingly similar appearance to the Baron. The young man’s age looked to be roughly over twenty. He had a robust body that was filled with a heroic aura. He did not dress formally, and he only wore a white v-neck shirt on his upper body. He looked rather coarse and unruly.

Laura Albert, who Qin Lun had met before, was sitting on the left of the young man. She was still wearing the same wide skirt from earlier, but she had taken off the veil. This revealed a peaceful and serene oval-shaped face. She looked like the standard beauty, which was what Qin Lun had expected from her sweet and gentle voice.

The person sitting across from Laura on Qin Lun’s left was a girl who looked to be around seven to eight years old. The girl was wearing a princess-style skirt. Her golden-colored hair was supple and curly. Her skin was snow white, and looked delicate like water. She was like a pretty Barbie doll. At the moment, she was staring at the unfamiliar young man next to her with her pretty-looking dark blue eyes.

As he gazed at her chubby face, Qin Lun was reminded of the other person that was waiting for him at Moonlight Forest. He couldn’t help himself but pinch the soft cheek of the girl. He also gave her a friendly smile.

The little girl didn’t expect that she would suddenly receive this type of an attack. Her eyes widened, and she appeared at a loss of what she should do.

“Hehe. It looks like our Doctor Stein really likes our little Elizabeth!” The elderly Baron, who was sitting at the foremost seat, let out the bright sound of laughter.

“Please excuse my rudeness, Miss Elizabeth.” Qin Lun aimed a smile at the young beauty. Even though what he had said was supposed to be apologetic, there wasn’t an ounce of sincerity in his voice.

“I hate this little body! Everyone treats me like a child!” Little Elizabeth finally returned to her senses. She glared at Qin Lun while angrily yelling out.

She angrily stabbed at the steak that was in front of her with a knife and fork.

Everyone in the dining hall laughed heartily at the little girl’s angry voice and fierce actions.

Qin Lun raised his wine cup. He slowly sized up the people that were in the dining hall. After Elizabeth’s episode, the distance that was between the Albert Family members and him was shortened by a lot. There were many friendly words that were exchanged during the methodically arranged meal.

“Doctor Stein, please forgive my boldness. At the town square, did you truly cure the man by taking out the diseased organ from him?” The young blond man finally entered the main subject when the meal was halfway done.

It was a question on the surgery that he had done again! Qin Lun slightly frowned. It was first Laura and then the Baron’s son, Tony Albert. They didn’t care about the mysterious, “Magical Medicine.” Instead, they both were more interested in asking about the common surgery.

Was it possible that he overlooked something? Or perhaps…. Qin Lun’s eyes flickered before he placed down the cup of wine.

“That man was just saved pretty early, The time in which he had been infected by the plague was short so the plague was all concentrated in one location. It was only because of that, that after I removed the organ he was saved.” Qin Lun cautiously worded his statement, “Furthermore, my family also has some secret medicine that was passed down from my ancestors. It has a special reaction to this type of plague….”

After hearing Qin Lun’s vague explanation, the Albert family all had a puzzled expression. They all glanced towards each other.

“Thank you Sire Baron for your hospitality. I will continue to work hard, and I will serve all the people of Odia Town. Does Sire Baron have any other instructions for me to do?” Qin Lun’s mind spun.

Sire Baron wiped his mouth before he got up. He then smiled as he stated.

“Yes…. You have just arrived at the castle today. It is quite late now. Let’s talk about it tomorrow!” The elderly Baron wanted to say something more, but he hesitated. He glanced in Qin Lun’s direction. He then smiled before he said. “If you aren’t sleepy yet, then you can take a look around the castle. The scenery here is quite good. If you look from some of the higher places in the castle, you will be able to see Odia Town in full view.”

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