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Volume 2 – Chapter 13: Gambling

The physiologic composition of the humans in this world was 99% similar or higher compared to the physiologic composition of the humans on Earth. Their medical system as a whole was also very identical; it was just the chemical elements and medical liquid-liquid extraction that were different from Earth.

Qin Lun had learned an entire set of clinical medicine when he was in Hebei Supermax Prison. Plus, when he first entered this world, he had compared it to the basic medical text in the Stein residence. With medical theory added on top of it, he was unconditionally a qualified doctor.

From when he had first gotten into contact with the plague virus on Frank’s body to when he had done surgery on Morrison in Odia Town, Qin Lun was able to collect some samples. Because Stein’s house had already been burned down, Qin Lun did not have any suitable tools for experiments. However, it did not hinder him from conducting some simple experiments.

Though his experiments, Qin Lun confirmed two speculations. The first was that this plague virus was some kind of living microorganism. Its phagocytic nature was extremely strong, and to the humans of this world, it was like a cancer cell that had strengthened its might a hundredfold.

The second was that although this kind of virus had a very hard time coexisting with other cellular life forms it held the possibility of being neutralized. Through the “World Tree Flower Nectar” Qin Lun had on hand, his final conclusion through his experiments was that if the attribute of the “World Flower Tree Nectar” was “Life”, then the attribute for this plague would be “Death”.

It was also the reason why the “World Tree Flower Nectar” had the capability to drive off the plague, Life and Death were incompatible attributes. However, Qin Lun had witnessed by chance that these two attributes could, under certain circumstances, reach a balanced state.

It happened a few days after he had cured Morrison. At that time, Albert Castle had still not invited him and Odia Town’s plague patients continued to visit him in an endless stream. Within these plagued patients, Qin Lun discovered a young married woman amongst them who had just started to breastfeed and she somehow did not die despite falling ill for a week.

After he examined this young married woman, Qin Lun found that the reason for her current status was quite simple. Her milk had a high degree of Life Essence that counteracted the plague’s ’ “Death” attribute and slowed down the progression of the illness.

This unexpected discovery lit up Qin Lun’s eyes. He used the mother’s milk as a base and a mediated dose, then added a bit of diluted “World Tree Flower Nectar” to the virus specimens. Through several experiments, he had obtained a “nutrient fluid” that only lasted three to four days. This kind of nutrient fluid was capable of deferring the plague from breaking out and prolonging a patient’s life for approximately a week.

Qin Lun had used two whole drops of “World Tree Flower Nectar” for the experiment, it looked like he had only found the superfluous piece and not the root of it. He also had only used two drops of the nectar when he saved Frank and Morrison.

Although it looked superfluous, what Qin Lun wanted was this kind of weakened version of “nutrient fluid”. He had long had a guess that the plague and Albert Family were connected. His show from before was to obtain the Albert Family’s invitation. His reason for going there was not to save someone, but to search the way to complete his mission.

The nutrient fluid could only prolong the patient’s life and not completely cure them. Only then could he stay in the castle and obtain more time to stay there.

Qin Lun had only noticed when he saw little Miller, and by the stroke of luck, made the mother’s milk into the best medicine for the little guy. The plague within little Miller’s body had already reached an equilibrium with his immune system; however, his body’s condition was not very promising due to him lying unconscious on the bed all year round.

The nutrient fluid could not treat an illness, but it was still something that had the “World Tree Flower Nectar” added in: a super nourishment. It had the maximum advantage in helping little Miller’s health. Qin Lun’s only worry was if a reverse result would happen when the balanced nutrient fluid came into contact with the balanced little Miller. After all, in the nutrient fluid was the same virus.

What was fortunate for Qin Lun was that his gamble paid off. Little Miller’s body accepted the nutrient fluid and left him nourished. It was with the diluted World Tree Flower Nectar and the mother’s milk as an intermediary. Therefore, an intense conflict did not happen between the nectar and the plague within the little boy’s body.

Qin Lun’s train of thought went through many twists and turns concerning the old baron’s ambiguous answer.

“For the time being, I still need to observe him for a few days. If my medicine really is effective for Young Master Miller’s health, then when his body function recovers a bit, it is possible that he will wake up!” Qin Lun raised the teacup again and slowly said, “However, this kind of medicine is very precious and the mixture is very complicated. I need to go to Odia Town to procure some of the materials…”

“Tony, get Jason to bring all the remaining medicine in the castle here. Let Doctor Stein see if there are any that are suitable for his solution.” The old baron and his family members exchanged glances, with a hint of a smile in their eyes. Qin Lun said his medicine was precious and the blending was complicated. To them, it naturally sounded like he was asking for remuneration.

However, that was only natural! Since this young doctor was capable of solving the plague that even the court physicians were helpless with and save Odia and little Miller, how could the Albert Family be stingy with an insignificant bit of wealth?

“I heard that Doctor Stein still hasn’t obtained his formal medical license. For such a highly-skilled doctor like you, this is simply an insult. After this event is successfully settled, the Albert Family will be willing to be your guarantor!” The old baron seriously promised.

Qin Lun smiled but didn’t speak. He did not need a medical license. As long as he could continue to stay in Albert Castle, then he had already achieved his purpose.

A while later, the old butler Jason brought a basket full of medical reagents. Qin Lun picked up a few of these reagent bottles and checked them out. He knew these things were useless for him. A mother’s milk wasn’t a medicine, nor was the nectar something of this world. However, his anesthetics and antibiotics were all used up, so replenishing it here wasn’t a bad thing.

Suddenly, Qin Lun’s hand went rigid. He looked at a certain small reagent bottle, and his pupils shrunk a bit. This reagent bottle had “JR” on it. When he looked even closer, there was also “HP”, “YP”, and so on.

Looking at these capital letters that labeled the reagent bottle, Qin Lun’s gaze became unsettled. Perhaps the Albert Family thought these letters were medicine names, but he knew for sure that although these appeared to be like medicine names, they weren’t.

That was because in his medical box, he also had a few unique reagent bottles marked with capital letters. One example would be that mother’s milk nutrient fluid. These types of medicine did not mark what kind they were, so only the doctor would know what they were. These medicines were all from this time period’s doctors, and these were their private blends with special effects.

Qin Lun’s nutrient fluid reagent bottle had “ST” labeled on it. This was not the name of the item but the capital letters of the Stein family’s name. The way the Stein family distinguished their special effect medicines was not through name, but through the reagent bottle color.

This basket of medicine contained things that weren’t stored in the castle, but the special medicine of those doctors that had died at Albert Castle!

Touching these ice-cold reagent bottles, the hair on Qin Lun’s hand rose. He took a few bottles of common anesthetics and antibiotics, then waved his hand to have the old butler take away the basket.

“The thing I need isn’t here. I will have my attendant, Frank, go to the nearby towns to procure some.” Qin Lun stood up from the chair and walked to the entrance. “In the next few days, I will stay behind to observe Young Master Miller’s condition. I will be troubling everyone!”

“Doctor Stein, don’t be so polite! For little Miller to obtain your help is our family’s honor!” The old baron led his daughter and son up and expressed his gratitude to Qin Lun. The old butler by the side handed a silk bag to him.

“Swish swish!” Qin Lun tossed the silk bag in his hand, and his mouth slightly curved up. He walked to the castle’s courtyard with Frank. The silk bag was full of gold coins. This was the money the Albert Family gave him to obtain the materials, and it was also naturally the reward for his milky white medicine.

“Frank, how was the matter I had you to get information about?” Qin Lun swept a glance around his surroundings and quietly asked.

“Young Master Wellington, that situation isn’t some kind of secret among the castle’s servants. I roughly know the direction, but I still need to go to the site and take a good look!” Frank scratched his head, also speaking in a low, muffled voice.

“Hm! Remember, besides buying those things in town, on the early morning of the fourth day, wait across the castle’s strong bridge for me. Remember to hide well, don’t let other people see you.” Qin Lun threw the whole bag of gold coins to Frank and quietly ordered him.

“Young…Young Master, you don’t need to give me this much!” Frank’s hand trembled, almost letting go of the coin bag.

“I’ll give it all to you. From now on, you are the Stein Family’s butler!” Qin Lun grinned. What use did he have for this world’s gold coins? All he needed were Shattered Starry Sky’s things. He wanted this loyal servant to be able to have a livelihood after he left, so he would just take it as Frank’s wages for this point of time.

Frank went silent and did not speak, but he seriously received the bag and left the castle without looking back, disappearing at the end of the mountain road.


“Doctor Stein! You’re up so early for a walk again!”

“Yes, Jason, gotten used to it!” Qin Lun jogged over the stone bridge, wearing a smile as he waved his hand at the old housekeeper in the courtyard.

In these past few days, Qin Lun’s life in the castle was ordinary and mediocre. He would observe little Miller’s health status every day and then chat with the Albert Family.

And every evening, the young doctor would return to his room at the exact same time and would tell the old butler Jason to not allow anyone to disturb him. That was his time for blending medicine. And in the early morning, the young doctor would always jog out of the castle and take a walk for around half an hour outside before returning.

After he did this for two to three days, the whole castle knew that this was his habit. However, this was nothing worth being curious about. The evening was the quietest time period, and it was favorable for the young doctor to concentrate and synthesize his medicine. And running in the morning was even more normal.

On the night of the third day, from when the hunchbacked servant left, accurately speaking, it was an hour away from dawn. A figure opened the small city gate and ran out of the castle, disappearing along the stone bridge into the dark…

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