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Volume 2 – Chapter 12: The Source of the Plague

“Frank!” Qin Lun softly called out to his servant and took the offered medical box. He searched inside and took out a small test tube. Within the test tube was a type of thick, milky-white liquid. There was also a bit of foam mingled in.

Qin Lun looked at the test tube, his face uncertain, but he still made a decision. It had already been more than ten days since he had entered this world. He was finally getting near the core of the secret of this otherworld mission. Although there were other ways to get this result, it was impossible to maintain a good relationship with the Albert Family.

This kind of good relationship could become a weak point at any moment. Even if he didn’t help it would not hinder the advancement of the mission. However, he had worked so hard up till now and was finally facing the first bottleneck and trial in the mission.

Little boy Miller in front of him was his current trial. If he showed he was helpless in front of this little boy’s condition, then the Albert Family would most likely not continue keeping him a guest.

Thinking this, Qin Lun narrowed his eyes and gently propped Miller up, lowering his chin so the milky-white liquid could smoothly fall into his mouth.

The Albert Family just quietly watched everything, their faces expressionless as they waited for further developments. But the old baron’s son, Tony, still showed a bit of a disappointed expression.

It wasn’t strange since little Miller had been like this for more than a year, and had gone through countless doctors and medicine. Some of them were even court physicians invited by the Maize Dukedom, but there wasn’t improvement to his condition and the court physicians were the ones who were unlucky and got infected. They died on the way back.

The event of the strangers that was spoken of in Odia Town was not brought by those court physicians, but rather that the plague was present in Albert Castle all this time.

Little Miller was the source of the plague within Odia Town!

Back then, Baron Albert was afraid of this scandal spreading and harming his family’s reputation, so he chose to hide the truth. At the same time, in this time frame, the mysterious power hiding the plague condition in Odia Town was Albert Castle.

However, the disappointment on the Albert family members’ faces quickly turned to surprise. Because the little boy’s face had a trace of color soon after he swallowed that milky-white liquid. Although the change wasn’t much, it still allowed everyone to see that the milky-white medicine Qin Lun had him drink was effective.

Sitting by the bed, Qin Lun breathed a sigh of relief and softly let go of the little boy. He got up and waved his hand, hinting for everyone to withdraw from Miller’s room.

“Doctor Stein, how is little Miller?” the impatient Tony immediately asked after they left the room. Compared to yesterday night, the blond youth’s tone finally carried a trace of respect.

“Sire Baron, please arrange a quiet room. I have some questions to ask.” Qin Lun did not pay attention to Tony as he frowned and gazed with extreme displeasure at the old baron.

Strangely, despite Qin Lun’s obviously rude attitude, the present Albert family members were not offended. Instead, they all appeared a bit embarrassed and guilty. They didn’t dare look straight at the young doctor.

A short time later, Old Butler Jason led everyone to the castle’s meeting room for them to talk. A few servants prepared black tea and pastries for everyone. All the servants including Old Butler Jason and Frank then left the room, leaving behind only Qin Lun and the Albert Family.

A strange silence filled the room. Qin Lun, who had said they should talk, didn’t talk. Rather, he leisurely drank the black tea, his expression tranquil and calm as he observed the people in front of him.

Qin Lun wasn’t the kind who could talk nonstop and use sharp words to defeat another. However, as a psychology master, he matured extremely quickly as his ability to control the situation became better and better. Through the treatment just then, he had shown his ability to treat little Miller’s condition and naturally had the right to initiate the discussion.

Qin Lun could see the importance the Albert Family attached to little Miller. The Albert Family’s descendants were weak, and their barony was located in an isolated area, so they could not find nobility of the same status to marry. Little Miller was, at present, the only heir of this family’s third generation. Regardless of public or personal reasons, the Albert Family were not willing to give up on the little guy.

If Qin Lun did not use this opportunity to obtain some valuable information, then he would really have wasted all this time.

The two men of the Albert Family, Thomas Albert and Tony Albert, had restless faces, but remained silent for a long time. Although Qin Lun did not speak, they knew the doctor would likely ask some things that they would be unwilling to answer or divulge.

Seeing how everyone was unwilling to talk, Laura was a bit annoyed as she glanced at her father and older brother. She opened her mouth to break the impasse. This beautiful girl was the one who loved her nephew Miller the most. As long as there was a chance to recover his health, she would throw caution to the wind.

“Honored Doctor Stein, how is little Miller?”

“He’s been sick for over a year. How do you guys not know his condition?” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed and he set down the teacup. This was a question he needed an answer to while he also wanted to provoke the Albert Family. “I’m very skeptical that you guys are his family. That room was filled with the plague’s stench. You guys simply want to murder him.”

“No, it’s not that way!” Tony exclaimed, a bit stirred up.

“Ugh, it’s better to let me speak.” The old baron finally sighed and stated with a heavy tone, “Since Doctor Stein has the ability to cure Miller, he naturally has the right to know the events that led up to this situation.”

Little Miller’s condition, not just a doctor, even a regular person could see that he had already been sick in bed for a long time. Qin Lun was right. The origin of Odia Town’s plague was little Miller.

Little Miller had been infected by this plague over a year ago. Baron Albert made the excuse that he did not know the cause. In that year, the Albert Family had tried every means they could: highly priced medicine of all sorts of medicaments; they even requested the Maize Dukedom’s court physician to treat little Miller, but it was all to no avail.

In the initial stages of little Miller’s illness, the infection rate of the plague wasn’t this bad. Only people who had personally touched him would have a sure probability of being infected. Those court physicians and some of the servants in the castle died because of that. Strangely, the other members of the Albert Family were immune to being infected.

However, over a year later, the plague suddenly changed. The epidemic a month ago in Odia Town was due to a female servant from Albert Castle who cleaned little Miller’s room and carried it to town.

At that time, everyone had still not known that the plague within little Miller’s body had turned into an airborne disease. The few doctors of Odia Town died because people had asked them to come and treat it.

After that, servants were no longer allowed in the upper floors. Even the cleaning of little Miller’s room was personally done by Lady Laura. Besides the Albert Family, no strangers were allowed to approach little Miller.

As for why the window of his room was shut, it was because they were afraid that the virus of the plague would spread. If that happened, it was very likely that the whole Odia region would break out into an epidemic. The Albert Family praised themselves as the Odia region’s patron saint. They naturally could not allow that to happen.

“Doctor Stein, since you have a way to cure the plague, we naturally won’t isolate him!” The old baron cautiously asked, “The medicine you used just now, it appeared very effective for little Miller. Can you completely cure this plague?”

Qin Lun leaned back in the seat, his eyes twinkling faintly. The old baron’s explanation satisfied what a doctor needed to know about a patient’s medical history for the most part. However, he wasn’t a normal doctor. This kind of half-truth explanation only confirmed part of his guess.

Simply put, this was still not the truth Qin Lun wanted to know about the plague, nor was it the true secret of the Albert Family.

Little Miller had been infected by the plague over a year ago while Steven Albert passed away over a year ago. Just what kind of connection was there between the two?

Just what had happened over a year ago?

Since all other members of the Albert Family were immune to the plague, why was little Miller infected by the plague?

How did Steven die?

And that strange paper that had “Please save us” on it last night, what was that about?

It was interesting, very interesting! The corners of Qin Lun’s lips twitched up slightly. It was like this family and castle were shrouded in layers of dense fog. That great gamble he took wasn’t for nothing.

As a matter of fact, the liquid Qin Lun had given little Miller to drink was a complete gamble. That wasn’t some kind of medicine, nor was it the “World Tree Flower Nectar.” It was just an experimental item he had processed at Catherine’s inn.

From the moment Qin Lun had entered this world, from Frank’s body, Stein’s house, and the Morrison he had cure, he had come to a singular conclusion.

The conclusion was about the “World Tree Flower Nectar” and the plague virus being completely opposite attribute substances. In other words, if the attribute of the “World Tree Flower Nectar” was “life,” then the plague virus attribute would be “death.” They were natural predators of each other and simply could not coexist.

Once an ordinary person was infected by the plague, the organs and cells within their body that had life force would be swallowed by the plague virus. The kind of engulfing it did resembled how a cancer cell would invade a regular cell. It caused the human body to be injured in such a way the body could not replace itself. And finally, the virus led to death.

Although Qin Lun did not have any modern medical tools, when he inspected little Miller, he had made a vague discovery, from which arose some guesses even he felt were a bit too farfetched.

He discovered that the Albert Family really did have an immunity toward this kind of plague. It was also the reason little Miller had lived until now. It was due to his immune system reaching a symbiotic relationship with the plague.

He could say now that little Miller was the plague virus’s host. The two lived and died together. If it was left alone, it didn’t matter. But if they expelled the plague virus, then little Miller would not be far from death either.

As for that milky white medicine Qin Lun had little Miller drink just now…

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