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Volume 1 – Chapter 8: Each of Their Thoughts

“If it’s possible, I would rather move alone!” Hanson reluctantly sighed, “However, these goblins seem to attach great importance to us. Perhaps if we had some more people, we would have more power to speak.”

Of the five serial killers, “Shepherd” Hill was the oldest and most profoundly knowledgeable. He was originally a Catholic Chaplain, but in secret, this guy was actually an old pervert who ate human meat, afflicted with severe paranoia.

“Fireworks” Rand, one of the others among all the serial killers, was the individual with the lowest degree of danger, and a bizarre existence that endangered society the most. If we were to take it seriously, all the people that were killed by him were all classified as indirect harm. Rand’s occupation before he was arrested was as a firefighter, but he also moonlighted as a terrorist that created many bomb explosion cases behind the shadows. He suffered from some kind of social personality disorder, nearly holding some kind of strange enmity with pretty much everyone.

The final one, “Clown” Grant, was majestic in physique, even taller and sturdier than “Chameleon” Chekhov who was disposed of by Qin Lun. He could almost be called a small giant. He was, nevertheless, a deformed child, so his appearance was quite ugly, and his five sensory organs were defective. He was also afflicted with severe dermatosis, receiving discrimination from both his family and neighbors since young.

Grant thus sunk into a severe autism and low self-esteem, giving rise to a type of extreme prejudicial mental sickness. After he grew up, Grant who lived alone begin to hunt the good-looking women in the surrounding city, and peeled their faces off before gluing them to his own face. This is also the source of his nickname, the “Clown”.

In short, among the five serial killers, besides Disciple Hanson himself, the mental states of the other four were very questionable. However, compared to the other three, in the time Qin Lun had not become Joey Foster, he could have reluctantly been considered a normal person. Therefore, with this in mind, Disciple Hanson could only seek him for consultation.

“So what are you planning to do?” Qin Lun was silent for a moment, before opening his mouth and asking.

“Let them go out!” Hanson swept a glance at Lin Feng and Xiao Lian, who were at the corner of the tent, and indifferently said, “Lily is outside the tent as well!”

Qin Lun nodded his head at the two, and they immediately hurried out of the tent like a pair of rabbits. To speak the truth, they didn’t have even the slightest bit of interest in the discussion of two serial killers. Despite knowing that the two men temporarily wouldn’t harm them, the pressure from standing before two serial killers was too insufferable. Just sitting there, they felt as though they were about to choke,

“Those goblins seem to attach a lot of importance to us. Perhaps we can be a little tougher and directly go find their head to discuss!” After following the two people out with his eyes, he started to narrate excessively, “We can at least feel out their true motive.”

Qin Lun stared at the expressionless Disciple, his gaze slightly flickering before he finally nodded.

“That’s fine. When I first entered the camp, I had already observed the arrangement of the camp. That large tent right in the center of the arrangement was guarded the strictest. I presume that should be where the head of these little guys lives. We should go out right now into the night and explore a little. It would be even better if we can find a way in. What do you think?” Hanson raised an eyelid, his gaze exposing a thread of happiness.

“That’s fine!” Qin Lun laughed slightly, hardly hesitating as he stood up. Raising the tent, he stretched out one hand, “You first!”

When the two people left the tent, they found Lin Feng and Xiao Lian surrounding Lily and laughing quietly. These three people were actually rather harmonious, and there wasn’t the slightest bit of ill-feelings between them. Seeing the two serial killers come out, the three people immediately shut their mouths and scattered.

“Come with us!” Hanson gave them an indifferent glance, and ordered them with no trace of politeness.

A party of five walked through the camp, and the sky was now completely dark, with the camp surroundings being illuminated by ten or so orange-yellow crystal lamps.

Regarding the goblin guards, it was as if they did not see five people party. Only when they got near some defensive structures did guards suddenly show their alertness.

A cold light shone in the eyes of the one walking at the fore, Hanson. An evil grin slowly floated up to the corner of his mouth. Just as he wanted to make some sort of movement, a shadow flashed beside him, blocking his way.

“What are you doing?” The person blocking him was Qin Lun. Hanson immediately got angry and bellowed in a low voice.

“It should be me asking you what are you trying to do!” But as before, a light and soft smile was on Qin Lun’s face in sharp contrast to his ice-cold stare as he attentively looked over the tall and sturdy Hanson.

“The tent where the goblin head lives in is closely guarded. I can only properly start if I get ahold of some weapons.” Hanson slightly narrowed his eyes and said with a deep voice, “These large horn-like firearms are all simple and crude. They shouldn’t be hard to operate!”

“I only agreed to go with you to discuss with their head. But I did not agree to go with you to be vio~lent!” Qin Lun stated with a smile that was yet not a smile.

Hanson turned taciturn, the ominous glint in his eyes nevertheless slowly intensifying as he watched Qin Lun attentively, not saying a word.

Qin Lun likewise curbed his smile. With a flip of his right hand, a black dagger slipped from his sleeve into his palm. His pupils gradually becoming a flourishing red.

The three people behind the two serial killers were immediately filled with cold sweat. If these two suddenly started to fight, then everyone’s cozy life would come to an end. The goblins would probably never be so polite to them again.

“Since you are so unwilling, then I’ll comply with you!” Hanson suddenly exposed a strange insincere smile and said this one verse between the gaps of his teeth.

“Ha ha!” With a flip of his hand, Qin Lun put away the black dagger and glanced at Disciple meaningfully before taking the lead, heading for the large tent in the center of the camp. But after he turned his back, a sneer showed itself on the corner of his mouth.

Back when Qin Lun was in the small tent, he was already clear that the reason why Hanson came to find him wasn’t something as simple as he was saying.

Hanson had been a mercenary since he was small. He was adept with the technical ability of military affairs, but he also had a habit of using military force to settle questions.

The “Lulu Race” is a very mobility-type scavenger tribe. This camp only had a very simple defensive arrangement. So long as a degree of confusion happened, it was very difficult to trap a seasoned mercenary like Disciple Hanson.

Of course, Hanson wasn’t Rand. He still needed other people to help him share the pressure, therefore he went to find someone like Qin Lun. He simply wanted to use the other four as bait to conveniently let him pillage some weapon, ammunition and a motorcycle to escape from the goblin camp. As a mercenary for hire, he was very confident in being able to find a way to survive by himself in this barren Gobi Desert.

However, this wasn’t some kind of good news to the others, especially to the people coming along with Qin Lun who would be forced to conform to Hanson’s plan. By the time the goblins took control of the situation, no matter how much importance these little monsters attached to them, they would probably never be polite to them again.

The reason why Qin Lun would agree to go out with Hanson was because he felt that the surface reason Hanson used as a cover up for his true purpose was very reasonable, and coincided with him.

He was different from Hanson. Hanson was a soldier, his nature unyielding, and doesn’t like other people arranging things for him, preferring to have his fate in his own hands. But Qin Lun felt that since these goblins attached such importance to them, then as long as around half of the prisoners were a bit tough in their attitude, it was very likely that the goblin head that they still hadn’t met yet would yield and concede to them, leaking some more of the inside story.

However, what they didn’t expect was that as Qin Lun’s group of five neared the tent, the goblin guards outside unexpectedly just hesitated for a moment before taking the initiative to let them through into the goblin head’s tent, before they even asked for it.

Qin Lun and Hanson looked at each other in dismay, and both saw in each other’s eyes amazement. They really hadn’t foreseen that this kind of situation would happen. But as they entered the large tent, their faces couldn’t help but expose a thread of understanding.

So it turns out that there were already five other prisoners sitting in the large tent. It was precisely “Shepherd” Hill and “Clown” Grant and the three little brothers that were under their control. The only ones missing were “Fireworks” Rand and another man.

However, when you think about it, it was very normal. “Fireworks” Rand suffered from social personality disorder. Besides that rebellious, psychologically stressed young prisoner that followed him, pretty much everyone was an enemy in his eyes, so naturally no one would try to go find him and consult.

No wonder those goblin guards were willing to directly let them in. They probably thought that they came with the other five. And before the five people came in, they had probably already got the goblin head’s permission. On a side note, it means that these little goblin monsters really did attach importance to them and made certain concessions.

Seeing Qin Lun’s five people, Hill also had no other opinions. Since he thought that with more prisoners, they were naturally able to acquire more rights to speak. After Qin Lun’s five people came in, they nodded toward Hill and then silently went to find a corner to sit, sizing up the current situation in the large tent.

In the middle of the large tent sat an obese old goblin with age spots. Sitting on his right was the motorcycle-flying big shot they met that morning. Between the two people was a small coffee table with tea water on top of it. There was also that small pocket watch like tool set up there where everyone could see.

Guests from another space and time, I am the Elder of this Lulu Race. The one beside me is my oldest son Gerd, and also the Lulu Race’s current head.” The old goblin opened a pair of muddy eyes, slowly speaking. The stiff machine sound once again echoed in everyone’s ears.

“I know what you guys want to ask, I will tell you all everything. However, my vitality isn’t too good, so I ask everyone to remain quiet and patient as I speak!”

When the head of the Lulu Race, Gerd, found them that morning, he had already given an introduction to Shattered Starry Sky. The introduction given by the goblin elder was virtually the same, though it was just a bit more detailed in some areas.

However, the next few words that the goblin elder said comprising why the Lulu Race would show this kind of strange attitude toward them, and attach such importance to them, would set off waves in Qin Lun and the other’s hearts.

Even if they were savage and cunning death-row prisoners, they still thought that this was somewhat inconceivable and wonderful.

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