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Volume 1 – Chapter 7: Scavengers

The motorcycle flying big-shot walked in front of the prisoners and arrogantly took off his leather gloves, motorcycle sunglasses, dropped the hood of his cloak and started to inconsiderately shouting “Wa wa wa” at everybody there. It’s not an exaggeration to say he was waving his arms, and exerting himself by stamping his foot and reinforcing his voice.

All the prisoners stared blankly at this friend performing a self-guided solo act. Many people’s faces were starting to twitch. All the people here were able to understand that the beings in front of them were intelligent organisms, must be the indigenous inhabitant of this world. But unexpectedly, the prisoners felt that these organisms were also very “familiar”.

Green skin, an aquiline nose, the slender curl of an ear, the large eyes that occupies one-third of its face, the short arms with its four fingers.

Green dwarf? Green pygmy? Gnome? Goblin? A large question mark emerged on top of all the prisoners head!

This condensed version motorcycle-flying big shot, was unexpectedly very similar to some of the small monsters in the games from earth.

Seeing these tall humans in front of him turning a deaf ear to his words, the flying motorcycle-big shot became somewhat amazed, his body language became all the more intense, and the speaking language he was speaking also switched. The prisoners looked at each other, and towards the motorcycle-flying big shot, then cautiously shook their heads.

The motorcycle-flying big shot very quickly noticed he was playing a lute to a cow. These people just didn’t understand what he is saying. However, he didn’t seem to be very disappointed, rather, his eyes revealed a happy look and stopped with its solo performance of its “wala wala”, and started to patiently go through several human languages.

After confirming that the humans in front of it completely do not understand any of the common human languages, the motorcycle-flying big shot was overjoyed at the unexpected good news and carefully took out a wallet from its jacket’s pocket then and pulled out a small pocket-watch shaped tool.

“Sha~ Sha~” They didn’t know which button the motorcycle-flying big shot pressed, but an echoing noise was resounding in the prisoner’s mind and they couldn’t help but covered their ears one after another in pain. However, they soon discovered that this kind of noise was something directly directed into their minds, covering their ears have didn’t have any use to it at all.

What’s fortunate was that the echoing noise only lasted for a few seconds before stopping. In the next moment, all the humans present heard a stiff machine-like voice in their minds.

“Right, you guys… are humans who had just recently been transported through space and time, and into another space-time world!”


Range upon range of the rocky cliffs in their field of vision were left behind as they flew by, the strong wind that was hitting their face, took away some of the heat on their body. Qin Lun clung on to the vehicle window, and gazed outside at the scenery of the far away Gobi desert, while the rumbling motor of the caterpillar’s track remained by his ear

Not long before, when the motorcycle-flying big shot brought out the pocket-watch shaped tool, a so-called Soul Force-Field was established, and the two parties could finally successfully converse.

In the short conversation between the two sides, the human prisoners finally found out that this world was named Shattered Starry Sky, which was a different space-time world. The small motorcycle-flying monster also confirmed that they were humans from a different world who had been brought here with space-time teleportations.

Shattered Starry Sky is a space-time world that completely goes against their common sense. The biggest characteristic of this starry sky was the thousands and tens of thousands of continents that hung in midair.

There are small and large continents that hang in the air. The large ones are complete biological planets, with its own mountains, rivers, forests, lakes, deserts, and grasslands. Everything that should be there, is there, some even have oceans. The small continents that hangs in the air only has a perimeter of a few kilometers, like a very small island.

These floating continents are unable to move, nor will they collide, they are much like a precious stone inlaid within the starry sky.

On these floating continents, there are numerous civilizations and many different types of life forms. Among them, there isn’t a lack of intelligent races either. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Beastman, Grand Devils, Departed Spirits, Elemental Lifeforms, Wyverns, Titans and other living organisms. There are also immortals, monsters, God Race, Fiends and the extremely rare Angels standing as the high races.

The Flying Motorcade Society, who poses a striking similarity to goblins, call themselves the Lulu Race, and are the scavengers of this Gobi Desert. In other words, they pick up trash. The place where Qin Lun and the other people were found at, is called the Scarlet Gobi and is a medium sized floating continent. Converted over, it’s about a hundred thousand square kilometers, equivalent to the size of China back on earth.

The Scarlet Gobi in Shattered Starry Sky was classified as a civilized world on the edge zone. However, the minerals here are abundant and also often have living organisms that were transported into the Gobi Desert from another space-time world. Therefore there was no lack of adventurer and scavenger tribes.

After confirming that the humans before them all came from another space-time world, the Flying Motorcade Society immediately used the unknown firearm in his hands, and half compelled everyone to get into the vehicles, “inviting” them all to go over to their tribes as guests.

Right now, the prisoners didn’t have any objections. They at least have some understanding to their situation and where they were at, but they had neither food nor water nor any weapons; they were fundamentally unable to survive by themselves. Speaking in another sense, this group of goblins had actually saved everyone from a plight.

However, after the prisoners got on the vehicle, they discovered that this group of goblins didn’t immediately take them to their tribe, rather, they sent people to climb on the hill of the base. And when the goblins found the crowd of zombies at the entrance, not only were they not amazed, they were instead crying out in excitement.

It’s quite clear that this was not the first time this group of goblins had seen zombies. In their eyes, each and every one of these zombies was like walking gold coins and could bring them very generous earnings.

The prisoners watched the goblin’s strings of operations in a detached manner, wishing to obtain some more information from them that they do not know. From the place they were looking from, they couldn’t see what the goblins were doing to the zombies.

However, the prisoners did know that the goblins do not regard the zombies as food because after some goblins came down from the base, although they were covered in blood, they did not bring back any of the pieces of meat from the zombies. To the contrary, they picked up a lot of stuff from the base. Overall, it was only some damaged tools and metal goods.

From top to bottom, Area 91 had a total of thirty floors, standing tall and upright on the ground is a hundred or more meters tall hill. These goblins in a short time were simply unable to empty the base and not to forget that there are also a few thousands of zombies inside.

As these scavenger goblins realized that the base is a treasure grove, they no longer continue to go deeper into the base, but instead, left a part of their people in the surroundings of the base, and took the prisoners with them, deciding to first return to the tribe.

“Yi!” After the motorcade sped through the Gobi Desert for a few hours, Qin Lun suddenly raised an eyebrow, softly making a sound.

The youth that was clinging to the vehicle window the entire time and surveying the distant lands, discovered that the orange-yellow cover that surrounds the floating continents unexpectedly started to slowly darken from the horizon. The vehicle was pulling out a long shadow on one side.

The floating continents that have neither a sun or a moon, unexpectedly still had a day and night time!

Interesting! The corner of Qin Lun’s mouth slowly raised up into a smiling expression.

Before the color of the sky had turned completely dusky, the scavenger goblins motorcade finally arrived at their camp, this is a place similar to the giant parking lot of Checheng.

All around, large vans formed a wall surrounding them, mid-sized compact vehicles made up the second defensive circle, and in the middle was where all sorts of small tents were placed. In the very center of the land where the “Lulu Race” conducting all sorts of operations.

The twelve personage were split up, Qin Lun’s three person group were also given a small tent. The facilities inside the tent were extremely simple and crude and were spread with a nameless animal’s fur on top of which all sorts of appliances were piled at the corners.

The only thing to rejoice about is that there were not any weird smells within the small tents. It looks like these “Lulu Race” aren’t like real goblins who didn’t like hygiene.

By the time the sky’s color has totally darkened, bright lights lightening up within the camp. A female Lulu Race goblin, brought Qin Lun’s three person group a small desk lamp, along with some food that looked similar to mashed potatoes, and a pot of drinking water.

The quantity of the mashed potatoes was very ample, had been heated up and tasted somewhat salty. However, Qin Lun’s three person group who has been hungry for a whole day weren’t picky, they very quickly cleaned off their plate.

“I’ll go out and take a look!” After Qin Lun had his fill, he stood up, just that the tent was a little low, so he could only bend his body as he did so.

“Can we go out?” Lin Feng looked distracted.

“Have they prohibited us from going out?” Qin Lun faintly smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t come across any trouble! Have you guys noticed, the attitudes of these goblins toward us is very strange? We cannot be regarded as captives, but we also cannot be regarded as guests. Forcing us to stay and entertain us like this, they must have a reason…”

“What you’re saying is very true, I have the same opinion. Seems like looking for you to discuss this with was the right choice!” Before Qin Lun could finish speaking, a deep voice from outside of the tent sounded out.

Immediately after, a tall and sturdy silhouette lifted open the tent flap from the outside and made his way in.

“Disciple…” Seeing who came in, Lin Feng’s face lost its color. However, he only spoke half-way before he came to his senses and covering his mouth with his hands.

“Welcome!” Qin Lun gave a friendly smile to Disciple Hanson.

“You seemed to be completely unsurprised at my appearance!” Hanson deeply glanced at Qin Lun and said profoundly.

“Right now everyone doesn’t know the true aim of these goblins, but they also haven’t restricted our freedom and naturally people will find each other to discuss things!” Qin Lun indifferently stated. “But I just didn’t think that someone would come and find me!”

Hanson revealed a forced smile, it was because he was also out of choices that he would come find Qin Lun to talk with.


In the late night, at the same time, Disciple Hanson and Qin Lun were busy exchanging conversation, on a certain safe floor within Area 91, there was a sudden movement within a pile of more than ten dead zombies, a hand extended from the small crack.

The zombies that were piled together were slowly pushed away by the hand, a bloodstain slender silhouette difficulty crawled out from within the dead bodies. The person from head to toe did not have a single place where anything was intact, seemingly just like a worn out rag doll.

After it tremblingly stood up, and a shadow passed over him, on the face that was already bitten by zombies until it was like a human skeleton, a miserable green light flashed in its pupils. The person’s left hand was holding onto an empty needle tool with an X on it, while the right hand held a surgery knife that was flickering with a cold light.

“Ah~~ Joey Foster!” The shadow of a person raised its head, the badly damaged vocal cords and tongue issued ghost-like howl filled with vague words.

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