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Chapter 33: Someone Will Kiss Me And Wake Me Up

TL: Resonance

    阮夜笙第一时间把裙子放了下来, 低头整理,奚墨也同时站起身并下意识帮她挡了一挡,然后朝门口那个就要脚底抹油溜走的人走去,一把拉住了颜听欢:“你跑什么?她拍戏时膝盖跪伤了, 我只是在给她的膝盖上药。”

Ruan Yesheng put down her skirt immediately and lowered her head to tidy herself. Xi Mo also stood up at the same time and subconsciously helped her block. Then, she walked towards the person at the door who was about to smear the soles of her shoes with oil to slip away and grabbed Yan Tinghuan. “Why are you running away? She hurt her knee while filming, and I was just applying medicinal oil on her knee.”


It’s hard to say whether Yan Tinghuan really wanted to leave just now as she may just be putting on a show. However, what is certain is that she was really thick-skinned.

    被奚墨拉住后,颜听欢立刻贼兮兮地转过了身, 笑得颇不怀好意:“阮阮,你这么紧张解释什么?我又没误会,我还不知道你吗?”

After being held back by Xi Mo, Yan Tinghuan immediately turned around cunningly and smiled with bad intentions. “Ruan Ruan, why are you so anxious to explain? I didn’t misunderstand at all. Don’t I know you well?”


“And what do you know about me?” Xi Mo naturally started the mode of acting as Ruan Yesheng in front of people and scolded her with a smile and friendly tone like they were friends for many years. But in her heart, she was so mad she wished she could scold her for real.

    两个人这样什么来什么去地说了几句话, 奚墨这才领着颜听欢走到了阮夜笙面前。

The two of them went back and forth like this for a while before Xi Mo led Yan Tinghuan to Ruan Yesheng.

    阮夜笙已经整好裙子端坐在椅子上了, 抬起目光瞥了颜听欢一眼, 脸上没多少表情流露,眸中却压藏了隐约的笑意。

Ruan Yesheng has already finished tidying up her skirt and sat upright on the chair. She lifted her eyes and gave Yan Tinghuan a glance. There was not much expression on her face, but a faint smile was hidden in her eyes.


Yan Tinghuan winked at her secretly.

    阮夜笙曾千叮万嘱让颜听欢暂时不要暴露所知的一切, 为了不让奚墨生疑, 她需要的是颜听欢配合。

Ruan Yesheng once told Yan Tinghuan repeatedly not to reveal everything she knew yet. In order to prevent Xi Mo from being suspicious, what she needs is Yan Tinghuan’s cooperation.

    而颜听欢早就知道这两人换身体的事了, 心底门儿清,她只要配合阮夜笙装不懂就好。

And Yan Tinghuan had already known about them exchanging bodies. That fact was clear in her heart. All she had to do was cooperate with Ruan Yesheng and act like she didn’t know.

    她们两人心里现在都各自敞亮着, 奚墨却在考虑别的。

The hearts of both of them are clear of what they are thinking, but Xi Mo is thinking about other things.

    自从正式开机之后,颜听欢就一直神龙见首不见尾。奚墨每天清晨起很早去梳妆换戏服, 那时候颜听欢还在睡也就碰不上面, 白天颜听欢也几乎不来看她, 等到了晚上,颜听欢好像很晚都不会回酒店房间,也不知道她这一天到晚都在捣鼓些什么。

Ever since the official start of filming, Yan Tinghuan had been missing. Xi Mo gets up early every morning and goes to dress up and change costumes. At that time, Yan Tinghuan was still sleeping, so they didn’t get to meet. Yan Tinghuan hardly came to see her during the day either. At night, Yan Tinghuan doesn’t seem to go back to her hotel room even when it is very late in the night. It is unknown what she has been messing with all day.


Xi Mo can only admit that she was unlucky for having such an irresponsible manager. After all, her recent bad luck piled up higher than the mountain, so she just let Yan Tinghuan be. She will just treat it as she doesn’t have a manager and fight her lone battle.


However, because Yan Tinghuan didn’t show up very much after joining the crew, she naturally had no direct close contact with Ruan Yesheng, who now uses Xi Mo’s identity. Considering this, Xi Mo wanted to formally introduce Yan Tinghuan in front of Ruan Yesheng.


Ruan Yesheng and Yan Tinghuan are too familiar with each other to the point it can be placed on display. Of course Xi Mo knew this, but she thought Yan Tinghuan didn’t know that she and Ruan Yesheng had exchanged bodies. She looked at it from her imagined Yan Tinghuan’s perspective. Her friend, whom she was once familiar with, had changed her shell. It would be truly haunting if Yan Tinghuan was able to recognize Ruan Yesheng. 


On the surface, it seems that they are not familiar with each other, and they have not been introduced to each other officially. There’s a need for a polite introduction so as to not make Yan Tinghuan feel awkward and strange.


Xi Mo’s thoughts spiralled about and simply went “You know, I know, but she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know that you know her and thinks that you don’t know her. For fear of letting you know, let’s have a polite introduction”.


Xi Mo signaled Ruan Yesheng with her eyes, asking her to cooperate with her acting as she introduced Yan Tinghuan to her. “This is my manager.”


Yan Tinghuan also signaled Ruan Yesheng with her eyes, asking her to cooperate with her acting as she introduced herself. “Hello, hello, my name is Ziwei.”


Ruan Yesheng: “…”


Xi Mo: “…”


Yan Tinghuan said with a laugh, “My name is Yan Tinghuan. What I just said was a joke. Is it funny?”


Xi Mo: “… Funny.”


—My ass!


Do you sell popsicles at the Northpole? It’s so cold!


Yan Tinghuan was still talking nonsense to Ruan Yesheng, “Goddess Xi Mo, your name truly reverberates like thunder. I was also there when the crew had a banquet and looked at you from a distance. I didn’t dare to greet you with so many people around. I’ve missed a precious opportunity.” While speaking in deep grief, she took out a business card from the business card holder in her bag and handed it over. “You are now filming with my family’s Ruan Ruan. Please take care of Ruan Ruan. You can call me on this number if there’s any matter.”


Xi Mo did not expect that Yan Tinghuan would actually give her business card in such a professional and courteous manner. In her impression, what Yan Tinghuan can give the most is  deception.


Seeing Ruan Yesheng accept the business card, Yan Tinghuan continued, “I didn’t expect to run into you, the goddess, here. I’m so lucky. I am your fan and I really like your movies.”


She’s not a fan of anyone, but likes to say that she’s a fan of anyone.


The poor “fan” is being attacked even though they didn’t do anything.


Ruan Yesheng smiled and said, “Is that so? Thank you. Which movie of mine do you like most?”


Yan Tinghuan has never finished watching any of Xi Mo’s movies before. How could Ruan Yesheng not know this? When Yan Tinghuan heard that Ruan Yesheng was actually asking her this question, she knew that Ruan Yesheng was messing with her. She replied shamelessly, “Goddess, how can I possibly divide your movies into most liked and least liked? I like each and every one very much.”


Xi Mo had interacted with Yan Tinghuan for a while, and it is clear to her that this person is not her own fan at all. All she knew to do was to sprout nonsense to confuse people. An honest person like Ding Pei was confused by her. But even so, she received Yan Tinghuan’s compliments very well. She felt that Yan Tinghuan was less irresponsible with her work than before and her anger dissipated. 


“Miss Yan is really an interesting person.” Ruan Yesheng said, “When you came in, you said there was a big silly bodyguard standing outside the door?”


Yan Tinghuan pointed her lips towards the door. “Yes. Isn’t it the one who is always by your side? Ruan Ruan told me his name before. I think it’s Gu Qisong? You don’t know that your bodyguard is standing outside?


Ruan Yesheng sighed inwardly. It seems that this stuffy gourd Gu Qisong is a stubborn one. It is likely that after he asked Lu Qingming on WeChat previously, Lu Qingming asked him to follow them silently, and he did just that.


Lu Qingming has the personality of a worrying old mother. If this goes on, how can she still have some personal space with Xi Mo in the future?


Xi Mo saw Ruan Yesheng looking a little distressed, but didn’t know what she was distressed about. Turning to Yan Tinghuan, she asked, “Is there anything important for you to come looking for me?”


Yan Tinghuan casually looked at the dishes on the table. “It’s nothing. I had something to deal with the past few days, so I didn’t have the time to go to the set location to watch your filming. I’m free today and saw that bodyguard as I wandered here. After asking him, I heard that you are here, so I came to play with you.”


Xi Mo knew that she was only here to join in the fun, so she did not say anything else. She asked her, “Have you eaten? I’ll order a few more dishes if you haven’t eaten.”


“I have eaten.” Yan Ting said with a smile, “I’ll go out for a walk first, then I’ll look for you to play later. I won’t disturb Ruan Ruan you two from “rubbing medicinal oil”.”


Xi Mo: “…”


Yan Tinghuan came suddenly and left freely. She waved her hand and really left. Before leaving, she even closed the door to the room.


There were only two people left in the room again, and the atmosphere was quiet for a moment. Ruan Yesheng said with a smile, “Tinghuan is just like this. You will get used to it after getting along with her for a while.”


Xi Mo said, “I’ve already gotten used to it.”


She glanced at Ruan Yesheng’s knees. Her voice had an almost unnoticeable discomfort as she said, “We were interrupted just now, do you still need me to continue?”


“Of course.” Ruan Yesheng lifted up her skirt again and looked at her with large eyes. “If there’s a start, there’s an end. I’m troubling you.”


Xi Mo helped Ruan Yesheng finish rubbing the medicinal oil, then told her some rubbing techniques so that she could rub it by herself in the future. Ruan Yesheng showed a dazed expression and said, “It’s a bit difficult, I may not remember. If I really can’t do it, can I ask for your help?”


Xi Mo: “…”


Back in our faculty, you were known for having good memories. You easily memorized such a thick script for acting, but now you’re telling me that you can’t remember? Who are you trying to lie to?


Xi Mo knew it clearly in her heart that Ruan Yesheng was faking it. But Xi Mo is so smart, she could roughly sense the subtle feeling in Ruan Yesheng’s ‘faking’. This subtle feeling seems to be covered by a layer of frost, making it vague and difficult to tell what exactly it is. But subconsciously, she didn’t want to break and crush it to know. So, she could only put it aside first and said to Ruan Yesheng, “Yes.”


Ruan Yesheng seemed very happy when she heard her answer. “Our hands are full of medicinal oil. Let’s wash them first.”


The two walked out of the room and saw Gu Qisong standing upright near the door of their room. As soon as Gu Qisong saw Ruan Yesheng, his wood-like expression finally had some changes. He walked over and said honestly, “Xiao Mo, Mr. Lu still asked me to protect you. This is my job. I will stand a little further away and won’t disturb you.”


Xi Mo’s temple twitched when she heard him calling ‘Xiao Mo’.


Ruan Yesheng knew that he and Lu Qingming had good intentions, so she had no choice. She said, “We are almost done eating and will go back to our rooms soon. You’ve been working the whole day, rest early today.”


Gu Qisong nodded silently.


After Ruan Yesheng and Xi Mo finished washing their hands in the washroom, they came back and saw that Gu Qisong was no longer there. He probably got rest assured and got off work after hearing Ruan Yesheng say that they will be going back soon. The two looked at each other and went back to their reserved room. Their after meal fruits have been served, so they casually ate some. After eating, Xi Mo and Ruan Yesheng went back to their hotel rooms.


On their way back, Ruan Yesheng asked Xi Mo why she went to the fruit shop. She didn’t believe that Xi Mo went there purely to buy fruits. Xi Mo only said, “It is not convenient for me to say at the moment. If there is progress, I will let you know.”


Ruan Yesheng grasped the main point of her words. “So you are not sure whether there will be progress in what you are doing?”


“I will not feel certain prematurely for things that haven’t borne results yet.” Xi Mo continued, “We’ve reached your room.”


“Would you like to come in and take a seat?” Ruan Yesheng invited her.


“No. I still have something to do.”


Ruan Yesheng was still staring at her.


Xi Mo saw her making such a focused gaze again and that vague feeling seems to climb up again. She thought of something and said after a while, “Go in. I’ll say good night to you in advance. Sleep early.”


“Good night.” Ruan Yesheng turned to stare at the bag in Xi Mo’s hand. “Can you give me one?”


“Didn’t you eat the fruits just now after dinner? You haven’t had enough?”


“I’m just asking you for one fruit. Are you so stingy?”


Xi Mo saw the slight displeasure in her eyes and had no choice but to say, “These fruits were forcefully given to me by the owner of the fruit shop. He asked me to pick it myself. I couldn’t go against him, so I had no choice but to take some randomly. I don’t know how to choose fruits well, so it probably tastes terrible. If you want to eat, you can ask Feng Tangtang to buy the best ones for you.”


Ruan Yesheng couldn’t help but smile when she saw her explaining in such an organized manner. She leaned over, opened the fruit bag and took a look. She noticed that the fruits were indeed lackluster in colour. Two of them were also a little spoiled, clearly indicating that it wasn’t picked by someone who knows how to buy fruits. There was also a messy mix of a variety of fruits. It’s as if Xi Mo randomly tossed the fruits inside so as to quickly get rid of the fruit shop owner’s hospitality.


Ruan Yesheng recalled the shop owner’s expression. He looked full of happiness, as if Xi Mo had bought a bag of golden fruits from him.


Just how much did Xi Mo pay for this bag of fruits?


“You really don’t know how to pick fruits. Give me this apple then, this apple doesn’t seem too bad.” Ruan Yesheng pointed.


Xi Mo couldn’t do anything about her and didn’t know just what Ruan Yesheng was trying to achieve. She opened the bag and looked through it for a long while before she found the best looking apple. She passed the apple to Ruan Yesheng.


Ruan Yesheng smiled and received it. “Thank you.”


Xi Mo said lightly, “Beware of poison, Snow White.”


“I’m not afraid.” Ruan Yesheng smiled, “If my apple is poisoned, someone will kiss me and wake me up.”


“The Prince?” Xi Mo said.


Ruan Yesheng looked at her for a while before saying, “I won’t tell you.”


Xi Mo didn’t speak anymore. The two of them stood at the door and fell into a strange silence again.


Xi Mo left afterwards. Ruan Yesheng went back to her room and carefully washed the apple several times. She sat on a chair and stared at the apple’s rosy skin and still couldn’t bear to eat it. After gently kissing the apple, she wrapped the apple up with a plastic wrap and kept it in the refrigerator’s freezer.


The next morning, Feng Tangtang bought breakfast and went to Ruan Yesheng’s room. She then saw Ruan Yesheng eating the apple while reading the script.


Feng Tangtang wanted to ask but didn’t dare to ask. She didn’t understand why Sister Xi was so happy just from eating an apple.


This became another unsolved mystery in Feng Tangtang’s mind.

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