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Chapter 32: It Will Never Come True

TL: Resonance


“You bought it specifically for me?” Ruan Yesheng shook the medicinal oil.

    奚墨坐回来, 面不改色说:“我背疼,买回来给我自己揉的,你膝盖疼的话,也可以用用。”

Xi Mo sat back down. Her expression remained unchanged as she said, “My back hurts. I bought it back so that I can use it myself. You can also use it if your knee hurts.”

    “你背疼?是拍打戏时伤到了?”阮夜笙听了, 先是一愣,赶紧问她情况。别看她平常对着奚墨能嘴炮专业十级,这会一听奚墨说个“疼”字她就紧张得不得了,变成关心专业十级。

“Your back hurts? Did you hurt it during the filming?” After hearing this, Ruan Yesheng was taken aback for a moment and quickly asked her about her situation. Ruan Yesheng usually faced Xi Mo with a professional level 10 cannon-like mouth, but when she heard Xi Mo say the word ‘hurt’, she became very nervous and the level 10 cannon turned into a level 10 concern.

    不过问完立刻后悔了。她打量了一下奚墨的神色, 那完全是一股子熟悉的骄矜,身板也挺得跟竹竿似的笔直,从头到尾哪有一星半点背疼的迹象。

But she regretted it immediately after asking. She measured Xi Mo’s state and saw that she was still completely in her usual prideful state. Her body frame was as straight as a bamboo pole without a hint of backache from beginning until the end.


Xi Mo’s expression remained unchanged as she said, “I have to hang on wires when I’m filming, how can it not hurt?”

    说完又眼神示意了下那瓶药油:“不过这瓶你留着用吧, 我可以再去买一瓶。”

After speaking, her eyes motioned to the bottle of medicinal oil, “But you can keep this bottle. I can buy another one.”

    阮夜笙既然明白过来, 刚才那股子担心劲自然就下去了, 笑道:“可是即使你这么说,我也还是觉得这是你专门买给我的。”

Now that Ruan Yesheng understood, her previous worries naturally went away. She said with a smile, “But even if you say that, I still think that you bought it specifically for me.”


Xi Mo: “…”


You really have no restrain at all!

    “我看你刚才挺疼的样子, 要不现在就上个药。”奚墨扫了个眼风过去。

“You seemed to be in quite a bit of pain earlier. Why not apply the oil now?” Xi Mo glanced over.

    之后好像要补充说句什么, 顿了顿, 又没说了,只是坐在椅子上不动了。

Afterwards, she seemed to have wanted to say something more. However, she paused for a moment and ended up not saying anything. She sat back on her chair and no longer moved.

    阮夜笙阅读完药油瓶背后的说明, 将自己坐的椅子稍微挪开了一些,换个方向坐着, 弯腰把裙子慢慢提着往上捞起来。天气炎热, 膝盖有伤不能露出来, 穿长裤去遮的话又怕容易磨到瘀伤,洗完澡后她特地换了一条到小腿的长裙子。

After reading the instructions on the back of the medicinal oil bottle, Ruan Yesheng moved the chair she was sitting on slightly and sat facing a different direction. She then bent down and slowly lifted her skirt up. The weather was hot, but she couldn’t show her knees because there were injuries. She was afraid that wearing trousers to cover up the bruise would make it worse with the friction, so she purposely put on a long skirt that reached her calf after she showered.


She didn’t shy away from anything and just pulled the skirt up all the way, immediately revealing the fair and delicate-looking legs underneath. The hem of the skirt was stacked on her leg and held carefully by her before she pressed it down with her left arm to prevent it from falling.


When Xi Mo saw her lifting up the skirt, she subconsciously looked away. Then, she thought about the fact that those legs were originally hers and calmed down with a strange mood. She has seen them ever since she was young, why can’t she look at them? Seeing that Ruan Yesheng was pressing on her skirt and it was difficult for her to twist open the bottle cap, she opened the medicinal oil for Ruan Yesheng and handed it to her left hand.


Ruan Yesheng received the bottle. While keeping her left arm pressed against her skirt, she poured a few drops of medicinal oil on her right palm with her left hand while in her bent posture. After that, she continued to apply medicinal oil on her knees in this somewhat awkward position.


Xi Mo is a bit taller than Ruan Yesheng, so her body is taller and has long legs. The height of the chair in this restaurant is not very suitable for her body’s height to sit, and the bruises on her knees were big. It is relatively inconvenient to deal with the bruise from the angle Ruan Yesheng was bending. Applying the oil itself is relatively easy. However, after applying it, she has to follow the instructions and rub on the bruise for a long time. Maintaining this action for a long time is very tiring.


After seeing Ruan Yesheng work at it for a moment with some struggle, Xi Mo said, “Come closer.”


Ruan Yesheng stopped her hands after hearing her words. She held the hem of her skirt and leaned over, her face coming very close to Xi Mo’s face to the point she could smell Xi Mo’s scent. 


Xi Mo: “…”


“I meant your legs.” Xi Mo said word by word.


“You have to be clearer, otherwise I will misunderstand and think about what you are going to do.” The light in Ruan Yesheng’s eyes seemingly hooked at Xi Mo. Then, Ruan Yesheng withdrew. She shifted her chair closer to Xi Mo and positioned her legs close together.


Xi Mo told her to just sit down and hold her skirt. Ruan Yesheng was quite obedient and sat still. Xi Mo sat on the chair opposite her and bent her back down to help Ruan Yesheng rub the oil.


Ruan Yesheng lowered her head and stared blankly at the hair swirling on the top of Xi Mo’s head. Her long hair is draped on her back and her face was not visible from this angle.


However, Ruan Yesheng could hear her own heartbeat clearly, and Xi Mo’s face appeared in her mind.


She has such a beautiful face.


This made Ruan Yesheng feel how sinful it is to occupy Xi Mo’s beautiful body at this moment.


Xi Mo didn’t know what Ruan Yesheng was thinking and concentrated on helping Ruan Yesheng rub her bruises.


Unfortunately, it hurts when the medicinal oil is rubbed on the bruises. Towards the back, Xi Mo used some strength to rub on the bruises. Ruan Yesheng really couldn’t help it, and before she noticed, she had already uttered uncontrollably. “… Ah… Ah nn.”


Xi Mo: “…”


She maintained her bent posture as she rubbed on the bruises but looked up at Ruan Yesheng.


Ruan Yesheng: “…”


The sound just now was just too numbing. Furthermore, this voice belonged originally to Xi Mo and was the cool and soft type which sounds very nice. Xi Mo is usually arrogant and can’t help but bring out the coldness and nobleness of her voice. But now when it comes to Ruan Yesheng, it becomes a touch of tenderness.


Xi Mo has always been professional in her acting and has outstanding skills with reciting her lines. She has always used her own voice for filming and had no need for voice actors for dubbing at all. Sometimes, when a great foreign blockbuster animation movie is released in China, the film crew will also spend a lot of money inviting her to dub one of the characters in the Chinese version in order to attract popularity and publicity. There is no problem at all in changing her voice style and Xi Mo is able to create this kind of soft and melting voice as well. She played an alluring woman in the movie “Fallen City”. In the movie, she also spoke in this charming way. However, this kind of voice will never appear in her real life.


Xi Mo said with a sullen face, “Don’t yelp like that.”


Ruan Yesheng yelped like that only because she didn’t manage to bear the pain. She had felt quite ashamed initially, but now that she saw Xi Mo’s sullen expression, she suddenly felt like laughing. She spoke softly, “In what way am I yelping?”


Xi Mo: “…”


“It just hurts.” Ruan Yesheng said honestly.


Xi Mo didn’t reply to her, but the strength applied by her hand lightened.


Ruan Yesheng said, “Will it be effective if you rub so lightly? I saw the instructions saying that you have to apply a bit of strength.”


“Didn’t you say that it hurts?” Xi Mo glared at her.


Ruan Yesheng laughed out loud, “For the sake of a quicker recovery, it would be better if I bear with it.”


Xi Mo had no choice but to revert back to her normal strength and continued to rub the medicinal oil. Her fingers rubbed Ruan Yesheng’s knee in slow circles.


Afterwards, there were a few times when it was really too painful that Ruan Yesheng couldn’t bear it.


Seeing that she was about to yelp again, Ruan Yesheng could only press the stacked skirt on her legs with one hand and cover her mouth with the other. Xi Mo raised her head at this moment. Ruan Yesheng’s eyes were studying Xi Mo’s face, as if observing her mood.


“Yelp if you want to.” Xi Mo said helplessly as she didn’t know what to do with her.


Ruan Yesheng’s eyes were bent into crescents, and she lowered the hand covering her mouth.


It really did hurt for a while at first. As the medicinal oil gradually began to take effect plus the rubbing by Xi Mo, Ruan Yesheng soon became used to it. The pain in her knee has also changed from the initial burning to warmth. Towards the back, Ruan Yesheng even felt a strange and inexplicable sense of comfort.


Ruan Yesheng asked in a low voice, “Why do you have such good hand strength? Don’t tell me you’ve learned how to massage? That seems impossible.”


Xi Mo looked up at her and answered, “I have learned piano since I was a child, and I have to practice for a long time every day. Sometimes, my fingers are so sore that it is painful to even bend them after practice, but I still have to continue practicing the next day, so I found a way to massage my fingers and wrist. I will massage them after practice, which can help relieve the pain and can also help prevent Tenosynovitis.”


Ruan Yesheng pursed her lips and continued to watch Xi Mo being busy with her knees.


Xi Mo was obviously using her body now. However, she has an outstanding temperament and this body just shows a different kind of feeling under her control. The look in her eyes was faint at first glance, but it seemed like waves were surging inside.


Ruan Yesheng looked at her and couldn’t help but recall the time when they first exchanged their bodies.


She was extremely shocked at the time. She felt as if the whole world was turned upside down and was confused. But in addition to shock, she was subtly happy for several days.


It’s not that she accepted this seemingly incredible reality so easily that she has such a mentality. Instead, it was because she finally had the chance to interact with Xi Mo. Without this opportunity, she might not have any interaction with Xi Mo for the rest of her life.


The two of them are like two parallel lines that never seem to intersect, but an intersection was created suddenly one day when the fire in the hotel forcefully changed the lines’ direction.


She was really happy at the beginning.


But now, she strongly wished that she could exchange bodies back with Xi Mo. She knew that Xi Mo longed for this too in her heart. After all, Xi Mo is such a proud person. Using someone else’s body, trying to act as someone else, and even losing everything that belongs to her, it has been really difficult for her to be able to endure until now.


She missed the previous Xi Mo.


Even if Xi Mo can disguise herself as Ruan Yesheng at any time, she is not the real Ruan Yesheng. Xi Mo should return to her own body, back to her proud self before. She doesn’t need to hide from others and act tirelessly and should be herself.


That kind of Xi Mo is when she is truly dazzling and free.


“I will work hard.” Ruan Yesheng whispered.


“Work hard on what?” Xi Mo felt that she was suddenly a little strange.


“Work hard to realize your wish.” Ruan Yesheng smiled.


“And you know my wish?”


“Isn’t your wish to get your body back sooner?”


Xi Mo was quiet for a moment before nodding. “I guess it is for now.”


“What do you mean by ‘I guess it is for now’?”


There seemed to be a faint glint in Xi Mo’s eyes. She said, “People’s wishes always change, so of course I can only say that it is for now.”


“Have you had many wishes before?” Ruan Yesheng looked into her eyes.


Based on Ruan Yesheng’s perspective, Xi Mo has a very good family background. Xi Mo herself is also very outstanding as she works hard and is very dedicated. Her journey has been very smooth and she can always get what she wants. 


And what is easy to obtain usually cannot be considered a real wish.


“From childhood to adulthood, there are only three things that really count as my wish.” Xi Mo was a little thoughtful. “One of them is my current wish to exchange our bodies back. It is not clear whether it can be achieved or not. The other two are wishes I had when I was young. One was achieved by luck. I had originally thought in despair that it was impossible to achieve. And the other one—”


It was unknown what Xi Mo thought of as her eyes dimmed. “… It will never come true.”


Ruan Yesheng felt that Xi Mo’s mood was a little strange and thought that Xi Mo might have perhaps recalled something sad. Ruan Yesheng was about to say something to comfort her, but Xi Mo looked as if she had readjusted her mood. She lowered her head again and continued helping Ruan Yesheng rub the medicinal oil. She asked softly, “Does it hurt?”


Ruan Yesheng was actually in pain, but she said otherwise this time. “…It doesn’t hurt.”


“Just yelp if it hurts, don’t hold it in.”


Ruan Yesheng: “…”


At this moment, the door to their room actually opened. It was unknown where Yan Tinghuan popped up from. The moment she came, she said, “Ruan Ruan, I heard from the big silly bodyguard outside the door that you and Xi Mo are having dinner here. I came over—”


Then, Yan Tinghuan’s voice stopped abruptly.


Xi Mo was currently rubbing medicinal oil on Ruan Yesheng’s knee, and Ruan Yesheng’s skirt has already been held up. Because of the viewing angle, it seemed as if Xi Mo was taking off Ruan Yesheng’s skirt.


Yan Tinghuan: “…”


In Yan Tinghuan’s eyes, from top to bottom, front to back, and left to right, this scene showed misleading words which made people misunderstand—indecent acts which should not be seen.


So Yan Tinghuan misunderstood and really ignored what she saw. She decided to temporarily have selective blindness as she copied Ziwei’s tone and said, “ Erkang, is the sun up yet? Why can’t I see! Erkang, I can’t see! I can’t see!” [1]


She used one hand to cover her eyes as she spoke while her other hand waved about blindly in front of her and she was about to walk out of the room just like that.


Ruan Yesheng: “…”


Xi Mo: “…”


You sure know how to act!


How about you don’t be a manager anymore and change your job!



[1] Ziwei and Erkang are both characters from a show named My Fair Princess which was a big hit in East and Southeast Asia during the late 1990s.

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