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Chapter 29: Ruan Yesheng Actually Became A Little More Pleasing To The Eye

TL: Resonance

    第二十九章 看阮夜笙竟然又顺眼了些。

Chapter 29: Ruan Yesheng Actually Became A Little More Pleasing To The Eye.


Those unspeakable thoughts of Ruan Yesheng had always been hidden by her in the past, well covered up by her from others.


But even if she tried her best to suppress it all these years, those thoughts really can’t be regarded as just a small bud.


After all, they have spent quite a long time together as classmates during their university days where Ruan Yesheng always had the opportunity to get in touch with Xi Mo. Therefore, this bud of hers has grown significantly during their past interactions. Although this bud cannot reach the level of a lush forest, it has still reached the level of a welsh onion. It’s just that something happened later, and she faded out of the entertainment circle. As the gap between her and Xi Mo widened, the chances of her meeting Xi Mo became lesser. She realized that this hope was getting more and more faint. In order not to let herself feel more disappointed, she covered up this bud of hers more and more to prevent them from growing more. She even made up her mind that this bud of hers might not be able to see the sun ever again.


But now, Xi Mo may have unintentionally lifted off the cover covering the bud and unintentionally watered the bud a little. In the bottom of Ruan Yesheng’s heart, this fragile little tree sapling which has been hidden was exposed to the rain after a long period of drought, and it seems to want to grow in the wind.


Her many years of experience and challenges faced has sharpened her naivety, honing her to an alluring woman. But in the deepest corner of her heart, she still retained a small part of her naivety and childishness. Even if that corner was very cramped, it still survived.


Just a little bit of sweetness experienced can last her several days.


After washing up, Ruan Yesheng savoured the “goodnight” Xi Mo gave her and soon fell asleep. Even her dreams were sweet. It has been many years already since the time in university where she would cheekily ask Xi Mo for a goodnight many times. That parking area has also been rebuilt and no longer exists. Now, she finally got the chance to hear it again. Hence, this evening greeting which to others is very ordinary and is not even worth mentioning was a very meaningful happiness to her.


Being catalyzed by this happiness, the welsh onion plant seemed to have risen wildly overnight and also grew out a few more leaves. This kind of emotional growth also has an unspeakable influence on her whole person. After she got back, she still couldn’t contain her joy and throbbing heart.


She spent the night with this happiness, and got up early again with this happiness.


When Feng Tangtang came knocking on her door intending to make early preparation for a new day of filming work such as sorting out her script, buying breakfast and other various work, she noticed that this “sister Xi” has already finished packing everything up. The room was cleaned up and she was sitting leisurely by the table which had breakfast placed on it while reading the work schedule for today.


Seeing this scene, when Feng Tangtang opened the door, the sentence “Sister Xi, what do you want for breakfast today, I’ll buy it for you” was swallowed back down immediately after it just reached her throat.


Ruan Yesheng raised her head and gave her a smile. “Good morning.”


Feng Tangtang suddenly felt that she committed a serious crime.


She felt that she was probably infected by the palace drama, for she actually felt like she was a palace maid who had neglected her duty! She thought about why she came so late today to serve the empress and actually made the empress dress herself! She actually made the empress do the makeup herself! She actually made the empress eat on her own! No… She actually didn’t feed her empress!


“Tangtang, sit down.” Ruan Yesheng said while still smiling.


Yesterday morning, she had heard “Sister Xi” say that this nickname is not patented by Ruan Yesheng and that she will also call her Tangtang in the future. Feng Tangtang was actually mentally prepared, but after listening to it now, she felt that it would obviously take a while to digest what “Sister Xi” called her by.


Ruan Yesheng pointed to the chair again. Feng Tangtang could only sit down mechanically and began to review herself inwardly.


Ruan Yesheng said, “Don’t you like pork chop buns? I brought them for you when I went to buy breakfast. I don’t know if the ones sold in Hengdian taste authentic. Try it.”


Feng Tangtang looked at the pork chop bun. Her eyes were shocked as if there was poison in it.


No, it might have been less shocking if there was poison in it.


If it was Ruan Ruan sitting in front of her, then she felt that everything was very natural. But this was actually done by Sister Xi. She really needed some time to get used to it.


Seeing Feng Tangtang remain unmoving, Ruan Yesheng took up the fork, cut out a piece and placed it on the plate in front of Feng Tangtang. “I have already packed up. You came here quite early today, so there’s plenty of time. You can eat slowly. We will go to the dressing room after you finish.”


After she finished speaking, she poured a glass of milk for her.


Feng Tangtang was completely stunned and felt that she was flying in the sky.


After a while, she finally recovered and nodded, “Oh, oh, thank you sister Xi.”


After eating for a while, she said cautiously: “By the way, Sister Xi, how do you know that I like to eat pork chop buns?”


It’s easy for Ruan Yesheng to come up with a good explanation for this kind of question. She casually said, “When I was at the company before, I happened to hear a group of you asking Gu Qisong to buy takeaways. Didn’t you order pork chop bun then? You even emphasized to Gu Qisong that you like this the most. Did I remember correctly?”


Feng Tangtang was a little touched, thinking that sister Xi was so attentive that she even remembered this.


She is a very simple person. She may be surprised and maladjusted with some changes, but at the same time, she will try hard to find reasons to explain some of the changes she is facing. While eating the delicious pork chop bun, she racked her brain and thought hard for a reasonable reason. Gradually, she accepted everything she saw.


Once Feng Tangtang accepted this setting, her brain, which has limited brain capacity, started having a great misunderstanding. Maybe sister Xi was indifferent to me before because she was not used to me being her assistant. After all, we would naturally distance ourselves from people we are not familiar with, not to mention a celebrity like sister Xi. With the increasing contact between myself and Sister Xi, especially now that I work together with her at the set and spend so much time together, she may have regarded me as a friend now.


Now that she is treating me so well, I should work harder as an assistant. In order for Sister Xi to be at ease while filming, I promise to take on the logistics. She swears to dedicate herself to the revolutionary task of taking care of Sister Xi!


Feng Tangtang, who felt that she should work harder, finished breakfast, cleaned up the trash, and wiped the table back and forth five times.


Ruan Yesheng didn’t know about Feng Tangtang’s huge misunderstanding. She walked down “happily” while still enjoying the aftertaste of last night’s happiness. When she reached the dressing room, her steps were still filled with happiness.


Xi Mo’s status is very high. Ruan Yesheng, who was wearing her skin, naturally enjoys this kind of preferential treatment. Every time a crew member passes by, they will greet her and say good morning to sister Xi, and she responds with a smile to each of them. Those who greeted her were shocked when they saw her smile. This is probably because people’s impression of Xi Mo was a cold and unapproachable flower which can only be seen from afar. Although Xi Mo has always been polite and would nod and greet back to every staff member who greeted her and even smile faintly to those she was more familiar with, she definitely never smiled as sweetly as she did now.


Hence, those staff were all struck by Ruan Yesheng’s smile and almost ascended to heaven.


Xi Mo, who was sitting in front of the mirror waiting for her makeup, turned her head and saw Ruan Yesheng, as well as the smile on her face.


Xi Mo only felt her teeth aching when she saw the face that was supposed to belong to her being controlled by Ruan Yesheng to show such a smile.


Is Ruan Yesheng sick this morning?


Ruan Yesheng walked proudly towards her direction and sat at the seat beside her.


The makeup artist hasn’t come yet. Ruan Yesheng leaned on the dressing table while holding her chin and looked at Xi Mo unblinkingly. There seemed to be some inexplicable dissatisfaction in Ruan Yesheng’s eyes, but she didn’t speak. Ruan Yesheng just looked at her very expectantly, her eyes seemingly saying: Why are you not greeting me?


Xi Mo: “…”


I did say goodnight to you last night.


But what international law stipulates I must say good morning to you today as well!


If you really want to hear it, you say it first! As long as you say it first, I will definitely say it back to you!


What are you trying to do, looking at me like that and waiting for me to speak first!


Ruan Yesheng was still looking at her. Xi Mo didn’t know what happy things Ruan Yesheng encountered, but that displeased yet charming smile in her eyes probably wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon.


Affected by this smile, Xi Mo suddenly didn’t feel like going against her intention. Ever since swapping bodies and joining this unlucky crew, she has mysteriously felt the awkward emotion of not wanting to go against Ruan Yesheng’s intention many times.


She felt that she probably could not get better anymore.


“Good morning.” Xi Mo had no choice but to go along with Ruan Yesheng’s hope that was about to be written in her eyes. She spoke up begrudgingly.


She knew that she had started this thing because of the goodnight she said last night. Based on Ruan Yesheng’s past bad conduct, Xi Mo would have to greet her everyday from now on. If Ruan Yesheng has the intention to harm her, insisting on saying good morning and goodnight to her(XM) everyday or use those eyes that she has used just now to look at her(XM) pitifully to signal her(XM) to say good morning first… Strange. She actually used the word ‘pitifully’ on Ruan Yesheng. It seems like she has lost her mind. Should she visit the doctor?


Xi Mo thought about many things, but her expression still remained unchanged on the surface.


In short, if she doesn’t respond, then she is being impolite. Her education since young didn’t allow for her to do so. 


In order to avoid being impolite, she may have to live the life of saying good morning and goodnight to Ruan Yesheng every day.


Ruan Yesheng heard what she wanted to hear and responded contentedly, “Good morning.”


She probably didn’t think as much as Xi Mo. She was still immersed in the happiness she felt, and invited Xi Mo without any ill intention in mind, “I looked at the schedule. There is no night scene tonight and we will end work at 5.30pm. Shall we have dinner together?”


Xi Mo looked at Ruan Yesheng’s expression, wondering why she was so eager today, so she didn’t manage to respond immediately.


Seeing her staying silent, Ruan Yesheng added, “Now, everyone in the crew knows that you and I are university classmates. Now that we are filming together, I feel that we should be closer for it to look more natural. Otherwise, other people may think that we have something bad between us. I don’t really mind it, but isn’t this in concern for your image? If we act like strangers every day except for the time when we are filming, they may feel curious and gossip again. Don’t you hate it when others gossip?”


Though Xi Mo didn’t agree immediately to Ruan Yesheng’s suggestion, she didn’t have the intention to reject Ruan Yesheng’s suggestion for dinner in the first place.


Moreover, Ruan Yesheng’s reasoning was well-founded. Even if she wanted to refuse, she couldn’t seem to find a reason to.


After thinking for a moment, Xi Mo nodded, “Alright, thank you for the invitation.”


She inexplicably felt that Ruan Yesheng was particularly docile today.


In the beginning, Xi Mo had thought that she would gladly reciprocate if Ruan Yesheng spoke nonsense every few sentences like she always does in the past. In the end, Ruan Yesheng was suddenly so amiable and joyful without any bit of weirdness. Xi Mo has always been the type to be weak against soft approaches. The vigilance that she had disappeared instantly, and Ruan Yesheng actually became a little more pleasing to the eye.


Two makeup artists came one after another, and the two also stopped talking.


The leader of the makeup artists looked at Ruan Yesheng in the mirror and smiled, “Sister Xi, why are you so happy today?”


Ruan Yesheng finally realised that she hadn’t been controlling her amount of smiles today well. She probably used up one year’s share of Xi Mo’s smile today. No wonder Xi Mo’s initial expression was so indescribable. She had no choice but to control her expression, suppressing it down to the usual faint arc held by Xi Mo. The degree of the arc was neither deep nor shallow, containing the dignity and amiability of someone with status, yet not losing the pride of a cold and unapproachable flower. It was a role model look for pretense.


Then she smiled at the leader of the makeup artists indifferently, “Is it that obvious?”


Xi Mo sat still beside Ruan Yesheng. That little amount of satisfaction she felt towards Ruan Yesheng earlier was all gone once again. 


It’s not obvious anymore!


I don’t usually smile like this in the first place! Are you actually a hater!


Today’s scenes were still at the Deng’s mansion.


With post production available, the filming would not follow the development of the plot. Maximising the use of time and resources is the top priority. Only after all the scene using the Deng’s mansion as background is done filming would they proceed to the Han palace for the next location of filming. But at this moment, Yan Mu, who was acting as the Emperor He of Han, Liu Zhao, Liu Yusi, who was acting as the little empress Yin, and other people were currently filming at the Han palace. They are trying to finish filming a portion of Emperor He and little empress Yin’s scene first. Generally, large crews will be divided into two or more director groups to speed up the process. Yan Mu and Liu Yusi are in group B with the assistant director in charge of them. Ruan Yesheng and Xi Mo are in group A which has more important scenes of the show. Group A is personally directed by Lin Qitang.


“Ding Pei, get ready to enter the scene!” Lin Qitang shouted from the side.


Ding Pei debuted through a music talent show. Although he has some fans, he doesn’t have much acting experience and can be considered a complete newcomer in acting for TV shows. He stood at the entry point while holding the manuscript prop in his arms, looking a little nervous.


“Start!” Lin Qitang said.


Ding Pei is acting as the eunuch following Liu Zhao. His name is Zheng Zhong and Liu Zhao trusts him very much. When Deng Xun died, Liu Zhao sent Zheng Zhong to Deng’s mansion to appease them and he also brought a manuscript to Deng Sui.


Actually, the manuscript was issued because a high ranking minister from little[2] empress Yin’s maiden family’s side persuaded Liu Zhao to do so.  At this time, maiden Yin and Deng Sui were both chosen by Liu Zhao at the same time. Maiden Yin had yet to enter the palace and was still far from her days when she became empress. She knew of Deng Sui’s beauty well. If she entered the palace at the same time as Deng Sui, she was afraid that her limelight would be overshadowed by Deng Sui. Worried about this, she let the minister who was supporting her to inform about Deng Xun’s death.


The minister informed Liu Zhao about Deng Xun’s death and said that Deng Sui’s family was having a funeral. If she was to enter the palace now, it would anger the heavens and is very inauspicious. But since she was already called to enter the palace, a lord has to keep his promise and his words can’t be changed. Hence, Deng Sui was asked to keep vigil and mourn for her father first, and then enter the palace three years later.


This was quite a plan. During these three year, maiden Yin can naturally seize the opportunity first. In addition, keeping vigil and mourning would have quite harsh conditions. Deng Sui most probably wouldn’t be able to bear it. Three years of mourning would be enough to make her look haggard. Even if she enters the palace afterwards, Liu Zhao will definitely not come to like her.


After Lin Qitang spoke, Ding Pei entered the camera’s shooting range and walked towards the mourning hall where Deng Xun’s coffin lay.


Everyone at the scene was wearing white mourning dress and white flags flew about. Xi Mo has been kneeling at one corner. There won’t be much of her scene at this part. All she had to do was kneel well. When Ruan Yesheng who was in her mourning clothes saw Ding Pei entering, she quickly got up and faced Ding Pei with an exhausted look.


Ding Pei said, “Delivering His Majesty’s manuscript!”


Ruan Yesheng knelt down towards Ding Pei and lowered her head greatly. “May peace be with his majesty.”


Ding Pei gave her a glance, then his eyes fell back onto the manuscript. He said a little stiffly, “Deng Xun, a man with a kind heart, was a great military general who has defended the country against illness[1]…”


He had just started his part. However, when the people heard him, some of them really couldn’t hold themselves back and started laughing softly.


Ruan Yesheng kneeled and remained motionless. Lin Qitang didn’t shout to stop, so she naturally couldn’t stop her acting there. Hence, she continued listening respectfully.


Lin Qitang didn’t expect this kid to give him such a punch and he was completely shocked. He shouted, “What do you mean by ‘defended the country against sheeps’[3]! Does your family open chains of sheep farms?! Tell me, just what is ‘defended the country against sheeps’! ‘Defended the country against Qiang’, it’s ‘defended the country against Qiang’!”


The log keeper first looked dumbfoundedly at Ding Pei, then looked dumbfoundedly at Lin Qitang. His expression probably says that the two of them can’t be saved.


When Lin Qitang looked at the expression of the log keeper, he immediately understood. This kid didn’t say sheep either. He himself has heard the intonation wrongly and interpreted it as sheep. What the kid said was actually ‘illness’. However, this kid’s reading standard wasn’t good enough either if he said out the wrong word just because the top part looked similar. Lin Qitang immediately let out a cough and said, “It’s neither sheep nor illness! It’s Qiang. Qiang is the name of an ancient group of people. What are you doing!”


Ding Pei blushed in embarrassment and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”


“Get ready, we are refilming!” Lin Qitang said.


Ding Pei’s face blushed and paled. He quickly said to the kneeling Ruan Yesheng, “I’m sorry, Sister Xi! You have to kneel again because of me.”


Ruan Yesheng stood up and smiled: “It’s okay, don’t be nervous.”



[1] Ding Pei pronounced the word wrongly as he mistook the word for another. Instead of saying that Deng Xun has defended the country from the Qiang(羌) people, he said that Deng Xun defended the country against illness(恙).

[2] There was previously another empress Yin (Yin Lihua). For the empress Yin (‘little’ empress Yin) that appears in Sui Ting, empress Yin (Yin Lihua) is her great-grandfather’s sister. Therefore, the word ‘little’ was added when addressing her to differentiate her from the previous empress Yin, not because the current empress Yin was small.

[3] illness(恙) and sheep(羊) are both pronounced as ‘yang’, just that their intonation is different. In his anger, Lin Qitang thought Ding Pei said sheep.

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