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Chapter 28: Her Heartbeat Was Loud And She Was Full Of Smiles

TL: Resonance


And with Xi Mo lowering her head, Ruan Yesheng immediately followed up smoothly towards Xi Mo’s acting.


She looked at Xi Mo for a few seconds, then stared blankly at the dead “father’s corpse” in her arms. Although this process is short, it was as painful as the tearing of flesh and skin. During this turning point, her expression also gradually transitioned from grief to despair.


Deng Xun is dead.


To Deng Sui, everything tonight and many things in the future are over.


In many film and television works, once a character “passes away”, there will be a person playing as the character’s relative or friend, holding the corpse and responsible for crying and yelling the name of the “deceased”. They must also shake the body of the “deceased” vigorously, resolutely doing so like they wouldn’t stop until the “corpse’s” bones fall apart. The person might not have truly died yet, but probably would die after being shaken like this. Who knows who set these practices?


Fortunately, Lin Qitang didn’t ask for that when explaining the script, and there were no clear restrictions in the script. Ruan Yesheng can react according to her understanding of the role.


Although Deng Sui was intelligent and had a gentle personality in the early days, it did not mean that she was weak. On the contrary, she is very tenacious deep down. This is also one of the reasons why she was able to stand in the imperial court and partake in government affairs. Seeing that Deng Xun was covered in blood and had died tragically, Deng Sui understood that things can no longer return to that of the past. This sword had not only taken the life of her father Deng Xun but had also torn her skin as a young girl into a bloody mess. She is currently changing amidst this bloody mess. Even though the grief of losing her father envelops her whole body, she stubbornly still did her best to suppress this pain within her body.


Her father was killed by someone.


She must not be weak, for the sake of being able to kill her enemies one day.


Ruan Yesheng’s emotion was becoming more and more on point. Her eyes were red and her head went lower and lower. Tears filled her eyes and blurred the long eyelashes, but they were still unwilling to fall.


Real grief doesn’t need one to put on eye drops and cry loudly. Because when one was really hurt, they wouldn’t have the strength to make those superficial shouts.


Ruan Yesheng didn’t say a single word throughout the process. Her head was just lowered with her hair accessories scattered and her shoulders were trembling. The close-up shot showed the faintly bulging veins on her forehead. Her collar has already been pulled down slightly due to her panic before, and her neck muscles which are twitching due to her trying her best to hold back her tears could be seen. With her lowered head, she hugged the “corpse” with one hand while her other hand stretched out tremblingly like it was looking for its last hope and grasped onto Xi Mo’s sleeve tightly.


Her father is gone.


She feels that she still has Ding E.


This crying scene is too important, Lin Qitang has already talked about the scene beforehand. At this time, Ding E saw that Deng Sui was still like how she was when she was young, holding her sleeve whenever she felt sad. Then, Ding E would hug Deng Sui like how she always does when they were young.


However, Xi Mo did not move.


She has been acting for so many years. Whether it’s her own crying scenes or acting with actors who have crying scenes, it all came easily at her fingertips. But now, she couldn’t do it.


She was surprised to find that she suddenly added something she was scared of to her list.


She found that she was afraid of Ruan Yesheng crying.


She had seen Ruan Yesheng crying in various works before. It meant nothing to her, perhaps due to the fact that it was behind a cold screen. The arrogant her thinks that she can cry better. At this moment, it was the first time that she saw Ruan Yesheng crying at close range. She was so close to her. With the light shining on both her and Ruan Yesheng’s face, she could clearly see the tears in Ruan Yesheng’s eyes that were about to fall yet not falling. She could see her body that was trembling from her pain, her scattered hair and hair accessories, and the temperature of her fingers which was grabbing onto her. All of them were so clearly expressing her cry.


Ruan Yesheng really is a siren.


When she cried, others would really want to comfort her from the bottom of their hearts.


And for that very instant, Xi Mo felt a little at a loss from the bottom of her heart. She doesn’t like Ruan Yesheng crying, and she’s even more afraid of Ruan Yesheng crying, for she doesn’t know how to coax her to stop her from crying. It was just such a short hesitation which caused Xi Mo to not immediately act according to the development requirements of the script.


Lin Qitang was dying of anxiety over there.


The current atmosphere is so good and this suppressed crying scene can also be considered perfect. It should be known how difficult it is for an actor to build up their crying emotion. If he shouts cut at this time, everything before may end up in vain, which is too wasteful. If he shouts cut and re-record this part again, Xi Mo and Ruan Yesheng may not be able to return to their previous great state.


Thankfully, Lin Qitang is not to be belittled. He immediately grabbed an assistant next to him and ran to the open space opposite Ruan Yesheng and Xi Mo, leaving behind the assistant director to stare at the monitor.


The assistant was momentarily confused and staggered along as Lin Qitang pulled him to a suitable location.


Lin Qitang didn’t shout out “cut”, so Xi Mo was naturally still acting her part. It’s just that she did not immediately make the next move. However, she caught sight of Lin Qitang and the director’s assistant from the corner of her eyes. Years of filming experience made it easy for Xi Mo to understand Lin Qitang’s intentions. Since the director did not ask to cut, then do not stop acting. She only looked at him from the corner of her eyes but did not stop acting.


The assistant was pushed down to the ground by Lin Qitang, and the next moment, Lin Qitang hugged the assistant.


The assistant was thoroughly bewildered: “?”


Xi Mo: “…”


Lin Qitang just looked at his assistant and whispered a line from the script: “… Miss, don’t cry.”


The assistant became even more bewildered: “??”


Xi Mo: “…”


They were not live recording the sound, so it was fine even if Lin Qitang talks. After all, the sound of the recording will be muted and dubbing, background music and sound effects would be added in during post production. All they needed was for the acting to be in place. Nowadays, when some directors encounter important scenes, they will talk about the scenes next to the actors while the actors act. There were even actors who have poor skills and forget their lines. Their assistant would be at the side reminding them of their lines. Although it is convenient for filming, it greatly reduced the skills of some actors in remembering lines. No matter how badly they have said their lines, they could still rely on dubbing. Nowadays, there are not many actors in the entertainment circle whose live recording can directly be used.


In order to clear this scene without wasting the good acting of the few actors, Lin Qitang began to talk about the scene personally.


Lin Qitang regarded himself as Ding E and regarded his assistant as Deng Sui. While hugging his assistant, he said to Xi Mo, “Ruan Yesheng, remember what I told you before? Deng Sui, who witnessed her father’s death at this time, is very fragile and needs Ding E very much. So when Xi Mo grabs your hand for comfort, you hesitate for a while before hugging Xi Mo!”


The word hug made Xi Mo shiver.


Ruan Yesheng has her back facing Lin Qitang from this angle. She can’t see Lin Qitang’s movements, but she can hear Lin Qitang’s voice. However, she continued maintaining her acting posture. The senior actor acting as Deng Xun’s corpse with a sword in his chest is also as dedicated as ever.


“First, stretch out your hand and slowly hug her.” Lin Qitang said as he gently hugged the assistant as a demonstration. This assistant is a sturdy man with a wide back. A true man. However, he now looked like a little bird and didn’t dare make a move.


Assistant: “…”


Lin Qitang faced Xi Mo and said, “Ruan Yesheng, your current role as Ding E is feeling very complicated in her heart at this time. She has just killed Deng Xun. Seeing Deng Sui now, her heart will surely be in turmoil. However, she can’t show it on her face. It shouldn’t be done too quickly. Just stretch out your hand slowly, and then hug Xi Mo tightly! Show the kind of bond[1] between the master and servant who grew up together!


Xi Mo: “…”


You even know what ‘bond’ is!


Lin Qitang, you love acting so much. Why not come and act yourself!


You can even act for two roles!


Feng Tangtang, who was watching the scene on the side of the set, was a little confused when she heard Lin Qitang’s shout. How is this a ‘bond’ already? Isn’t it the male lead, Emperor He of Han, Liu Zhao, and the female lead, Deng Sui, who have a deep emotional ‘bond’ with each other? It turns out that the female lead and the female supporting character also have some master and servant ‘bond’. In Feng Tangtang’s mind, which is as simple as a goldfish’s brain, the ‘bonds’ in this ancient palace drama seem to be a bit too much.


When she told Gu Qisong who was beside her, Gu Qisong replied woodenly, “What is a ‘bond’?”


Feng Tangtang: “…”


Count it as she didn’t say anything


But with Lin Qitang reminding her, Xi Mo indeed came to her senses. The unfamiliar discomfort just now was temporarily forgotten by her. The short section before can be cut out during post production. She is still acting in the scene. As long as she continues remaining in this acting state, this situation is still not too late for her to redeem.


Trying to figure out how Ding E should react at this time, Xi Mo’s fingers trembled slightly. Her hands are full of fake blood, and a camera was taking a close up of her body’s actions. Then she finally raised her hand and held Ruan Yesheng’s fingers which were holding her sleeves. Ruan Yesheng cooperated and made her shoulders tremble even more. Xi Mo finally held Ruan Yesheng and leaned her head over.


Ding E hugged Deng Sui.


And she has also hugged Ruan Yesheng gently.


Through this hug, she has forgotten her own heartbeat, but seemed to have jumped into another world. In this world, she can feel Ruan Yesheng’s hot breaths and Ruan Yesheng’s heart beating which were so close. And she didn’t know why Ruan Yesheng’s heartbeat would become so fast. They seemed to be hitting her through the skin, so fast that she felt inexplicably embarrassed, much more so than with any other actors she has acted with. Her back was even starting to sweat.


Even so, the filming still has to continue.


“Miss.” Xi Mo turned to Ding E and whispered softly.


She put her hand on Ruan Yesheng’s back and patted gently as she said, “Don’t cry.”


As if all the accumulated emotion from before have burst off at this moment, Deng Sui’s grief can finally be expressed temporarily. Drooping her pair of tearing eyes, Ruan Yesheng’s eyelashes trembled and tears started falling down.


Holding the senior actor’s “corpse”, Ruan Yesheng leaned on Xi Mo and cried out with a hoarse voice like a little girl. Nothing could stop her tears.


“Director Lin, Director Lin.” The sturdy assistant was still being held by Lin Qitang, so he asked awkwardly, “The demonstration is already done, could… could you please let me go?”


Lin Qitang gave him a glance with a ‘a big director like me getting a commoner like you to act with me is your fortune’ look before letting the assistant go. He then calmly returned to the monitor to see how the scene just now went.


This night scene was finally completed successfully. Lin Qitang exclaimed excitedly: “Cut. Very good! Let’s take a break first. Makeup artists, go touch up the makeup! “


Feng Tangtang clapped vigorously. The other staff members were relieved and all laughed too.


Finally hearing the ‘cut’, the senior actor immediately sat up. Xi Mo and Ruan Yesheng know that he is a respectable individual in this circle and respect him very much. They both said that teacher Li had worked hard, to which the senior actor nodded his head. He also said a few words to the two of them, most of it praising the two of them. Then, he was guided by a staff to rest at one side.


When Ruan Yesheng heard Lin Qitang talking behind her earlier, she almost laughed out loud. However, she had the ability to control herself. Although she wanted to laugh, her acting skills were solid enough to hold her back and her tears did not contain any sense of fakeness. Seeing that this scene has passed, she immediately relaxed. With tears still in her eyes, she laughed out loud. It can be seen that she is a dedicated actor, for her laughter could be kept until after the filming.


Ruan Yesheng laughed and fell directly on Xi Mo.


Xi Mo was originally hugging her in the first place. She frowned and asked, “You’re laughing only now. Does it take so long for you to react?”


Ruan Yesheng leaned in her arms and blinked at her. She said softly: “We have hugged for so long earlier. You won’t mind hugging for a little longer right? I still haven’t gotten over it yet.”


Xi Mo didn’t refute nor did she let go of her. She just said with disgust, “Hurry up and wipe away your tears.”


Ruan Yesheng subconsciously raised her hand and wiped her eyes. The corners of her eyes were still red, but her smile became even more coquettish. “Hey, really, I cried so much that my makeup is all ruined.”


Seeing the difference of Ruan Yesheng before and after the crying scene, Xi Mo suddenly felt that her feelings just now of ‘scared of her crying and even felt like comforting her a little’ had been minced and fed to dogs.


“Sister Xi, I’ll help you touch up your makeup.” There is still a scene to be filmed later, so the makeup artist trotted over.


Seeing someone come over, Ruan Yesheng felt embarrassed to act coquettish in front of the makeup artist for she is pretending to be someone else right now. She immediately put on an ice cold expression and straightened up from Xi Mo’s arms. Then, she slowly got up and said indifferently, “Okay, let’s go over there.”


Xi Mo watched as Ruan Yesheng changed demeanour before her within a second and felt that Ruan Yesheng simply had a split personality.


After Ruan Yesheng walked away, Xi Mo was still sitting there with a cold face. Feng Tangtang ran over and asked intimately if Ruan Ruan would like to drink water. Xi Mo had wanted to glare at her with her original cold demeanour, but as she remembered that she was acting as someone else, a warm smile formed on her face the moment she turned her face around. She received the bottle of mineral water delicately like a flower and said, “Tangtang, I just happened to be thirsty. Thank you.”


She also had a split personality naturally.


Today’s night scene in Deng’s mansion ended at about eleven o’clock. Some staff stayed behind to tidy up the place, while the rest dragged their tired body back to the hotel to rest.


Ruan Yesheng and Xi Mo stayed in the same hotel, so they rode in the same car back. She actually wanted to say something to Xi Mo, but because there were Lu Qingming and Gu Qisong in the same car, she didn’t say much. Ruan Yesheng would glance over occasionally. Most of the time, she saw Xi Mo using her face to wear the large words ‘do not approach’. It was very quiet in the car, and Lu Qingming sat in front again, so Xi Mo did not act any more.


Maybe she is really tired, and she revealed her true self because of that. With her arrogant personality, it’s indeed troubling for her having to act as someone else when they were not acting for the sake of filming.


Ruan Yesheng looked at her for a while and found that even though her head was hanging down, her body was still dignifiedly leaning on the back seat, falling asleep in a unbending and difficult posture.


The temperature of the air conditioner in the car was a bit low. Ruan Yesheng took out a thin blanket from behind and lightly covered her.


When they arrived at the hotel, the few of them went up together on the same elevator. Arriving first on the eighth floor, Xi Mo waved her hand as a sign and said ‘see you tomorrow’. Then, she walked out on her own.


After Xi Mo left, the elevator door was about to close. Ruan Yesheng immediately pressed the open button to keep it open and said to Lu Qingming, “I remembered something in the script which I have to discuss with Ruan Yesheng. You guys go back first.”


The dead chicken incident during the day left Lu Qingming’s heart with lingering fear. He said, “Let Gu Qisong follow you. He can send you back to your room afterwards.”


“It’s just a few floors apart. I’ll be back when I finish speaking. It will take only a few minutes.”


Lu Qingming can be quite stubborn sometimes. “Then let Gu Qisong wait for you. He can send you back to your room afterwards.”


Ruan Yesheng frowned.


Seeing her expression, Lu Qingming hesitated for a while before saying, “Fine, we’ll go up first. Hurry back up when you’re done speaking. You didn’t have much to say to that Miss Ruan before anyway. Although the two of you are in the same crew now, I still hope that you will not have any further communication with her except for the necessary contacts for filming. You also know that there are too many people who want to rely on you to gain popularity. Xi Mo, you must remember to keep your distance from irrelevant people.”


Ruan Yesheng rolled her eyes in her heart. She then walked out of the elevator without saying anything.


Yan Tinghuan is staying in room 0825 and has probably gone into her dreamland already. Xi Mo was staying in the room next door. She took out her room card and prepared to open the door when she felt someone behind her. Looking back, she saw Ruan Yesheng following after her. She asked, “What’s the matter?”


“I can find you only if there’s a matter?” Ruan Yesheng asked back.


Xi Mo frowned imperceptibly. Opening the door, she asked: “Would you like to take a seat inside?”


Ruan Yesheng found that even though Xi Mo’s expression didn’t look that good, she was actually taking the initiative to invite her in. This was something that definitely wouldn’t happen in the past. She wasn’t a greedy person at all, and the sweetness she has tasted from this small change is enough to make her happy for a long time.


Tucking a strand of hair behind her ears, Ruan Yesheng lowered her eyes and said, “No need. I just want to tell you that you have no bodyguard like Gu Qisong by your side, so you have to be careful. The incident during the day can be quite serious. “


Xi Mo looked at her for a while and found that although her expression was open, it seemed to have a little bit of imperceptible shyness. Xi Mo suddenly thought her eyes had gone bad.


It’s just like the clichéd plots performed in many film and television shows. The heroine and the person she has secretly liked for a long time have nothing to do with each other, so she can only watch from a distance. But suddenly one day, because of the so-called turning point of fate, the heroine and her crush were caught together in a tricky incident. Whilst worried about their situation, the heroine can finally muster her courage and have all kinds of legitimate excuses to approach that person.


As Xi Mo watched, she suddenly felt the embarrassment she felt during the hugging scene earlier coming back to her. While keeping her expression from changing, she said, “Mn, I know.”


That strange feeling creeped up Xi Mo’s back. She paused for a moment and felt that she needs to be gentler to Ruan Yesheng regarding this, so she added, “Thanks for the reminder.”


Ruan Yesheng smiled. Just by looking at her, it seemed as if flowers were blooming in her eyes.


“It’s getting late, are you not going back to rest?” The atmosphere was becoming more and more uncomfortable for Xi Mo. The main thing is, she herself doesn’t know how this atmosphere came about. She feels that she should end this conversation as soon as possible to be relieved from this atmosphere.


“I’m going back now.” Ruan Yesheng nodded at her. Giving her a glance, she turned around and walked back. Her steps were extremely light.


Staring at her back, Xi Mo thought in her heart: Her behavior now is just like how she was in university.


But when Xi Mo was in university, she had expressed that she wasn’t that happy to be with her. It was because Ruan Yesheng always annoyed her shamelessly. Now that she looked at her, she suddenly felt that Ruan Yesheng was actually very good when she was in university.


Xi Mo was stunned for a while. When she was about to close the door, she heard a call from behind, “Xi Mo.”


Turning back, she saw that Ruan Yesheng had suddenly stopped and turned back.




“You haven’t said goodnight to me yet.” Ruan Yesheng stood under the hazy light in the corridor. With her hands behind her back, Ruan Yesheng looked at her with a smile.


You haven’t said goodnight to me yet.


Xi Mo’s eyes which were as black as ink froze.


In the past, after their night self study, there would be someone from home coming over to fetch her back home. Sometimes, Ruan Yesheng would follow Xi Mo all the way to the parking area, and Xi Mo let her follow. Ruan Yesheng would always say that she would have to pass this parking area when she returned to the dormitory, so Xi Mo didn’t dismiss her.


Before getting into the car, Ruan Yesheng would say to her, “As classmates, you haven’t said goodnight to me yet.”


She couldn’t remember whether she said goodnight to her every time.


It’s been too long, she has already forgotten.


“Goodnight.” Xi Mo leaned against the door. With her long hair draped over her shoulders, she said softly to her.


Ruan Yesheng left with satisfaction. She got on the elevator, returned to her room and fell into the soft blanket just like the young girl she was before.


Her heartbeat was loud and she was full of smiles.


At this moment, she felt that she was happy.



[1] Bond – The word Lin Qitang used is a physical restraint kind of bond, which is subsequently used by Xi Mo, Feng Tangtang and Gu Qisong.

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