[TPCFC] Chapter 18: Face Smacking Lan Wei

Here it is~

Just a small warning, because my surroundings are now in the constant 100-120+ F, my laptop has also been overheating to dangerous numbers and I been keeping it shut down for the most part nowadays. Which means I am tling less…. I need my laptop to survive for college so sorry peeps.

Chapter here

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6 thoughts on “[TPCFC] Chapter 18: Face Smacking Lan Wei

  1. thewickling says:

    If you’re concerned about overheating, you could try buying a cooling pad. It might help a bit

    • SnowTime says:

      Already using one…. orz

      • thewickling says:


  2. Pijon says:

    You could stick your laptop in a freezer an hour or so before use. If you’re worried about it getting dirty, you can wrap it in cling wrap or a bag if you have one. ;v; I wish you the best. Thank you for your sacrifice~

  3. Fundle says:

    What about your fan? Is is running at full capacity? I downloaded an app that hijacks my fan to jack up the rpm when mine starts to over heat, it helps a lot.

    • SnowTime says:

      It is lol. When your surroundings are over 100 in the first place, you can’t really expect your laptop to not overheat… thanks for trying though ?

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