[TA] Chapter 45: Only one kind of person has the right to stand by me, and that is my rival.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Lots of things are happening in life, but what’s probably the most important is, Yes, I’m not dropping this novel.

Not for now at least.

You may have read about it in my last comment, I’m no longer a student. Work really tires a person a lot. I know my translation is really slow so I guess I’m not in the position of stopping anyone else from translating it (though I wish they have at least asked me first).

I can’t make any promise to future release rate, I’m mostly doing it during my fragment hours now, translating a couple sentences during lunch hours etc.

Thank you for anyone who’s still following it and thanks a lot to isalee who has been editing for me all this time.

Enjoy the chapter!

Edited everything on my phone in bed so expect a lot of typos lol

20 thoughts on “[TA] Chapter 45: Only one kind of person has the right to stand by me, and that is my rival.

  1. Kézia Alves says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Aquazure says:

    Sorry to hear about it! your translation is one of the best I read for danmei novels…but if it’s too hard already don’t strain yourself pls
    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope you’ll do sth about Qizi? There has been no official announcement for a long time from you or this site whether u’ll continue with that or drop it…since if it is announced dropped than some others will perhaps eventually pick it up one day. It’s s such a good story and it’s just getting really good with the plot as well
    Thanks for your hardwork

    • Momoe Pom says:

      Tbh I’m not sure. I hate to leave things halfway but I’m trying to focus on one project for now. Let me see if I can squeeze out a chapter some time

      • Faylin says:

        adding to above comment, would be great if the rest of the previous chapters for Qizi could be posted here. missed reading the ones from the other host TAT

        • SnowTime says:

          Oh, did they delete them? I’ll get working to copying them over in a few days.

          • Faylin says:

            yay! the first website ones work but not c28-35.

        • Momoe Pom says:

          I have most of the chapters in my google drive. But the newest chapter was translated by another translator and sadly I don’t have a backup for that.

          • Faylin says:

            aww but will be happy with a few more after c27 ^v^
            ty for translating up to this point.

  3. jleety says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for not dropping this! Love your translations so much, they are top-of-the-line and so worth the wait.

  4. astral5 says:

    No no, we much prefer your translation. Occasional releases are fine :3
    Thanks for your effort!

  5. Deena says:

    Hope all goes well in your personal life and thankyou for everything you do for us😍

  6. tan says:

    Thank you so much!! I love your translations! They are so nice to read!

  7. maknae says:

    Ayo, at first i thought that you are dropping the novel, and my heart skipped a bit. I’m willing to wait however much it takes, because i got so attached to this novel and your translation only does it justice. Take care of yourself and fighting!

    • Summer says:

      @maknae I agree! This is currently one of my favorite novels.

      I saw on novelupdates that someone else was translating it, so I thought you (@Momoe Pom) dropped it. Thankfully you didn’t. However long it takes, I’ll be with you until the end.

      Thank you!

  8. Fleur-de-lys says:

    I’m so happy to see this post! I’ve always thought your Thousand Autumns translations were simply fantastic and well worth the wait, so I’m very glad to hear you’re still continuing.

  9. unihms says:

    Thank you for not dropping this! I was actually so sad when I saw that someone else started translating this and thought no one else would eve pick it up again 🙁 But I’m glad you’re alive and well! Your translations are well worth the wait. Thanks again 😊😊

  10. somewherewinter says:

    Dear Momoe Pom,

    How is everything going?

    I sent you an e-mail, but didn’t get your reply. I am really sorry for not contacting you before that I decided to translate the novel Thousand Autumns. I thought I met the rules of NU and anyone had the right to continue translating it. I read your translation and they are really great. You should keep on working on it. But I also want to keep translating this one because I like this novel and I want people can read it more frequently. This is all I want. If you have any advice, please tell me.

    I wish you have a good time. I know you are busy on work, so am I. But I think it is for the love of web novels, we are willing to squeeze some time to share the reading happiness with others.

    Best wishes,
    Love Peace

    • Momoe Pom says:

      Sorry if I didn’t reply but I’m not sure which mailbox it was sent to and what email address you have used. I went through my mails again and didn’t find it.

      Don’t mistake me. You are always allowed to start your own translation. None of us owns the work and strictly speaking we are all illegal lol. Nor does Novelupdate have any ‘rule’ for it. It’s just a database website that keeps everything submitted to it in an organized fashion.

      But I also can’t deny that as a regular human being, it was a little demotivating for me at first. But I won’t stop anyone else from sharing their work because of it. In fact, just earlier this year, I was going to quit translating altogether due to various irl issue, but I couldn’t do it because it felt like all my previous efforts went into waste, and that’s why I decided to continue.

      • somewherewinter says:

        Thanks for your understanding. I expect that you can keep releasing translation works with high quality. And I will recommend readers to come to keep reading your translations. But if someone want to read this novel a littile faster, they can choose to read my translation and then come here to enjoy your more good translation. Thanks!

  11. Johanna Klemish says:

    I took a peek at the other persons translation and it is awful, thanks in advance for your work.

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