Something New~

Well, because The Legendary Master’s Wife only have two chapters right now and I’m done with them, I decided to pick two things up after browsing for manhua to my liking for forever haha.

I’m particularly picky >.> about certain things, but I narrowed most of my choices down to these two… for now.

Mao Zhi Ming (Youth of a Cat)

Xue Yue Hua (Snowy Moon Flower)

For people who found my website through The Legendary Master’s Wife~ Congratulations! The second one I found after much hard work is…. tada! Yaoi haha. I tried to find one with similar vibes with LMW or at least, martial art’s world setting? There weren’t too many choices that I liked >.>

I really liked the first one, Slice of Life kind of with one of my current favorite settings haha. Plus, we need more female MCs >.> (This is going to become my default expression soon… lol)

These are all the one I hold interests in and may do sooner or later… They aren’t in any particular order… Good BL is too hard to find (That fits my taste) So I don’t think there are any more in this list… but there are some good bromance haha


(Hm… I don’t get how to make the read more bar work… Lol)

5 thoughts on “Something New~

  1. Anon says:

    Both seems fun, really can’t wait~

  2. Dusty says:

    o/ looks interesting!

  3. shizuka says:

    They both seems interesting, expecially the second one ^^
    By the way how often a new LMW manhua chapter is released ( more or less)

    • SnowTime says:

      Based on the track record… 6 months to 1 year… lol

  4. shizuka says:

    Ohi!…so long….

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