[SLC] Chapter 4: You Can Do it, Ash!

Hello hello~ How was everybody’s morning? Any hangovers for our drinkers? Kekeke

I’m still very sleepy after working too hard these past few days…

I also worked the rest of my team too hard lmao.

RIP my Translators and Editors

I feel sad about that low rating in NU, what’s wrong with cats?? T^T

(Well, I think they just love to troll me.)

Chapter 4
Translator: Dusty
TLC: Kiseki
Editor: Jafz

I wanna go into hibernation……. zzz……

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3 thoughts on “[SLC] Chapter 4: You Can Do it, Ash!

  1. perdidoenlapereza says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Tamasaga says:

    The cat parts are great, but then you get into the area of pest control and things get squeamish. First with ways to take out innocent mice, and then the horrifying C’s…

    • SnowTime says:

      His owner is a scientist/professor XD. You learn a little bit from this novel hahaha

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