[MHIAU] Chapter 59: Wedding

The year is soon over… Chapter here Translator: Heilong Editor: Astra Read More


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Happy Chinese New Year~

Happy Chinese New Year~ May everyone strike  good fortune May everyone have good health (I don’t remember the rest) May everyone pass their education May there be lots of chapters (not from me *cough) Welcome to the year of the Dog \o/ Yeah, that’s all I wanted to do. Woof! Read More

Eunuch Novels AKA Infamous Dropped CN novels

I was browsing Baike (Think Chinese Wiki) and came across this, thought it was really funny and translated it to share. o3o Definition of a Eunuch Novel and where it comes from: In the internet world of novels, what makes us gnash our teeth the most and have no way out? It is not the main Read More

[WWIAC] Chapter 9: Accidents Repeatedly Arising

Steadily updating all the novels…. Just waiting on edits for OWCAL now…. Chapter here Translator: Kiki, Myaato, SnowTime Editor: Isalee Read More

[WWIAC] Chapter 8: Fame Comes In Waves

This hasn’t been updated in a while… I think life killed Myaato -_-lll So Kiki joined and helped TL some of it and I tled the rest. I tried to imitate Myaato’s style the best I could >.> Chapters 1-7 are also edited and up on the site~ Chapter 8 is here though Translators: Myaato, Kiki, Read More

Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Moving Over~

Wangye, Wangfei is a Cat Raws: http://www.xiang5.com/bookinfo/15947.html  Summary: History’s greatest tragedy isn’t marrying the wrong husband, but confusedly recognizing the wrong master. Mi Xiaoqi grabbed the muddled fortunes of her own master and transmigrated via a freak accident into the body of a small white cat. The saddest thing was, she ended up on top of Read More

[SLC] Chapter 13: Kids These Days… How The Hell Are They Even Raised?

Another Cat chapter for our cat lovers~ May you laugh your guts out and ask if you were the same back when you were a kid xD Now one more post to make before I run off to get packing and go home =w= Chapter here Translator: tiger.prince Editor: Kidyeon Read More

[SLC] Chapter 12: There’s Nothing More Annoying Than Getting Fleas

Hey, something realistic! The thought of getting fleas did not cross my mind at all lmao XD This author really knows how to write and make things interesting! Then again, they wouldn’t get published if they were good at writing XD Chapter here Translator: Tiger.prince TLC/Editor: Dusty Lol, no wonder it didn’t work at first… Read More

[SLC] Chapter 11: Roll Around? Act Spoiled? Go to Hell!

This one didn’t take as long as the ones from before! Lol, even a cat can get into all sorts of situation… Chapter here TL: tiger.prince TLC: Dusty Editor: KitKat Read More