[SLC] Chapter 10: Hello hello… fúck

Alright, the last one! And I can finally eat my food (That I begged out of someone to pay for me hehehe… Any other starving college students surviving on only cup ramen or something? I’m going to die from salt overdose or something at this rate…) Chapter 10 translated by Dusty Edited by Kitkat Read More

[SLC] Chapter 9: Boss, Did Your Family Cat Run Away From Home?

Chapter 9 TL: Dusty, 16, tiger.prince TLC: Dusty Editor: KitKat This reminds me of the first scene~ hehehe Read More

[SLC] Chapter 8: Behave When Home Alone + Random Comic Strip

Wee~ More cats for everyone \o/ Sorry everything is so late~ Everyone is just ultra busy… x.x Don’t worry, this isn’t the only chapter, got a few more for this coming~ Chapter 8 TL: 16, tiger.prince TLC: Dusty Editor: Karma Made by yours truly:         Read More

[SLC] Chapter 7: This Guinea Pig Shouldn’t Be Devoured!

More cats and this time… a very special guest~~ I turned older by another year a few years ago… and the universe decided to reward me with a couple of neck pains from staring at my laptop too much XD Chapter 7 TL: 16 Editor: Deyna (I overworked all my editors so now there is Read More

[SLC] Chapter 6: The Four Cheap Guests of the Eastern District and Mr. Perfect Parrot

Happy Saturday~ Another funny chapter of our Cat MC and his other fellows (Anyone slipping on ice? I will be tonight….) Chapter 6 TL: 16 and Dusty TLC: Dusty Edited: Deyna Read More

[SLC] Chapter 5: Freaking Ridiculous

How is everybody~? \o/ Such a lovely Tuesday over here and I’m still sleep deprived. Not too cold, not too hot, just a bit gloomy since it just rained. Here is a piece of art for you on SLC Since the stockpile is official Gone! Possible schedule may be 1/week? Or faster if we’re in Read More

[SLC] Chapter 4: You Can Do it, Ash!

Hello hello~ How was everybody’s morning? Any hangovers for our drinkers? Kekeke I’m still very sleepy after working too hard these past few days… I also worked the rest of my team too hard lmao. RIP my Translators and Editors I feel sad about that low rating in NU, what’s wrong with cats?? T^T (Well, Read More

[SLC] Chapter 3: Teaching The Cat in this Way

Lol, almost everybody likes cats I see~~ Well, this is a fun novel Chapter 3 Translator: 16 TLC: Dusty Editor: KitKat Read More

Strange Life of a Cat Chapters 1-2

Happy New Years! Part of the Mass Releases! 3-5 haven’t been edited yet so I’ll hold off on those >_> Strange Life of a Cat Summary:  Zheng Tan somehow returns to the year 2003, turning into a black cat. Picked up from a rubbish heap by the Jiao family, he is given the name “Ash”, Read More

[WC] Chapter 2

This little chapter that was half done for like…… forever is now finally complete. I finally remembered why I never finished it until now… those tiny words >_> Well, hope you enjoy and don’t kill your eyes like I did. Chapter 2 Read More