Site Upgrade~

So, I’ve been messing with my site today and did some upgrading to the theme and whatnot.

Something new: This site has an ad now… at the very top header and bottom footer, no more. I’m still figuring out what the new upgrade to the theme could do!

So, people who are willing to be my guinea pigs… if you see any videos or the such, tell me okay? 😀 (Need to squash those, my data is very limited.)

There shouldn’t be any redirects or the such (unless you click on the ad of course xD) and the data shouldn’t have changed much either…

If you’re free, click on one or two that’s interesting? (Don’t click on shady ones of course!)

(Don’t use bots to do mass clicking or you yourself going on a clicking spree >_>;; just one or two a day at most is already very helpful)

Image result for dogeza anime

^ Wallet-chan & Me ^

I shall go on a TLing Spree after this…

Can I do four a day I wonder… (That was my max on a good day…)

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