[OWCAL] Chapter 8: Ling Chao, You’re too Vicious T___T

Long time no updateeee

Well, some bad news. 16 is down by life and is kinda burned out about translating… He doesn’t know if he’ll ever come back, but I’ll be cheering for him!

So this means… I’ll be taking over translating for this in his stead…

This novel was dropped once before and I doubt it’ll live again if it’s dropped again lol

And to be honest… I wanna finish up everything I take… T_____T Though Qidian already made me kick two

This thing only has around 90 something chapters! I will damn finish this!!!!!!!!

I do admit characters like Xiao Tu, dense but not annoying are fun to read~ :p

Chapter here

Translator: 16, SnowTime

Editor: KitKat

One thought on “[OWCAL] Chapter 8: Ling Chao, You’re too Vicious T___T

  1. Zarrar Khan says:

    Thanks man !!waited 2 months for this..Finish translating this series plz….a lot my fav novels are being dropped because of Qidian ??


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