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Chapter 8: Ling Chao, You’re too Vicious T___T

In all the years since Ling Chao’s birth, he had only confessed to a girl one time. As a result of that confession, he unexpectedly found himself thrown into the river. Ling Chao was still only a child even if he had inherited his mother’s black belly[1], high IQ, and high EQ. Since he experienced a situation like this, he felt gloominess fill his soul. The incident also made him feel as if he had lost his dignity, and he also felt a strong sense of loss from the encounter.

Therefore, his anger made him ignore Xiao Tu for the next couple of days.

Ling Chao’s response made Xiao Tu feel depressed. The truth was that she didn’t mean to throw Ling Chao into the river. She was just scared by his abnormal behavior. It made her feel as if it were a dangerous situation.

Since she had practiced martial arts for a long time, encountering this type of situation would naturally cause her to respond with some type of self-defense move. She usually practiced martial arts with her master and her senior brothers. They were older and more robust that Ling Chao. However, whenever she threw them, it was meant to be a simple gesture. It wasn’t meant to be harmful in any way..

On that note, she really hadn’t done it intentionally. .

However, Xiao Tu began to have second thoughts. After all, she was the one who threw him into the river. What if in the unlikely event something were to happen to Ling Chao and affect his interview, would that then mean that she was guilty?

Xiao Tu considered her options for a long time. At the end, she came to the conclusion that she needed to apologize to Ling Chao for what she did to him.

Unfortunately, she didn’t get the chance to apologize in time. Before that, she followed her senior martial brothers and sisters to participate in the martial arts competition.

The junior martial arts competition in F City was well known throughout the country. Even though the competition was only at provincial level, most of the students that participated in it came from all over the country. It’s influence was really broad.

Teacher Wu was completely serious about this competition. While the group was in the van that was taking them to the competition, he assembled a meeting with everyone inside the van. During the meeting, he passionately talked about his past that was full of glorious achievements. He also elaborated on the importance of Chinese Martial Arts. He explained that martial arts could help you safeguard your home, and that you could also help an elderly lady cross the street with it. In summary, martial arts is a glorious skill. Also, competition is a necessary aspect of it, so taking the prize home is important!

After hearing the bold words of Teacher Wu, the other team members were all eager to get into action. Xiao Tu was the only exception. During the whole meeting, she felt muddleheaded. On the entire way to the competition, Xiao Tu found herself yawning.

After noticing this, Wu Cheng Wei sat next to her and asked, “Junior apprentice sister Xiao, you didn’t sleep well last night?”  

Xiao Tu looked at Wu Cheng Wei with bags under her eyes, “Yeah, I didn’t sleep very well.” After she said that, another yawn came out of her.  

The reason why Xiao Tu didn’t sleep well last night was because of  Ling Chao. Ling Chao had not come to pick her up from the training grounds the past couple of days. Xiao Tu knew that Ling Chao was angry, thus she considered about offering him an apology. Who would’ve imagined that Ling Chao had already left for the city for his interview by the time she came to his house to apologize? .  

It was true that she had thrown Ling Chao into the river. However, Ling Chao was being too petty about it! He didn’t even notify her that he was going to A-High for an interview. To think that Xiao Tu considered him as a close male friend!

Earlier, Xiao Tu felt excited to participate in the competition. However because of the guilt she felt towards Ling Chao, she now felt depressed. It was no wonder she couldn’t sleep well considering that she was excited one moment and then depressed the other moment.

After Wu Cheng Wei noticed how Xiao Tu was acting, he suggested to her, “If you’re really that tired, you should go take a nap once we reach the hotel. Since it’s morning, there will only be an opening ceremony. It really doesn’t matter whether you go or not. .”

“I will be scolded by Teacher if I leave.”

“It doesn’t matter. He won’t find out about it. If my dad happens to ask, I’ll just tell him that you went to use the restroom. ”

Since Wu Cheng offered to cover up for her, Xiao Tu felt her courage grow. When the group arrived at the hotel, Xiao Tu made up an excuse to separate from them before she went to her hotel room to sleep.

She had been sleeping well up until the point when she felt something shake near her. By the time she dazily opened her eyes, she finally noticed that it was her cell phone clamoring by the bedside.

In this era, it was rare for a student in junior high school like Xiao Tu to have a cell phone However, Xiao Tu was different. When Xiao Tu had started her first day at middle school, Ling Chao’s father sent her a cell phone. At first, Xiao Tu’s mother wanted to decline. However, Ling Chao’s father stopped her with a hand. He then said to her, “Since we are going to be family sooner or later, just think of this as a betrothal gift.”

Xiao Tu’s mother thought about it a little. She found that whatever Ling Chao’s father had said to her made sense, and she thus accepted the ‘betrothal gift.’ .

It was obvious that Xiao Tu didn’t know about any of this. If she found out that her mother had sold her for just a cell phone, then it was likely that she would feel wronged by this. She would then crouch on the ground and start drawing circles.

Xiao Tu let out a huge yawn before she rubbed her eyes. She then reached her hand out for the cell phone by her bedside.  She randomly pressed down the answering key, and let the call come through.

Ling Chao’s voice could be heard from the other end, “Where are you?”

Xiao Tu wasn’t fully awake yet. In a daze, she answered, “I’m at XX Hotel.”

“I’m waiting downstairs. You have ten minutes to get down here, or else I’m going to show your mother the math test you hid in my backpack two months ago. .” After threatening her, he hung up the phone.

Xiao Tu held onto the phone for two seconds before she was able to completely wake herself up..

He was talking about that math test where she had scored just fifty-nine points on it!

Ling Chao, you’re too vicious! T_____T

When Xiao Tu rushed into the hotel lobby in a flurry, she noticed Ling Chao leisurely sitting on a couch. Once he noticed Xiao Tu arriving, he lifted up his arm, and looked at his watch. “It took you nine minutes and forty-five seconds.”  

Xiao Tu’s mouth twitched, “Why are you here?”  

“I came for an interview.”

Ling Chao bringing up the interview made Xiao Tu feel angry again.  She deliberately asked him, “Didn’t you finish your interview yesterday?”  

Ling Chao held both hands behind his head before he replied in a relaxed manner, “It’s not that important. However, I will be staying here to have fun for the next two days. .”

He must be truly a brilliant student if he was able to boldly and confidently skip class. Xiao Tu, who had evil intentions, reminded him, “It’s Wednesday today. You still have two more days of school.”

“I’m not going back to that school for classes anymore.” Ling Chao replied back.

“Huh?” Xiao Tu blanked, “You, what did you say?”  

Ling Chao glanced at her. He had a complex expression on his face as he replied in a normal tone, “After my interview yesterday, it has been decided that I will attending A-High starting next week..”  

It was only then that it dawned on Xiao Tu that any recruited students for A High needed to start school early in preparation. After next week, he would no longer be able to send her to school, pick her up from the training grounds, help her with her homework, or any other things like that. Xiao Tu’s heart suddenly tightened, and she felt a little upset.

She was silent for a long time before finally making a sound to show that she understood what he had said.

Ling Chao watched her, before he asked her, “Don’t you have anything that you want  to say to me?”

“I….” The question was so abrupt that Xiao Tu was unable to find any words to say at the moment. . She could only make out some mumbles while she stared at Ling Chao in a daze. It took her a while before she suddenly thought of something, and her eyes brightened.

“Actually…. I need to apologize!” It must be because she hasn’t apologize yet before he left so she was feeling depressed! Right! That must be the reason!

After hearing what she said, Ling Chao raised an eyebrow. “What do you need to apologize for?”

“I need to apologize for…. I shouldn’t have thrown you into the river. I was wrong. Please forgive me.”

When Xiao Tu spoke, she held a sincere expression on her face. She hoped that Ling Chao would be able to let go of his hatred. But the more sincere she was, the more Ling Chao’s eyebrows became more scrunched up. He then replied to her, “Regarding that issue, don’t you have anything else that you want to say to me?”

Was there something else she needed to say? Xiao Tu tilted her head, and thought about it for a long time. She then shook her head. “Nope.”


The youngster sitting on the sofa let out a ‘humph’ in reply. After getting thrown into the river, he felt peeved for several days before he found that he couldn’t accept that fact that he was rejected like that. The feeling became more apparent after he finished participating in the interview, and found that he was about to leave her to study at A High. The denial he felt became more intense. As a result, he stayed in the city even after the interview was finished, and waited for Xiao Tu to show up herself. He wanted to force her into saying things clearly.

He didn’t expect that Xiao Tu would still be obsessing over the fact that she threw him into the river. In fact, she didn’t take note of his confession at all.

The way Ling Chao felt at this point could be described as miserable..

Even though Ling Chao was miserable, he had the power to turn that miserable feeling into something amazing. In those pitch black eyes of his, it only took a moment for a trace of a conspiracy that was not easily detectable to flash by.

“You threw me into a river. Did you think that this type of apology would be sufficient?”

When he suddenly said that, Xiao Tu became a little dense. “Then, is there anything else you want?”

“You should try and think of a way to compensate me.”  


“You could help me wash my clothes or buy me breakfast..”

There were black lines that appeared on Xiao Tu’s forehead. When did Ling Chao turn into a young master? She grabbed at her messy short hair before she replied, “You’re going to study at A-High. How is it possible for me to do these things?”

“That’s true.” Ling Chao nodded as if he were thinking.  

“You should think of something more realistic. I promise that I will do it as long as it’s possible for me to do it!” Xiao Tu patted her chest to reassure him.

“Is that what you promise?” Traces of an evil plan in Ling Chao’s eyes finally became detectable. “For now, you still owe me. You can wait until you win the martial arts competition and get a recommendation to A High in order to pay me back. ”

“What?!” Xiao Tu became lifeless.

It wasn’t about whether she could become the champion of the competition or not. The important part was whether it was possible for her to get a recommendation to go to A High. In summary, Ling Chao’s ultimatum was putting more pressure on Xiao Tu. She now felt that she definitely had to win the competition. Fortunately, Xiao Tu was the type of child that gained more power under pressure.

Within the next few days of the competition, she was able to storm her way into the junior women’s group finals. She had done this through the potential she had in her martial art teacher’s eyes, the pressure that Ling Chao put on her, and with a little bit of luck. All of her senior brothers and sisters that vowed to become number one, with the exception of Wu Cheng Wei, were all collectively annihilated.

It wasn’t that the world lacked miracles.It was more like it merely lacked the conditions for the miracle to be created. Xiao Tu happened to be so screwed that it was possible for her to be hit by miracle.


[1]Black belly – outwardly kind but inwardly evil

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