The Overflowing Fragrance of the Fish Chapters 1-2

The Overflowing Fragrance of the Fish

Author: Mocha Cookie

Status: 59 Chapters (Complete)


Being an extremely ambitious fish with great aspirations,

A Lian’s only wish in her entire lifetime was to become the main dish of the most beautiful man in the Celestial Realm – Rong Lin, the God of War.

A Lian invested enormous amounts of effort into eating, successfully grooming herself into becoming an extremely white and plump fish. However, just when she thought she would finally get cooked —

A Lian: Supreme God, do you like to eat braised fish or steamed fish?

Rong Lin: …I’m a vegetarian.

A Lian: QAQ

Tags: Romance, Xianxia, Comedy

New novel~ Well, our dear sweetie Yehetics has been working on it in the dark secret place known as Google Drive for a while~

Our strong beauty who keeps going forward even when life keeps kicking her down~

Please enjoy the novel~

The one novel we actually thought ahead and made a stockpile… hahah… haha… >_>;;;

(I told you I was going to balance out the BL) \o/

Chapter 1
Translators: Karma, Yehetics
Editor: KitKat (before his sacrifice)

Chapter 2
Translator: Yehetics
Editor: Beansprout

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