[HILSBO] Chapter 3: Again and Again…

Hey y’all, Entropy here. Uh, cute little chapter three was a little sad being left out with all the celebratory festivities going on April 1st… but I only noticed his sadness today… Things go cray cray real quick, trust me. Nothing really get explained but it’s all hinted at, all carefully structured for the reader’s minds to explode with imagination. Enjoy!

SnowTime Note: Er, for chapter 2, I changed the Lead Singer’s named to Highborn Denary or something like that… to differentiate him and the group…

Chapter here

In case yall skipped my April Fool’s Post that day:

Hero? I’ve Long Stopped Being One


Accompanied by all kinds of crisis and despair, was the arrival of mankind’s first significant superhero.

Under his lead, superheroes emerged in droves. However, after five years of continuous fighting, he disappeared from the people’s eyes.

It’s comedy, so don’t expect something dark okay?

Translated by our little Entropy who constantly has an identity crisis.


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