[DN] Volume 2 – Chapter 21: Golden Summoning Scroll

I wish for another translator to fall from the sky and help me….

This was actually edited 13 days ago but my google docs never showed me half the edits… so I thought it wasn’t done >_> welp. Schedule failed. I should try to decrease any more negative karma points I have accumulated due to this series…

Chapter here

Editor: Minak Amie

4 thoughts on “[DN] Volume 2 – Chapter 21: Golden Summoning Scroll

  1. Hisoka HxH says:

    :'( finally we got a chapter

    • SnowTime says:

      sorry, next one would be out today or tomorrow hopefully.

      • foong kok jun says:

        “hopefully” 😏

        • SnowTime says:

          My time lines always backfire… orz My editor said she’ll finish today… I’m still praying lmao. That stack of chapters is just sitting there o3o

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