[DN] Volume 1 – Chapter 11: The Legendary Goblin

\o/ Yay! Finally got something out, my site seemed so dead for a while lmao.

So, something people probably haven’t noticed if they are mobile users…

I have a side widget known as Progress and Teasers. You can see it if you scroll past a page that has comments and stuff, basically everything but the front home page because the posts auto load and I can’t stop them~

Teasers are just locked pages… of unedited bits of chapters, but if it drags on too long I may just post a whole unedited chapter sneakily.

Progress well… you either rage at it or cry at it when you see it? Like SLC has near 10 chapters done with Reborn in the same boat… I need to learn how to edit myself lmao

Both are around 50% or more editing…

Either way, back to this novel

Chapter here
Editor: KitKat

Happy Reading~ (I got too much to catch up on >_>;;)

3 thoughts on “[DN] Volume 1 – Chapter 11: The Legendary Goblin

  1. Bakdal says:

    Wondering why you are translating that many Novels when the release speed is so slow? Should you not focus on one and go at it with all you got?

    • SnowTime says:

      My speed was always this slow even when I only had one lol. And my translators all have different interests so they focus on one novel anyway

    • SnowTime says:

      And if I work in only one I’ll start to hate it >.>
      I’m hyperactive with a short attention span in the brain…

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