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I know I just started Intense Radical Behaviors less than a week ago, but I can’t wait to start another danmei novel that I really enjoyed when I was in high school – The Ultimate Past. This novel is very different from Friends with Benefits and Intense Radical Behaviors and I think it fits more into the general taste. (Well, it’s still not a fluffy story, as I barely read any fluffy danmeis.)

First of all, it is long – about 4x the length of IRB and 5x that of FWB. There are four volumes, one of them being a long side story, and each volume is about 200k in length.

Secondly, this is more like a proper romantic story than the other two – it’s not as dark and twisted as IRB, and the main characters and the ships are clear for the most part. It has highs and lows, sweet moments and heartbreaking moments, love and hate, understandings and misunderstandings…..everything that a relationship may or may not have.

Lastly, the way the author tells the story is very interesting. The current and the past intermingle together, which, by the end of the story(if I am lucky enough to be able to finish it), will give you a good sense of why the novel is named “the Ultimate Past.

This story is full of mysteries, suspense, actions, and even smùts(!!!). Prepare your tissue box, as we discover layer by layer about Rene’s past with Anton.



The Ultimate Past


Promising district Captain Anton was sturdy and strong.

When he was trolling for hookups in a nightclub, he met Jimmy….

He wouldn’t have imagined that three days later, when he reported to the Special Investigation Unit, Jimmy became his direct boss.

Neither did he know, the progress of his case was challenging the bottom line in Jimmy’s heart, step by step……

Men are chained by their past, unable to escape.

How to wash away cautiousness and dignity, find a new starting point, and begin again……

The flashy city,

The enormous swirl,

The black swells in the night,

And the man that will never be happy……

Whether to be carried away by sorrow, or be driven by hate? Whether to fight for justice, or to fall and to betray?

A cop seeking justice,

A life full of betrayal,

That with each step brings them closer and closer to the war of the wealthy,

With a mysterious past hidden behind the power struggles……


“When all the love gradually faded away, I was left with sins, taking care of the single ember left in my heart.”

Thirty years, this giant gap, lying in front of me is uncrossable.

Fate is like an unfathomable riddle game.

Gazing across the river to the other shore, which one is me?

“Dead men tell no tales, Anton. Let the past be past!”

Warning: rape, violence, abuse, character deaths

SnowTime: I am not the only one dying from overwork load \o/

Prologue – Preface here

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