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第65章 大仇得报

Chapter 65: Hatred Reaped


Ling Xiao was somewhat amazed. In his past lifetime, Mu Xiuning always had some kind of indescribably enmity against him, although his gentle temper made it so that he didn’t do anything bad against him, he would never look at him in the eyes.


With this life, to think he would be able to see such a peaceful side of him.


Ling Xiao lightly smiled and cried from afar to the man.


“Imperial Uncle.”


“Imperial Uncle?” My Xiuning was obviously astonished and walked in front of him, sizing him up.


Being so blatantly stared at, Ling Xiao felt a bit unwell and his body went a bit stiff.


Mu Xiuning moved away his gaze when he saw his discomfort and quietly said, “How could I be your Imperial Uncle? You can’t randomly call people.”


Ling Xiao paused, raising his eyes to look at Mu Xiuning and became aware that he looked a bit unhappy. His face was completely open about checking him out…


Ling Xiao understood at that moment.


He heard that when the Emperor was young, he had been taken care of by Mu Xiuning for a while. And Mu Xiuning had been very affectionate toward the Emperor from the very beginning.


Right now with how he was coming here to check him out, since Mu Xiuning had not met with Mo Qi yet, then the only thing Ling Xiao could think of was the Emperor.


Mu Xiuning came to find him for the Emperor, to find him, this male consort.


He himself knows that he does not meet the qualifications for a male consort.


Ling Xiao coldly smiled in his heart. Whether he was qualified or not has nothing to do with Mu Xiuning.


After those thoughts, Ling Xiao deliberately expressed his position by replying, “You are the Emperor’s Imperial Uncle, then naturally you are Ling Xiao’s Imperial Uncle.”


“The Emperor?” Mu Xiuning was out of it for a while, before he replied with a bit of reproach, “The Emperor had not called me Imperial Uncle in a long time. He had long stop regarding me as family.”


Ling Xiao was a bit startled. Although he knew that there was an Imperial Uncle, but regardless if it was his past lifetime or this lifetime, he really has never heard the Emperor call Mu Xiuning Imperial Uncle.


In fact, he rarely ever see the two meet.


Rumors say that the Emperor had already drifted apart from this Imperial Uncle.


Now that he has seen Mu Xiuning’s current expression, it looks like the rumors were true.


It’s just that… listening to Mu Xiuning’s complaining tone as he spoke of the Emperor, the anger within Ling Xiao still bursted out.


He couldn’t bear it and clashed right with Mu Xiuning, “If the Emperor didn’t recognize his relationship with you, how could he still leave you alive? The only members of Mu Country’s royal family are you and him now, all the other people were beheaded by the Emperor…”


Meeting Mu Xiuning’s warning gaze, Ling Xiao suddenly realized just how disgraceful he was for speaking of that matter.


The imperial family of Mu Country used to have many people. Originally, the title of Emperor hadn’t meant to be passed down yet, so for the Emperor to now have his position, just what had he experienced, would be something only he himself knows.


However, anyone with a discerning eye could see that this was not as it appears to outsiders. The imperial family’s children died in succession, and now only the Emperor and his Imperial Uncle remains. His Imperial Uncle renounced the throne of his own accord, so only the Emperor could succeed it.


With how it happened, it was possible to deceive the common people but it was not possible to pass it over the palace people.


However, it was a subject that was strictly prohibited in the palace.


No one was willing to comment on this question under the Son of Heaven, in order to keep their lives, this kind of topic conversation simply cannot be mentioned at all.


But Ling Xiao was a straightforward person, he violated this taboo.


If he wants to keep questioning it, it is completely possible to ;lace a criminal charge on him that tarnished him as a minister.


It is possible for him to be directly beheaded.


Ling Xiao’s whole body was filled with cold sweat in fright, but then thought of the death excuse command tablet and felt slightly relieved.


He forcefully acted calm and looked toward Mu Xiuning, then became aware that he was wearing a smile as he watched him.


Ling Xiao’s lips twitched as he heard him say, “With how scared you are, how were you able to say something like that?”


Ling Xiao crossed a glance at him, “Imperial Uncle is complaining about the Emperor and yet won’t let Ling Xiao say a few words?”


“A fews words, then your few words are a bit too out of turn.”


Mu Xiuning’s tone was languid but had no enmity, so Ling Xiao felt more at ease.


His face return rosy and Mu Xiuning once again burst into light laughter at the scene, “Your ability to discern someone through body language is very excellent.”


These words that hinted a smile obviously did not hold any enmity, yet when Ling Xiao held it, he felt a bit uneasy. Ling Xiao lost the desire to socialize with Mu Xiuning and his manner became more impolite.


“If Imperial Uncle has no other matters with me, then I will bid my farewell. The Emperor is still waiting for me to return.”


Ling Xiao deliberately mentioned the Emperor so Mu Xiuning could not ask him to stay.


It was the same as him using the Emperor to pressure Mu Xiuning. Ling Xiao had believed that he would get angry, or at the least, have some kind of reaction. However, Mu Xiuning was very peaceful, so peaceful Ling Xiao was too surprised. In his surprise, he forgot to leave.


Mu Xiuning took the initiative to give Ling Xiao a way out when he saw that, he even bent his waist to assume a “please” posture.


Now Ling Xiao was a bit embarrassed, he was obviously sounding him out, yet now it looked like he didn’t want to leave.


With a black face, Ling Xiao threw his sleeve harshly and arrogantly raised his head, walking forward.


Mu Xiuning laughed in spite of himself, he wasn’t careful with his laughter so it passed into Ling Xiao’s ears, making his entire face burn.


Ling Xiao didn’t want to stay here any longer, he jogged a bit, disappearing at the corner.


Mu Xiuning looked in the direction Ling Xiao left in and once again, lazily leaned against the wall, before finally sighing.


“Looks like, Xuan’er found a good one.”


With those words spoken, the atmosphere around him changed and he raised his head to look at the sky.


“Like this, I won’t have to worry anymore…”


The words he spoke to himself carried sorrow, such a change caused those to hear him feel sad.


Bidding his farewell to Mu Xiuning, Ling Xiao went back to the palace.


The moment he walked into the room, he noticed that the Emperor had somehow arrived even early than him.


And in front of his was a pale-faced, kneeling Xiao Lizi.


Looking at the Emperor’s complexion and Xiao Lizi’s turmoil, Ling Xiao could roughly guess that Xiao Lizi told him everything.


Ling Xiao curled his lips and walked in front of the Emperor, saying to Xiao Lizi, “Withdraw.”


Xiao Lizi hesitated for a moment and raised his head to look at the Emperor. The Emperor signaled to him with his eyes, and as if he was given amnesty, Xiao Lizi immediately went out.


Ling Xiao waited for Xiao Lizi to leave before sitting his bottom right beside the Emperor. The Emperor was a bit astonished.


Ling Xiao said a bit unhappily, “Your Majesty, didn’t you promise me, if you have something you want to ask then just ask me? Why did you listen to Xiao Lizi again?”


The Emperor raised an eyelid at Ling Xiao and glanced over, “Just when had We promised you?”


“……” Ling Xiao choked a bit then resentfully said, “Last time you…”


“Last time We were just asking you.” The Emperor interrupted him.


“Eh…” Ling Xiao was left speechless and he wore his dissatisfaction on his face.


Seeing that dissatisfaction, the Emperor grasp his chin, and then like he was comforting him, left a kiss on his nose.


The warmth on his nose felt a bit moist and itchy, so Ling Xiao wrinkled his nose a bit.


This movement was very endearing in the Emperor’s point of view, so it was like he had been bewitched and he slowly approached Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao paused and looked at Emperor that was almost within reach, his heart beated like thunder and his mind suddenly went completely blank. Even refusing he didn’t know how to anymore and was pressed down onto the bed by the Emperor.


“Your…Your Majesty…” Ling Xiao stuttered out.


The Emperor took off Ling Xiao’s headdress and pulled off Ling Xiao’s belt.


He slowly peeled off Ling Xiao’s clothing so he would slowly reveal himself fully in front of him.


The Emperor’s gaze carried a bit of possession, sweeping past Ling Xiao’s skin, making any part that he laid eyes on feel hot by the gaze. That was enough to make Ling Xiao completely shy.


He couldn’t help but start to struggle a little.


The Emperor narrowed his eyes and pressed down on Ling Xiao’s moving hands and feet, his voice sexy as he huskily said, “It’s been so long, but you’re still not used to it?”


Ling Xiao stopped, his face a bit stiff. Something like this, no matter how many times he experienced it, it was impossible to get used to.


Moreover, this was the first time he was being affectionate with the Emperor clear-headed. He had thought a lot about himself.


While Ling Xiao let his attention be divided, the Emperor was already starting to take advantage of the chance.


His breath puffed on his face, leaving some heat and Ling Xiao suddenly came back to his senses. But the Emperor had already captured his mouth by then.


Between the gaps of their lips, their tongues tangled and touched, letting the two taste each other and carried some satisfaction.


He didn’t know when but the Emperor released Ling Xiao’s lips and followed down his neck, continuing down.


Ling Xiao heavily gasped for breath, his mind a bit hazy and his whole body filled with pleasure.


His lips were a bit numb from the kiss and hot air came from his mouth, causing his lips to feel a bit painful.


Ling Xiao faintly thought in his heart, his lips were definitely swollen.


His body was lit everywhere by the Emperor, and as if that place was on stimulants, it was already standing despite not being touched.


Leaking out something milky white.


The Emperor’s technique wasn’t really especially good, his actions did not beat around the bush like his character, rather, it was very direct.


His actions gave Ling Xiao a misconception of being assaulted, causing him, a male to feel it was hard to accept for a long time.


However, his was like a catalyst, once the Emperor touched him, he would become soft like spring water. Even if he was unwilling in his heart, his body would still honestly react.


So pleasurable he could only tremble.


His rationality was also floating in his desire, before finally dissipating.


“Ah…” A resounding moan came from, Ling Xiao was already unclear just how many times the Emperor had caused him to issue this type of sound like that of a women’s.


He only knew that his body experienced unprecedented pleasure again and again under the Emperor’s body.



The next day when Ling Xiao woke it was already one.


His side was long emptied, the Emperor had left early to go to court.


Ling Xiao stretched lazily and got out of bed.


The Emperor was really careful these time while touching him, and his healing ability was constantly growing, so there was hardly a chance he would get injured.


Furthermore, his entire body felt refreshed. It looks like the Emperor had washed him already.


Ling Xiao stood up from the bed in a good mood and had the maid on watch by the side to give him a change of clothes and attend him to wash his face and rinse his mouth.


The ones left by him to take care of him were all new faces, but Ling Xiao did not mind.


The more he knew about the Emperor’s power and capability, the more Ling Xiao became clear of their disparity.


Now that the Emperor did not want his life, he had no reason to confront the Emperor.


After he cleaned up, the maid kneeling by the side forwarded her orders, “King Consort, the Emperor had told this servant to lead you somewhere to show you something before he left this morning.”


“?” Ling Xiao was puzzled. The things the Emperor bestowed on him were innumerable, but almost all of them were brought into his palace. What would it be for him to need to go look at it?


Ling Xiao was a bit interest and walked over, “Then lead the way.”


The maid saluted and led Ling Xiao out.


The entrance was guarded by two maids dressed in black. Ling Xiao only noticed that one of them was An Xiang when he went near.


Ling Xiao happily greeted them, and An Xiang with her fellow maid saluted. “Young Master.”


These two still called him Young Master, it looks like they listened to his commands a lot.


Ling Xiao helped the two up, “You two don’t need to be so polite.”


An Xiang gave a shallow smile, “Young Master, the Emperor sent the two of us to protect you, this is An Yong.”


The one that pretended to be Ji Xiang.


Ling Xiao understood and sized up An Yong. Her appearance was delicate and pretty, pretty similar to the previous Ji Xiang.


“Young Master, the Emperor wants us two subordinates to accompany you.” An Xiang looked at the other normal maid and said.


Ling Xiao was slightly flabbergasted, “Just where does the Emperor want me to go? Even having you two follow me.”


An Xiang replied, “You will know once you go Young Master.”


Ling Xiao’s interest was provoked even more.


The maid turned many corners and led Ling Xiao to a place that he was not unfamiliar with.


Weeds covered the courtyard, somber without compare.


It was the cold palace Mo Qi was sent to before.


Ling Xiao followed the maid closer to the palace until the maid changed to beside him, so that Ling Xiao would be walking in front.


Ling Xiao swallowed and turned around to look at the firm sight of the two maids before finally raising a foot to walk inside.


“AH…AHHHHHHH…. Don’t come over!”


He had just walked in a step when he heard a shriek.


The shriek was miserable beyond compare, calling Ling Xiao chills when he heard it.


Ling Xiao jumped a bit, his eyes looking toward where the sound came from and finally found a person crouching by a dim corner in the cold palace.


A disheveled beggar face with worned out and broken cloth, one could faintly make out that the figure is a woman.


When that person saw that someone was approaching her, she timidly raised her head.


Eyes flowing with hope and filled with grace. Ling Xiao knew who the person was just by these eyes.


It was Mo Qi.


Ling Xiao’s face went cold.


An Xiang quietly walked and passed a sword forward, “Young Master, this was bestowed from Master to you.”


Ling Xiao drooped his eyes to stare at the sword, widening his eyes in shock.


So the Emperor idea was…


“Master said, allowing you to kill your foe personally would be more delightful for you.”


An Xiang’s words answered Ling Xiao’s misgivings.


Ling Xiao pursed his lip, then took ahold of the sword and walked toward Mo Qi.


Mo Qi lost her head out of fear.


“Don’t come near me, don’t come…”


She kept repeating that phrase while her hands helplessly reached out to grab something, something that would give her a peace of mind.


But her sides were empty, so where would she find something?


Ling Xiao walked closer step by step while she step by step retreated, until there was nowhere else for her to retreat to.


She suddenly went quiet, waiting until Ling Xiao got closer before suddenly raising her head and waving her claws to attack Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao dodged and in the next second, Mo Qi was pressed down onto the ground by An Xiang and An Yong.


“Ling Xiao, you b*stard!” Mo Qi crazily tried to attack Ling Xiao, “Do you think I will die? Dream on! If I can revive once, I can revive a second time, you will be ended by me eventually!”


“I want you to forever never reincarnate!” Mo Qi maliciously cursed him.


“AHHHHHHHH…” Mo Qi went crazy. Ling Xiao who had been sprayed a face full of saliva still coldly sneered, “Are you not clear with your condition right now? It’s now me!”


“That holds a weapon that can kill you!” Ling Xiao quickly advanced, pointing the sword at Mo Qi.


Mo Qi cowered for only a moment then turned back to being completely fearless and retorted back, “So what if you have a sword pointed at me? Back then when I poisoned you to death, didn’t you still die?”


“Heh…” Mo Qi sneered. Her long hair hide her face, but her lips curved into a strange smile, “After you were poisoned to death, the Emperor told me that the one he liked was never me, but rather, you, an eunuch that was always busy running around like a dog. The Empress position he gave me was also preserved for you. Ling Xiao, I never regretted killing you, as long as you do not die, then I will never be at peace!”


Mo Qi spoke and seem to feel quite happy as she continued, “In the end, didn’t I still kill you by poison? The way you died was great, great!”


Suddenly, Mo Qi became sad again and ranted like she was insane, “But why did he suddenly take revenge on me after you died? He chopped off my head there, and then made me drink poisoned wine here…”


She lightly smiled, “Heh… But I never died completely. So what if my head got chopped off? So what if I was poisoned to death? Didn’t I never stay dead? Since I didn’t die the first two times, then I will not die the next. Ling Xiao, do you think that I would really be dead after you stab me to death?”


Mo Qi crazily laughed, “Hahaha! Ling Xiao, just you wait! I will return and take my revenge!”


While Mo Qi spoke, her eyes were vicious. Ling XIao frowned while surprised filled his whole face.


Mo Qi spoke of being poisoned to death, and he knew that it was what the Emperor told her to commit suicide on this life. But being decapitated… was it in the past lifetime?


After he had been poisoned to death, the Emperor said that the one he liked wasn’t Mo Qi and hacked her to death?


So that’s why Mo Qi revived?


Ling Xiao’s eyes glazed over, his face absent-minded.




Just while Ling Xiao was off in another world, another person came from the entrance.


That person was dressed in blue and full of vigor. His appearance handsome and clean, it was the Great General Lan Wei that the Emperor conferred.


Ling Xiao’s mouth twitched, this person was still trying to cause trouble?


“General Lan, this place is not a place you should be at.” An Xiang spoke first.


Ling Xiao silently gave her thirty-two praises, those words were the words straight from the bottom of Ling Xiao’s heart.


When Mo Qi saw Lan Wei, it was like she saw a savior and tried to struggle toward him, crawling as she called out, “Big brother Lan… Big brother Lan… save me, save Qi Qi…”


“……” Lan Wei indifferently gave her a glance then walked in front of Ling Xiao. Under Ling Xiao’s gaze, he took the sword in his hand, “I will personally go beg for forgiveness with the Emperor later.”


“This woman…” Lan Wei spoke and then walked forward, pointing the sword at Mo Qi’s neck.


“!” Ling Xiao was stunned.


An Xiang and An Yong also did not foresee that Lan Wei would do this, they were all looking at him in surprise.


Lan Wei moved aside the hair that was on Mo Qi’s cheek, and then Ling Xiao could finally see that her cheek had already festered beyond repair.


The remarkably beautiful Mo Qi had turned into an ugly and disfigured woman.


“This…” Ling Xiao was beyond speechless.


Lan Wei coldly answered, “This was something she brought onto herself, she wanted to harm you, but was forced to drink the poison she prepared herself.”


“……” Ling Xiao faintly remembered this matter when he was at the Shao Country Prince’s home.


Lan Wei said, “Only this kind of appearance can match your scorpion heart!”


Those words were said to Mo Qi, stunning her completely. The tone he spoke in was full of hatred and resentment.


It was the grudge from when his emotions were cheated and exploited.


It’s been so long, and his grudge increased day by day. If he didn’t do something, he would be unable to forgive the him whose feelings were deceived back then.


“Back when you cruelly cut me off that day, have you ever thought of this day?”


Lan Wei asked and tightly held the sword’s hilt.


In the moment Mo Qi was about to reply, he moved, the sword moved so quickly Ling Xiao could only see the afterimage. Mo Qi fell to the ground.


Below her was a pool of blood.


Lan Wei turned back around and quickly knelt in front of Ling Xiao. The sudden movement alarmed him and he took a step back.


Lan Wei said with his head down, “King Consort, I have hatred with her, so I took your sword and killed her first without heed. Please punish this one.”


“……” Ling Xiao was once again speechless, this was the first time he saw this kind of Lan Wei. the guy who always expressed a different view than him would be so serious and respectful in front of him, he really wasn’t used to it.


Ling Xiao frowned, thinking for a while. He did not pay attention to Lan Wei, instead, he went around him to stand beside Mo Qi.


Crouching down to confirm that she was truly dead, Ling Xiao stood back up and ordered An Xiang and An Yong, “Go get some firewood and burn her.”


“Burn?” An Xiang was flabbergasted, “Young Master, this person’s already dead, we can just give her to a palace servant and have her randomly buried somewhere.”


Ling Xiao couldn’t say to this girl that it was because he was worried that she would revive again or be reborn.


Burning the body so that she couldn’t be reborn would be the best.


While thinking of that, Ling Xiao choked out a reason, “…Good or bad, we’re still people from the same place. Burning her then burying her would clear our grudges with each other.”


An Yong who kept quiet all this time finally spoke, “Young Master, she tried to harm you so much, yet why do you still…”


Just when he was prepared to say more, An Yong was tugged by An Xiang, clearly telling her to not keep asking. An Yong shut her mouth while An Xiang cleared her throat, “Then Young Master, this subordinate will go get some firewood.”


Ling Xiao added, “Have An Yong go with you, I have something I need to say to Lan Wei alone.”


“That…” An Yong wavered a bit but An Xiang pulled her, “Then us two subordinates will go, Young Master.”


Ling Xiao “Hm” with a nod, following the two departing maids with his eyes.


Then he turned to Lan Wei, “Stand up Lan Wei, there’s only you and me here, there’s no need to pretend.”


“Pretend?” Lan Wei’s mouth twitched, “You think I’m pretending?”


Lan Wei looked very indignant and jumped up from the ground, “Do you know what kind of resolution I made to kneel to you! And you’re saying I’m pretending?”


Lan Wei suddenly looked like all his hair was puffed and fiercely bellowed at Ling Xiao.


That appearance was like a young lion, brandishing his claws that were not sharp enough, to threaten Ling Xiao. Not only did Ling Xiao not feel threatened, he felt that this Lan Wei was rather funny and he started to laugh.


Hearing Ling Xiao laugh and seeing Ling Xiao’s happy smile, Lan Wei went silent for a moment, coming to notice just how childish his action was just now.


He looked down and quietly clenched his teeth, why did he always become so childish when in front of this man?


“Alright alright.” Ling Xiao’s smile revealed eight shiny white teeth, causing Lan Wei’s eyes to twitch some more at the sight.


He looked away while Ling Xiao smiled and got nearer to him, “Enough! If you keep staying angry, it would be petty.”


“Hmph.” Lan Wei turned his head away, refusing to acknowledge him.


Ling Xiao rubbed his nose when he saw that and leaned closer while switching the subject, “To tell the truth, Lan Wei, I really didn’t expect that you would do it!”


“This was the person who you loved desperately before.” While Ling Xiao spoke, he kicked Mo Qi’s corpse a few times.


Lan Wei slightly paused, his expression complicated.


Ling Xiao suddenly reached out his hand to slug over Lan Wei’s shoulder, shifting his attention away by praising him, “My brother, you did great!”


With a soft body leaning against his side, Lan Wei suddenly stopped, his body going rigid as he turned his head to look at Ling Xiao, only to see the other party smiling in glee.


That smile was especially dazzling, so dazzling Lan Wei’s eyes felt a stab of pain.


He shrugged his shoulders, hinting at Ling Xiao to release him. “You’re already the King Consort, do you want me to die?”


Ling Xiao’s smile went rigid and scoffed, “What are you afraid of? There aren’t any other people around, so the Emperor won’t know. Plus, we aren’t doing anything, isn’t something like this very normal between brothers?”


“Brothers?” Lan Wei asked instead.


Ling Xiao smiled, “With you killing Mo Qi, my revenge has been taken. So you are my brother. You dare to kill her today, Ling Xiao will treat everything that happened in the past as if it never happened. Our conflict and debts have been settled.”


“Aren’t you a bit too arrogant?” Lan Wei said with despise, “Have I said our debts were settled before?”


He did not want to be Ling Xiao’s brother. His thoughts were the same as the person he met last night.


The word ‘brothers’ would pressure someone until they could not breathe.


Wanting to love, but cannot love.


Thinking back to last night, Lan Wei’s train of thought flew.


“Are you still not leaving? Just how long as you going to watch?” Lan Wei met Fu Yujun in the Imperial Garden after Ling Xiao left.


Ling Xiao’s back figure of severing relations was very determined, Lan Wei almost completely sympathized with this dim and depressed man.


However, his standpoint was the same as Ling Xiao.


This person should not appear here.


“Do you need me to call a imperial guard to bring you back to the banquet?” Lan Wei coldly mocked.


Only then did Fu Yujun move his line of sight to Lan Wei.


Lan Wei was shaken by his gaze filled with despair and unconsciously recalled when Mo Qi abandon him.


He didn’t believe he would do this, but he once again spoke to persuade him, “Ling Xiao did not wish for you to end up like this.”


Fu Yujun did not want to deal with Lan Wei so he just walked passed him. Lan Wei calmly said, “If he knew that he had pled leniency for and saved a man who didn’t want to pull himself together, he would certainly regret it.”


Fu Yujun’s body went rigid and he was floored.


Lan Wei said behind him, “You are Shao Country’s ruler, the many people of Shao Country are all waiting for you to pull yourself together. But with you like this, can you face your citizens? Can you face Ling Xiao who pled for leniency on your behalf.”


Lan Wei spoke and walked pass him, “You can think carefully about it.”


“Wait.” Fu Yujun stopped Lan Wei with his shout.


“Why are you trying to persuade me? You are Mu Country’s General, if I pull myself together, isn’t it a huge loss to Mu Country?”


Lan Wei frivolously said, “You think that you can make Mu Country suffer a loss once you pull yourself together? You’re way too arrogant.”


“Mu Country does not only have the Emperor, it also has me, this General. I pledged my life to defend it.”


“!” Fu Yujun pursed his lips, “You’re looking down on me too much.”


“Whether I look down at you or not would depend on if you can counterattack in the future. I look forward to your war declaration at any time. Furthermore, you can take my persuasion as a return for helping me see Mo Qi’s true colors.”


“Lan Wei, Lan Wei?” While his train of thought flew about, Lan Wei heard Ling Xiao’s call and promptly returned to his senses.


He then saw Ling Xiao getting very close to him, so close that he could see the tiny hairs on his face, really fine and soft and light in color, on his fair cheeks. It caused his mouth to suddenly go dry and his mind went into turmoil.


Lan Wei hated that he couldn’t go up and lick him a few times, and kiss him once.


His eyes darken and he harshly swallowed his saliva, preventing the evil desire in the bottom of his heart.


He threw off Ling Xiao’s hug and made some distance between them, “You’re the King Consort now, even if there isn’t anyone around to see it, you still need to pay attention to your conduct. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even know how you die.”


Ling Xiao sneered, “Just what is going on with you? You are being concerned about someone, but you’re being so awkward about it.”


Ling Xiao complained while Lan Wei remained silent.


After a while, he asked wearily, “Back then when I was leaving, I had said I wanted to ask you something.”


“Now that Mo Qi’s already dead, can you answer me, why did you save me back then?”


“?” Ling Xiao did not react immediately and his face was full of confusion.


Lan Wei pursed his lips, then reminded him, “Where we first met. Hillside, I fell off a horse.”


Ling Xiao suddenly realized, “I remember now. So you already knew about that. However, I was not thinking of saving you back then, I had just instinctively went to save you when I saw someone in danger. When I went, I almost harmed myself!”


While speaking, Ling Xiao rather indignantly added, “How about you? Forget about going to your benefactor and admitting your mistake when you woke up, have you thought about how you treated me before?”


Lan Wei stared blankly when he heard those words. When he thought of how he was before, his face couldn’t help but go green before going red again.


After a long time, he finally choked out a line, “Then why didn’t you explain yourself! Causing me to misunderstand! Weren’t you also because of Mo Qi…”


When spoke of Mo Qi, he sharply stopped, like he was afraid of hurting Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao giggled foolishly, “Don’t be so embarrassed. I was blind at that time, have you not been blind?”


“How much longer were you blind compared to me? No matter how I yelled, you would not wake up from it. How did you say it before, ‘Qi Qi would not do this, she would not lie to me.’”


Ling Xiao studied Lan Wei’s corny appearance thoroughly, and even specially added modern era’s acting cute tone. It shamed the mouth-dumb Lan Wei to be flushed with anger.


“Enough!” Lan Wei was ashamed into anger and shouted.


Alarmed, Ling Xiao took it seriously and shut up.


Lan Wei saw that Ling Xiao was frightened, but his mouth was dumb to the point he didn’t know what he should say. So in that moment, both remained motionless.


“Young Master, the firewood is at the entrance.”


At this moment, An Xiang and An Yong returned, settling this period of awkwardness.


Ling Xiao immediately ordered two to lift Mo Qi away to be incinerated.


Watching Mo Qi being annihilated in the fire with his own eyes, this matter could finally be completely let go of in Ling Xiao’s heart.


When they returned to the palace, Lan Wei once against knelt in front of Ling Xiao.


This time, it was his way of expressing his determination.


He said in this lifetime, he pledged his life and loyalty to the Emperor and Ling Xiao.


This kind of feeling was a bit strange, but it greatly satisfied Ling Xiao’s hero dream.


As such, he did not stop Lan Wei.


When they returned to the palace, Ling Xiao was still elated. The Emperor had already returned and was reading a book while waiting for Ling Xiao.


When he saw the look Ling Xiao was giving him, the Emperor was a bit flabbergasted and placed down the book, asking, “Are you satisfied with Our gift?”


“Satisfied, satisfied! Super satisfied!” Ling Xiao replied.


“Then it is time to be honest with Us.” The Emperor said and Ling Xiao suddenly returned to his senses, looking at the Emperor.


The Emperor’s gaze stayed on Ling Xiao, “Just what kind of hatred does Mo Qi and you have? Don’t tell Us it’s because you were almost forced to become a eunuch, this kind of excuse can deceive Lan Wei, but it would be useless against Us.”


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