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第64章 一举成名

Chapter 64: Becoming Famous in One Move


The day in which Ling Xiao was conferred a title arrived quickly.


The Emperor had long sent Ling Xiao his ceremonial robe along with many rare treasures. The people in the palace were all talking about how the Emperor had sent everything rare in the palace to him.


There were no lack of people who were saying so to Ling Xiao to curry favor, but the Emperor really was acting extremely doting toward Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao could also feel it, the Emperor really liked to come to his place.


In the time Ling Xiao had been back in the palace, besides not being present when handling his government affairs, the Emperor had pretty much always been together with Ling Xiao in his palace.


He had even moved his equipment over one by one, apparently planning to stay long term.


Today, was the big day of him being conferred the title King Consort. As the main character of today’s event, he had been woken up by the maids at dawn.


In a daze, his face was washed and mouth rinsed. After eating a bit of congee, a thick ceremonial robe was worn on him and then he was pushed into the a sedan chair.


In this world, men were regarded as superior to women.


As such, the male consort ceremony was grander compared to a woman’s.


Provided that a man was fancied by the Emperor and was conferred a title to become his consort, no matter his rank, he would always have a ceremony.


The ceremony for conferring a title needed the court’s civil and military officials to witness it, and the Emperor would grant the male consort a part of political power during the celebration.


This power could be dispensable, great or small, it all depends on the Emperor’s desire.


And woman would not be able to obtain political power, even if they were the Empress, they could only supervise the harem and cannot interfere with political matters.


A male consort was special and different, causing the sovereign of Mu Country to be extremely cautious while conferring a male consort.


A lot of man, even if they were fancied by the Emperor, have a very hard time of ever becoming a consort in their lifetime. Most of their male lovers were left in the palace and especially attends to the Emperor, known as ‘Xiang Gentlemen’.


Ling Xiao’s current title–’King Consort’, was almost the same as Imperial Concubine.


In this Empress-less palace, he was considered the highest.


But even if he’s the highest, as long as the authority of supervising the harem remains in Concubine Xian’s hands, then he would still be behind her.


However, from other people’s point of view, he was already the Emperor’s absolute favorite.


Back when Ling Xiao was still an eunuch servant, he had been stunned when he heard that the Emperor was going to make him a King Consort.


He really couldn’t believe it, that the Emperor would make him a consort.


Afterwards, Ling Xiao understood.


Although the Emperor was making him a consort, he would not give him even a trace of power.


The Emperor was keeping him in his palms while loving him, so that he would not be able to separate him from his control.


From this, Ling Xiao also knew.


This time’s conferring celebration, no matter how grand it was, the Emperor would not grant him power.


Ling Xiao really thought it was like this, so he was rather indifferent to this ceremony.


It was only a false reputation.


When he reached the scene, all the officials were already there.


The Emperor sat on the golden Dragon Throne in the throne room, and wore a gold dragon robe. The intimidating dragon power emitted from his body while civil and military officials stood on his left and right, leaving a single path in the middle that had a sumptuous red carpet spread on the ground.


Ling Xiao was led by his arm to enter, everyone within knelt, respectfully and loyally calling out, “Long Live King Consort”.


That attitude completely woke up Ling Xiao from his muddle-headed from just getting out of bed.


His eyes widen in surprise and he looked around. Most of the officials he did not know, he only knew a few, and one of them included Lan Wei.


He kept silent as he observed the scene and stepped onto the beautiful red carpet, walking step by step carefully to the Emperor.


He was wearing an entirely red ceremonial robe today, it thickly bounded him with three to four layers.


The layer on the very surface was a bright red shawl, embroidered with many flowers and dragged behind at least two meters long. The borders of it were golden.


Inside was a gorgeous scarlet male skirt, the inner one was long while the outside was sort, making two layers.


The skirt was arranged to look like it had many more layers, and it made Ling Xiao’s body look rather slender.


The Emperor sat on the Dragon Throne and watched Ling Xiao approach, unable to take his eyes off. He originally loved to have him wear plain white clothing, and now that he was dressed entirely in red, it felt very seductive.


The splendid red outlined his appearance, his soft eyes made him even prettier.


The Emperor’s gaze deepen and he watched Ling XIao kneel in the throne room, saluting to him and loudly shouting, “Long Live Your Majesty”.


His voice was slightly husky and carried a slight sex appeal, the Emperor’s eyes darken. He didn’t move his gaze as he waved his hand to have the eunuch by the side to read out the edict he had long written out.


“His Majesty descends an imperial edict says that: Family named Ling and born Xiao, bright and acute, moral and an all-rounder; brilliant with both integrity and talent, has won Our heart. He shall be conferred the title King Consort, and due to his talents, shall be conferred the authority as the High Official of the Ministry of Works to allow him the power to attend to politics. The original High Official of the Ministry of Works, Liu Qing will assist him and obey him. We announce this to the world, to make it known to all.”


High Official of the Ministry of Works?


Ling Xiao raised his head, utterly stunned at the announcement and met with the Emperor’s serene double pupil eyes. His heart suddenly jumped and he quickly lowered his head, kneeling on the ground as he respectfully raised his hands to receive the imperial decree.


“Ling Xiao thanks Your Majesty for you grand grace, may Your Majesty live for many years to come.”


When that edict solemnly landed in his hands, Ling Xiao jumped a bit from alarm, like he had been burned by a sweet potato. As he held it, he did not know why he felt that way.


“Stand up.” The Emperor spoke.


Ling Xiao stood up and looked toward him, only to see him beckoning him.


“Come here.”


“……” Ling Xiao obediently held the edict and walked up the flight of steps, until he was in front of the Emperor.


The Emperor reached out to pull him into his embrace as his eyes swept the ministers, then heavily said, “From hereafter, he will be Our only King Consort, and also Our High Offical of the Ministry of Works. You all are to treat him like you treat Us, understood?”




The moment those words were out, the entire court was in confusion.


Treating the King Consort like the Emperor? There wasn’t such a precedent for that in Mu Country. This Emperor is attaching too much important to this King Consort.


Some of the old officials of the court already had their mouths open, preparing to talk back.


But the Emperor narrowed his eyes and said some more words that dispel their thoughts.


“We are merely notifying you, not consulting you all.”


“……” The entire court fell into silence. The Emperor raised an eyebrow in satisfaction, then had Ling Xiao sit with him on the Dragon Throne.


The golden Dragon Throne was very broad, on top of it was a soft pad so sitting on it was quite comfortable.


But to Ling Xiao, it was like sitting on pins and needles.


The Emperor was too unusual today.


He held power so tightly and controlled the present conditions so well, how could he let a man with unidentified origins like him, be a court official? And even treat him as an equal…


Ling Xiao frowned, forcing himself to smile as he listened to the Emperor and other officials talk while his train of thought had long flown away.


That night, the Emperor arranged a banquet in the Imperial Garden.


As the main character of the event, Ling Xiao had to show up.


The night of the banquet, besides the current officials, he didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but the Emperor had also invited over Fu Yujun and his men…


At this moment, Fu Yujun was sitting below.


While Ling Xiao sat by the Emperor’s side, held in his arms.


Ling Xiao seamlessly sized him up and noticed that he was a lot thinner than before. Although his appearance had been fixed up a bit, his face was still very white and his cheeks sunken. He could see that the current him was not living too well.


Just when he thought, he suddenly felt a pain from his hand. Ling Xiao turned around only to see that the Emperor was looking unhappily at him.


Ling Xiao swallowed and struggled slightly, talking back, “Your Majesty, you’re hurting me.


“……” The Emperor relaxed his grip on his hand and pulled him closer, so that Ling Xiao was even closer to him before he asked, “Just now… where were you looking at?”


“Do you remember what We had said before? We are your man.”


Ling Xiao stared blankly for a moment, then immediately understood what happened. He couldn’t help but find it funny, “Your Majesty, are you eating vinegar right now?”

TL Note: Vinegar -> Jealousy


The Emperor raised an eyebrow, pulled Ling Xiao and did not let go.


Ling Xiao pursed his lips and softly said, “Your Majesty, Ling Xiao’s heart never had him from start to finish.”


Ling Xiao’s sight was frank, while he spoke, he faced the Emperor and did not evade him.


The Emperor eyes flashed brightly, and after a while, he finally released Ling Xiao. He appeared to have taken Ling Xiao’s words to heart.


Ling Xiao sighed in relief and did not dare to look at Fu Yujun again.


The banquet continued until very late. Ling Xiao was tired from the day and couldn’t stay awake much longer, so he asked the Emperor for permission to leave. The Emperor had Xiao Lizi lead Ling Xiao back first.


Ling Xiao quietly left the scene.


However, on the way back, he was stopped by Fu Yujun.


“Ling Xiao.”


Fu Yujun called him out, his tone full of happiness.”


Ling Xiao paused and couldn’t help but frown.


At the moment, his current identity wasn’t too good to meet with Fu Yujun.


“King Consort.” Xiao Lizi somewhat warningly called out to him behind him.


Ling Xiao looked at Xiao Lizi, then looked at Fu Yujun who was hurriedly running up, thought a bit then clenched his teeth to go up.


“King Consort?” Xiao Lizi frowned, flinging his horsetail whisk then followed anxiously.


“Ling Xiao.” Fu Yujun looked at Ling Xiao who walked in front of him, his eyes gentle and emotional.


Ling Xiao paused, then retreated a step, “Call me King Consort, Shao Country’s Monarch.”


“……” Fu Yujun made a bitter smile, “Are you satirizing me? How could you not know how I obtained that title.”


“It doesn’t matter how you taken up the duty as Monarch, they are all Monarchs and you are still the Monarch. You have the responsibilities as one. Fu Yujun, you should not have come to see me.” Ling Xiao said with a frown.


Fu Yujun frowned in pain, “I know, but I couldn’t control myself.”


Ling Xiao blinked, he really felt complicated about this.


“Ling Xiao, I…”


“Alright.” Ling Xiao interrupted Fu Yujun, preventing him from saying anymore words he couldn’t control.


Fu Yujun who had been interrupted had a helpless face in front of him. Ling Xiao originally didn’t want to deal with him and directly leave, but he was a bit soft hearted when he saw that.


He spoke some more, “Fu Yujun, from the beginning to the end, I had only treated you as a brother, really. So stop trying to destroy our brotherly feelings, it is not something you can bear, nor is it something I want. So stop making things awkward for me.”




He couldn’t bear to continue looking at Fu Yujun’s mournful expression, so Ling Xiao left with Xiao Lizi.


“Xiao Lizi.” Walking to a certain point, Ling Xiao stopped and call for Xiao Lizi behind him.


Xiao Lizi heard and obeyed, walking forward to respectfully wait in front of Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao coldly smiled, “I know that you will say what you heard just now to the Emperor. I want to remind you, to tell him everything word for word. If I find out that you deviate from it, and added details to make it more interesting…”


Ling XIao threateningly approached Xiao Lizi’s ear, “…You know my skill.”


Xiao Lizi was filled with cold sweat and he hurriedly crouched on the ground, “Xiao Lizi understands, understands…”


“What is going on here?” Ling Xiao had wanted to chide him a bit more, but a gentle and soft voice from the side suddenly insert itself.


Ling Xiao turned around to see a man dressed in governmental official clothing.


The man wore a gentle smile while lazily leaning against the wall. His long hair was scattered behind him, while some of the front pieces were casually tied together with a string behind.


He was obviously dressed without a care, yet the man did not look sloppy. He only looked casual, confident and at ease.


The man’s appearance was somewhat similar to the Emperor, his outstanding appearance was not very different from the Emperor’s, it also took people’s gazes.


Ling Xiao stared at him, a bit flabbergasted in his heart.


He knew this man, rather, he should say that he knew this man in his past lifetime.


This person was the Emperor’s Imperial Uncle, King Xiao Qin—Mu Xiuning.


He also liked Mo Qi in his past lifetime.


After Mo Qi became the Emperor’s concubine, he had met with Mo Qi several times and liked her.


In this lifetime, he had not had the chance to run into Mo Qi yet, and Mo Qi has already fallen. So Ling Xiao had believed that he would not have any interactions with this man, but who knew, they would meet again…


“You can leave first.” Mu Xiuning told Xiao Lizi.


Xiao Lizi was frightened by Ling Xiao to the point he didn’t know what to do. With someone to help him now, he instantly crawled up and ran away.


“……” Ling Xiao watched Xiao Lizi’s frantically escaping figure, he was very speechless.


Mu Xiuning lightly smiled, “Look at you, see how much you’re scaring him.”


While he spoke, his tone was incredibly gentle and soft, like a burst of spring wind that scattered the haze within one’s heart, soothing his fretful heart.


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