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第42章 晋江文学城首发

Chapter 42: Jinjiang Literature City’s First Issue


Ling Xiao frowned and used his canine tooth to bite his trembling tongue, using the pain to call back a portion of his rationality. He immediately devotedly expressed: “This servant knows that the Emperor done a lot for this servant, this servant will not fail to live up to the Emperor.”


The Emperor pursed his lips at what he heard, watching Ling Xiao. The little eunuch eyes were very pure like dense water, on his harmless appearance was a trace of pleading. The Emperor’s heart softened and slightly relaxed his brows.


Ling Xiao hurriedly continued when he saw that: “Your Majesty wants this servant to serve you, naturally this servant is very happy too and is exactly what this one would like to do. However, Your Majesty can already see that this servant’s injuries haven’t been good. It’s not that this servant was unwilling and therefore did not reply, but rather because this servant feared this one will not service Your Majesty well due to the injury.”


When Ling Xiao finished, he stole a look at the Emperor, but his was still blank and his gaze deep. He didn’t know just what he was thinking about and Ling Xiao’s heart skipped a beat. Perhaps his words doesn’t have any effect on the Emperor at all?


Thinking this and that, Ling Xiao’s mind was out of ideas and in a complete mess that was hard to calm.


The little eunuch in front of him, with his cautious and restless appearance was just like a startled rabbit, shivering in front of him. The Emperor lip pursed and his heart soften, letting go of the suppression on Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao who was released raised his head to look at the Emperor, astonished. But what he saw was still the same profound and mysterious appearance.


Ling Xiao gritted his teeth, just what goes on within this Emperor’s brain? However, since the Emperor was willing to release him, it at least expressed that the Emperor was very soft-hearted toward him.


Ling Xiao’s eyes flashed as he thought and came to a decision.


He turned around and took a dessert from the table, lifting it to the Emperor’s mouth: “Your Majesty, this is osmanthus cake that this servant personally made. Please try it.”


The Emperor glanced at the osmanthus cake by his mouth, but he didn’t open his mouth.


Seeing that, Ling Xiao clenched his teeth, bit a corner of the osmanthus cake and approached the Emperor’s mouth.


The Emperor slightly raised his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes.


The present little eunuch rarely takes the initiative to approach him. Those lively eyes that were slightly damp and full of hope was just like a small kitten acting spoil to its master. The golden yellow cake against his pale lips looked kind of erotic.


The Emperor’s eyes darken and he grabbed the little eunuch’s waist while the other hand was on the back of his head. In one bite he ate the osmanthus cake he held by his mouth and place his lips on his. His tongue also dug into his mouth before the eunuch before him had a chance to react.


“Your…” Although he had some preparations toward the Emperor doing something like this, but when the Emperor really did it, Ling Xiao’s heart still jumped in fright once, almost jumping to his throat.


This time, the Emperor’s kiss was different from the overbearing ones from before. This one had a trace of gentleness and cherishing, extremely touching.




Ling Xiao faintly moaned, his body weakening from the Emperor’s teasing.


He laid in the Emperor’s embrace and like a fish in drought wishing for rain, he actively tried to take the sweetness within the Emperor’s mouth.


“Hnnn…” with an enduring smothered groan, the Emperor left Ling Xiao’s lips.


Ling Xiao opened his blurred eyes and blankly stared at the Emperor above him, his moist eyes bewitching and flirtatious.


The Emperor’s eyes darken, his smile gentle and his head tilted at a handsome angle: “You’re appearance, is it telling Us, that We can continue?”


The Emperor slightly moved, pressing the harden part below to where Ling Xiao sat.


Startled, Ling Xiao’s consciousness returned. The gaze of full of desire that he had exchanged with the Emperor caused his own heart to jump. His whole face went red and he suddenly didn’t know where he should look.


The Emperor’s gaze turned heavier at the sight, he lightly grasp Ling Xiao’s chin and made him look at him: “Ling Xiao, We said last time, that when We arrive, We don’t want you to not be prepared. Do you still remember?”


“This servant… remembers.” Ling Xiao difficultly replied, he faintly knows in his heart that the Emperor already cannot wait any longer.


As expected.


Hearing Ling Xiao’s reply, the Emperor narrowed his eyes in satisfaction and moved on to the next line: “Then, you can become Our King Consort tonight.”


The Emperor’s words were no longer question but were informing. Ling Xiao’s eyelid jumped, rejoicing over the fact that he had already made the preparations to leave. However, he did not know why, a deep sense of unease raised from his heart.


No, he can’t wait any longer! He needed to leave this place!


With those thoughts, Ling Xiao relaxed his body and cuddled into the Emperor’s chest, quietly saying: “This servant… is willing to listen to Your Majesty. But with the injury this servant has, if this one doesn’t serve you well…wu…”


Before he had even finished speaking, the Emperor’s lips stopped him and turned from the touching one back into the overbearing ones like before.


Pressed up against his lips, he overbearingly demanded the sweetness from Ling Xiao’s mouth, not even giving him a chance to breath. Ling Xiao struggled and slapped the Emperor’s shoulder, feeling unwell.


The Emperor felt Ling Xiao’s struggle and got up, annoyed. His pitch-black sight stared at Ling Xiao like a ravenous wolf that had been starved too long.


Ling Xiao pulled back his neck a little, swallowed his saliva and fawningly asked with a smile: “Your Majesty, before that, can you exchange wine cups with this servant?”

TL Note: Formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony, no specific name in english.


“……” The Emperor’s gaze pensively watched Ling Xiao. He neither agreed or disagreed, but the atmosphere around him was biting cold, looking displeased at Ling Xiao’s interruption.


Ling Xiao hurriedly picked up the wine pot on the table and poured him a cup, then got another cup filled with tea.


“Your Majesty, this servant is injured so this one cannot drink wine. Can this one use the tea to substitute for wine for the exchange?”


With those words, Ling Xiao raised the wine to the Emperor and the Emperor’s gaze was on the bottom of the drink, looking pensively.


Ling Xiao’s was nervous and anxious that the Emperor could find something was strange, so he hurried said: “Your Majesty, tonight… is this servant’s first time. So this one wishes that you can exchange wine cups with this one, would you satisfy this servant’s request? I beg you…”


Ling Xiao’s was speaking the truth, his moving eyes held some tears and looked at his so passionately it provoked some pity. The Emperor sighed and took the wine cup from Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao perked up with a bright and beautiful smile, impatiently bypassing the Emperor’s arm to drain his tea in one gulp.


The Emperor glanced at the wine, leaned closer to smell it and seemed to have scented something as he paused and plainly looked at Ling Xiao.


Ling Xiao was frightened, fearing that the Emperor had already noticed something. His heart almost stopped beating from the fright and his mind quickly went to work, thinking about how he should get away if he gets seen through. Who would had thought, the next second, the Emperor lifted the wine cup and drained it in one go.


Ling Xiao’s heart heavily sank to where it was before.


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