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I stayed home and did housework.. so I was alive with AC…. now I’m just starving~ You should be happy I didn’t give a teaser for this chapter. Because there was just a perfect spot I could had stopped at… 😀 But I completed this instead :v tch, waste of opportunity

第32章 宰相失势

Chapter 32: The Prime Minister Lost Power


Within Ning Xuan Palace.


An old physician knelt before the Emperor, trembling with fear as he reported: “Your Majesty, Steward Ling is not serious injured, it is only a flesh wound. So please be at ease Your Majesty.”


The Emperor’s face relaxed at his words and the overbearing aura on his body scattered. The imperial physician quietly heaved a sigh of relief at that and continued: “It’s just that, Your Majesty, Steward Ling needs about two months to recuperate. No matter what, violent movements must be avoid, this…”


The imperial physician paused, thinking over whether or not he should continue talking. The Emperor raised an eyebrow to question him when he saw him sudden stop.


The physician ponder over it when he saw the action before he continued to speak: “In these two months, so that the wound would not open again, it’s best to not not do anything in the bedroom.”


The Emperor raised an eyebrow at that, his face was unreadable as he stared at the old physician. He did not know if he was pleased or angered.


Cautiously and conscientiously, the imperial physician lowered his head.


The Emperor gave him an indifferent glance: “You may go.”


“Yes.” The imperial physician respectfully got up and left.


Ling Xiao sneakily smiled from where he was lying when he heard the physician’s words. Inwardly, he gave the imperial physician full marks. Even if this injury didn’t eliminate Mo Qi, he didn’t receive it for nothing. At least it could help him delay and obtain some time in the imperial palace.


The Emperor waved and had the servants leave before picking up the medicine on the table and walking over to Ling Xiao’s bedside.


“Your Majesty…” Ling Xiao hurriedly cleared away his smile and struggled to get up.


With a face he couldn’t determine, the Emperor looked after him and suddenly poured the medicine into his own mouth before leaning over and grabbing Ling Xiao’s chin, place his lips onto his.


Surprised, Ling Xiao’s eyes widen in surprise. He was completely at loss.


With the Emperor so near to him, he could see every change of his expression. With his eyes half open, the deep black eyes seem to hold some kind of attraction, causing others to stare at them. But the Emperor’s gaze was drawn out, it gave the feeling that he could see through a person and understand them completely.


Ling Xiao’s heart jumped speedily, the Emperor’s penetrating gaze seemed to be trying to see through him, it made him very frenetic.


He couldn’t help but be suspicious if the Emperor could see through his own trick of injuring himself.


Thinking of these things, Ling Xiao suddenly closed his eyes. He felt that if he did that, he would be able to avoid the Emperor’s investigating gaze.


The Emperor couldn’t help but find the little eunuch’s appearance humorous. His eyes were tightly shut, his body stetch taut, holding an appearance that was prepared to take punishment. A slight tug pulled at his mouth as he leaned over and lifted his head more, passing on all the medicine into his mouth.


The little eunuch obediently accepted and swallowed it.


This kind of obedient action pleased the Emperor and he separated from Ling Xiao’s lips. He then gave a light kiss to Ling Xiao’s forehead.


Feeling the moist warmth on his forehead, Ling Xiao’s heart leaped once and he slowly opened his eyes.


His face was now scarlet and carried a unique grace. A teasing glint appeared in the Emperor’s eyes as his lips opened to breath in some fresh air, completely not conscious of how attractive his small movement was.


The Emperor’s eyes darken as he looked at him, his lips pursed.


“Thank you Your Majesty…mhm…”


Before he could finish, the Emperor once again had his lips locking with Ling Xiao’s. It was different from the gentle and soft one with the medicine, this was a distinct and true kiss.


Wreaking havoc as he invaded Ling Xiao’s mouth, he was like a tyrant as he tried to draw out the fragrant from within the little eunuch’s mouth, as if it was immortal honey.




Ling Xiao moaned, both filled of pleasure and pain.


This kiss was too fervent, too overbearing, not even giving him a chance to breath. It was like he was in water right now, weak in the Emperor’s embrace and could only allow it, yet on the verge of suffocating. Ling Xiao knitted his brows, powerlessly struggling.


Feeling Ling Xiao’s struggle, the Emperor moved his kiss down from his lips to his neck steadily. Ling Xiao trembled, his frail neck was being licked and kissed by the wet warmth. It was like he was placed in hot water, it was such a scorching heat.


Ling Xiao gasped for breath, his consciousness started to become fuzzy. His lower body was swelling and he couldn’t help but reached out a hand to console it. But during his turning, his calf suddenly knocked against something else that was also glowing hot.


“Mhmmhmm…” (Snowy is bad at sex sounds. Please advise)


The groan from Emperor cleared Ling Xiao’s mind, widening his watery eyes, he hastily tighten his legs and hid the heated item of his. Once again, he looked at the Emperor helplessly and flustered.


The Emperor frowned, his face seemed to be restraining himself yet also annoyed.


A long time afterward, the Emperor finally got up and sighed heavily. Turning around to look at Ling Xiao, he said: “Your injury really did choose a nice time to happen.”


Ling Xiao’s heart leaped in fright, he wonder what the Emperor meant.


Seeing that, the Emperor sat by the table not far from him and drank several cups of tea.


Ling Xiao lowered his head. He was wondering if he should say something.


But then, a report from the commander of the imperial soldiers, Meng Qi came from the entrance.


“Your Majesty, the assassin has been caught.”


Ling Xiao stared blankly. Wasn’t Lan Wei’s martial arts excellent? How could he be caught so simply…


“Watch over him outside.” The Emperor said.


“Yes.” Meng Qi answered.


The Emperor stood up, prepared to go out. Surprised, Ling Xiao cried out at once: “Your Majesty.”


Worry lined the little eunuch’s face along with some doubt. The Emperor’s heart soften at the sight and walked in front of him, rubbing his hair: “We will come back quickly, so be good and rest here.”


“……” with his heart full of questions, Ling Xiao raised his eyes.


Is this Emperor not asking him how the whole event happened? He is the number eyewitness of this matter!


Ling Xiao was unable to control himself when he thought of that and asked: “Your Majesty… you are not going to question this servant?”


The Emperor paused, leisurely and lightly answering: “There is no need.”


Ling Xiao stared blankly. What does he mean there’s no need? Does the Emperor… already know everything?!


While he was amazed, the Emperor suddenly turned back. Ling Xiao hurriedly controlled his eyes, covering up the astonishment in his eyes.


The Emperor closely stared at Ling Xiao, seriously saying: “As for you, We only want to ask you one thing. Think clearly over it before answer Us.”


When Ling Xiao raised his eyes, the Emperor had already left, leaving behind the question.


“Why are you targeting Mo Qi everywhere?”


Stunned, Ling Xiao laid spread out on the bed.


The Emperor was already suspecting him in that aspect. No, it was better to say that the Emperor had already concluded that he was targeting Mo Qi.


Since it was like this, then he really doesn’t have any reason to ask him. As long as he knew that he was targeting Mo Qi, all the answers to the questions could be guessed with the Emperor’s keen character.


Then, the Emperor’s question, how should he explain it to him?


What the Emperor hated the most was lies, as such, he naturally cannot continue to lie to him. Then…


“Drag this man out and execute him. Call over the Prime Minister and Lan Wei.”


The Emperor’s voice transmitted from the entrance. Ling Xiao held his wound and quietly took a peek out the door.


He saw an imperial soldier drag away an unconscious man. The clothes he was wearing were blue, but it was not Lan Wei, rather, it was someone completely unfamiliar.


This “assassin” was Lan Wei’s stand-in! Ling Xiao frowned.


He then saw the Emperor along with Xiao Lizi leaving in the direction of the imperial study.


It looks like the Emperor also knew that this person wasn’t the real “assassin”, and not only does he know it’s not the real assassin, he even knows that it was connected to Lan Wei. as such, he immediately called for the Prime Minister and Lan Wei…


The Emperor knows much more than he imagined.


Ling Xiao had a feeling, that even though he feels that he had hidden the matter very well, in actual reality, the Emperor already knows the whole truth…


He lowered his head in depression, absent-mindedly looking at his little brother that already calmed down. Would the Emperor even know about this matter…


No, it was not likely!


Ling Xiao shook his head, it was impossible for the Emperor to know of this matter. If he knew, it was impossible for him to not do anything, this was probably his best concealed secret. Ling Xiao covered his uneasy heart and repeatedly comforted himself. Don’t panic!


Within the Imperial Study.


The Emperor coldly stared at the Prime Minister father and son pair that were trembling with fear. After a long, drawn out time, they were finally allowed to get up.


The Prime Minister had his head low with Lan Wei.


The Emperor stared at the two for a long time before speaking: “Tonight’s banquet, why did the Prime Minister not bring Lan Wei to participate in it.”


With sweat pouring from him, the Prime Minister answered: “Your Majesty, this one’s son conduct is too impulsive and feared he would alarm our honored guest. So your servant left him at home.”


“Is that so?” The Emperor lightly asked and gave Xiao Lizi a glance. Understanding, Xiao Lizi took carried a blue robe with both hands forward.


The Emperor looked at the clothes and said: “We see that Lan Wei is fond of blue clothing, so We are a bit interested in this clothes.”


Xiao Lizi presented the clothes to Lan Wei, who took it with trembling hands. He had a guilty conscience and his sweat was soaking into his clothes.


He placed the clothes on the ground and saw that there were dots of red of it, it was blood!


And this outer clothing, was the one he had just taken off to escape from the crime, and given to a imperial guard at the side palace hall!


Frightened, Lan Wei raised his head to look at the Emperor, only to see the Emperor’s chilly gaze watching him attentively.


His eyelid jumped, he knew that the Emperor already knew the truth, so he faced and crouched in front of the Emperor, scrambling to explain: “Your Majesty…”


He wanted to say something, but he was suddenly aware of how he couldn’t say anything. He could only keep his lips tight in silence, his body trembling.


It was all because of Ling Xiao! That scoundrel, even if he turned into a ghost, he would not let him off!


“Your Majesty… this…” The Prime Minister had also saw the clothing and was fearful.


Running into an accidently when Lan Wei snuck into the Emperor’s palace and even injured Ling Xiao, causing the Emperor to be alarmed. He had only just known about it. Before that, when the news that an assassin was in the palace, he had heaved a sigh of relief. But what he didn’t expect was that a quarter later, he and Lan Wei would be called in…


Just now, the Prime Minister still hung on hope that it was a fluke, and that the Emperor did not know it was Lan Wei. But now, he was just trying to deceive himself. Crouching on the floor, he repeated kowtow to the Emperor: “Your Majesty, mercy! This one’s son was just silly for a moment just silly for a moment!


“……” The Emperor’s sight was freezing cold as he stared at the two people, he walked in front of Lan Wei and said: “Luckily for you, the injury wasn’t serious. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even have the opportunity to be here.”


Lan Wei bit his lips, he didn’t dare to raise his head. He could only press his head against the ice-cold floor, going as far as possible to lower his attitude.


The Emperor turned around and walked back to his seat: “The Prime Minister is old in years, plague with many illness in his old age and is often ill in the court. Seeing him like this, We cannot bear it and permit him to return to his old home. We are worried that his way home would have no one to take care of him, as such, We also have his son to follow him the whole way back.”


Prime Minister was frightened, this Emperor was going to remove him from his position and he couldn’t help but weep: “Your Majesty, your old servant feared for so many years, and had devoted much to the court. You can’t do this, back when the former Emperor…”


“We are the Son of Heaven now.” The Emperor interrupted the Prime Minister and ordered Xiao Lizi: “Drag them down.”


The Prime Minister went limp on the floor at those words, he had already became despondent.


“Your Majesty!” Lan Wei finally opened his mouth and crawled foward: “Your Majesty, this matter is only this subject’s fault and has nothing to do with father. This one asks Your Majesty to just punish this subject and forgive father.”


The Emperor coldly smiled at his words and indicated to Xiao Lizi, who had people drag down the despondent Prime Minister.


Waiting until he could no longer see the Prime Minister’s figure, the Emperor walked to Lan Wei and overlooked him: “What kind of sin is yours for sneaking into the imperial palace and trying to commit murder?”


Lan Wei with his head low answered in a trembling voice: “A… a large sin that involves nine generations of your family.”


The Emperor coldly stated: “If it were not for the Prime Minister’s cautiousness and conscience during these many years, if you had not received the former Emperor’s fondness, when the former Emperor departed, We had treated you father and son well. We would also not let you just leave today.”


After those words, the Emperor did not want to see Lan Wei any longer and waved him sleeve for them to leave. Lan Wei opened his mouth, wanting to call out to the Emperor yet it was like a fish bone was stuck in his throat.


Because he was too willful, he caused his old father to get dragged into trouble…


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