Hero? I’ve Long Stopped Being One

Raws: http://book.sfacg.com/Novel/48704/ 

Author: Looking At The Sky In Boredom

Status: 593+ Chapters / 18 Volumes (Ongoing)


Accompanied by all kinds of crisis and despair, was the arrival of mankind’s first significant superhero.

Under his lead, superheroes emerged in droves. However, after five years of continuous fighting, he disappeared from the people’s eyes.

Tags: Action, Comedy

Table of Content

Volume 1: I’ve Long Stopped Being a Hero
Chapter 1: Dark History
Chapter 2: Conspiracies
Chapter 3: Again and Again…
Chapter 4: Family Is Family Alright…
Chapter 5: The Perfect Hero
Chapter 6: Taking A Test
Chapter 7: Mouth of Destruction
Chapter 8: God-defying Luck
Chapter 9: The First Mission – Housekeeping
Chapter 10: Who’s the Pervert?
Chapter 11: Conspiracies, Conspiracies Everywhere
Chapter 12: For The Love of Loli, We Fight!
Chapter 13: Glasses For Life
Chapter 14: Pixel It All
Chapter 15: Just Keep Smashing
Chapter 16: Sword of Judgement
Chapter 17: Uncle Stalker 
Chapter 18: Keep On Digging!
Chapter 19: Tip of the Iceberg
Chapter 20: Free For All
Chapter 21: Evolution
Chapter 22: Cliche Lines
Chapter 23:
Chapter 24:
Chapter 25:


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