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Chapter 35: Let Me Protect You (III)

第35章 让我来守护你

Chapter 35: Let Me Protect You (III)


Rowan’s computer set p was very ordinary, it appears that he did not use it often because even the most common firewall wasn’t set up. Shang Ke first helped him fix up some system holes then went online to download some applications, like multi-language programming softwares. If he could, he really wanted to change the entire system of the computer, but unfortunately it wasn’t his laptop. He could only wait until he gets the chance to assemble and install his own computer.


“Ke Ke, what are you doing?” Feng Juan moved his head closer, curiously watching Shang Ke’s speedily typing fingers.


Shang Ke paused in his actions, then turned his head over and asked, “Do you want to learn?”


Feng Juan nodded his head with all his might. He felt that Shang Ke was very amazing, he seems to know everything. Before was English, and now its computers. Compared to him, he didn’t know anything. He really didn’t like this kind feeling being so far behind.


“Alright.” Shang Ke had Feng Juan sit near him, then started to teach him how to use the computer from the very basics.


In this period, the spread of computers in China was only about fifty percent of the total population, it was far lower than the western countries. Their technology was also at the primary stage. However, it wasn’t like there weren’t any experts hidden among the common people.


Feng Juan’s learning ability really was strong. Shang Ke had simply demonstrated once and he grasped and made his own deductions from that one thing.


And as such, the morning slipped by cheerfully as one taught and one learned.


Lunch was delivered by the one in charge of protecting them. When that guard left, a cell phone laid in Shang Ke’s hand.


Feng Juan looked at him in amazement, “You actually stole…”


“Sh!” Shang Ke made a quiet sign and then took out the card from the cell phone. He then checked it to be sure there wasn’t some kind of trojan horse or other monitoring software before hiding it in a flower vase with relief. The phone card was flushed down the toilet.


“Ke Ke, what are you trying to do?”


“I need the cell phone to do some things, I hope that guard won’t mind.” Shang Ke made a apologetic expression at the door. He will compensate that guard once he had money.


Rowan actually gave them some money, but the amount wasn’t enough to afford a cell phone. He also didn’t want to let Rowan know that he had one, so he could only steal it. With the cell phone, he could use the money to buy a new phone card.


Feng Juan stared at him silently. Fine if he stole a cell phone, but the one he stole the cell phone from was a guard!


“Juan Juan, you help cover me.” Although they were currently being protected, they still had their freedom and wasn’t too restricted so they could go wander around nearby.


Shang Ke and Feng Juan were led by a police officer into a shopping center, and Feng Juan got Shang Ke’s hint, helping him distract the police officer.


Shang Ke quickly bought a good phone card and returned before the officer saw. The whole thing lasted only two to three minutes.


After they wandered a bit and bought some snacks and books, they returned home.


Returning to the house, Shang Ke fished out the phone from the flower vase and inserted the phone card before squeezing into the study. He switched on the computer and began to write a program. It was a version of the virus ‘Trojan Horse’ called ‘Jumping Virus’ and not only was it very hard to find but could also cross infect.


He had relied on his outstanding memory to remember the whole source code in the Hundred Training Space. So he compiled it very easily right now.


Shang Ke concentrated on his task and didn’t notice Feng Juan standing quietly beside him as strings of codes formed and flashed by his eyes. It was like an amazing world was unfolding before him.


After three to four hours, Shang Ke finally finished compiling the Jumping Virus, but he did not stop and started to compile a monitoring firewall.


But Shang Ke had not even completed one-tenth of it when Rowan rushed home.


Shang Ke immediately hid his work on the laptop and raised his head up to see Rowan’s serious expression. He asked, “Detective Rowan, what’s wrong?”


Rowan heaved a sigh of relief and replied, “I couldn’t get through to Jason’s phone for a while, so I thought something may have happened.”


Jason was the officer that was in charged of protecting him, and also the one he stole the cell phone from.


Shang Ke said without a change in his face, “If you can’t get to him through the cell phone, you could have called the line at home.”


Rowan fell silent for a moment before returning to words. “I forgot.”


Shang Ke was first speechless, then a bit moved. If he wasn’t worried for him, he wouldn’t have been so anxious.


“I will send you guys to the Children’s Activity Center tomorrow.” Rowan said, “The overseeing system there and protective measures are all pretty good. You guys can move around there during the daytime.”


Shang Ke and Feng Juan naturally did not have any objections.


At night, he once against huddled into the study and used another five to six hours to complete the rmonitoring firewall. During that time frame, Rowan had popped over severals times. He merely left a warning when he saw the two children playing games, “Don’t play too late” and did not bother them.


Shang Ke installed the firewall and Jumping Virus into his own phone. After trying it and seeing no problem, a satisfied smile formed on his face.


The next day, Rowan drove his car and sent the two children to the Children’s Activity Center. On the way there, Shang Ke had quietly took out his cell phone and tapped the Jumping Virus. The words “Currently Jumping: showed on the screen and then turned into “Jumping Complete” ten seconds later.


Shang Ke sucessfully sent the Jumping Virus into Rowan’s phone. From now on, he could monitor every call Rowan makes, every text message and every mail. The strongest point was that he could even use Rowan’s cell phone as a springboard to infect all cell phones and computers within fifth meters of it. The prerequisite was that they had bluetooth of internet enabled and did not have some kind of large company’s monitoring program.


Rowan led Shang Ke and Feng Juan to the Activity Center and a female teacher immediately came forward to greet them. Rowan had already gave a heads up before he came so this teacher did not have a particularly surprised expression at the two children.


Shang Ke and Feng Juan were led to a small class. There were more than a dozen kids playing in there, the youngest was around six while the oldest was only ten.


Rowan was very satisfied with the environment here. After making a round he left, leaving behind a single police to stand guard outside.


The teacher in charge of taking care of them was named “Julie”. She first introduced them to the other children then led them to a cartoon style table and brought them a pile of toys.


Shang Ke swept his gaze across everything. The main ones was the rubik’s cube, nine chain, jigsaw puzzle, the Tower of Hanoi,  toy building blocks, coloring pages along with drawing equipment and so on. They were all educational toys.


Ms. Julie probably wanted to see their interest and preference then nurture them in a direction.


Shang Ke did not have much interest in children entertainment, but Feng Juan was rather curious.


He picked up every single one to take a closer look, the only one he didn’t understand was the nine chain. In the end, he pointed at the Tower of Hanoi and asked Shang Ke, “Ke Ke, how do you play this one?”


The Tower of Hanoi was the toy the this planet used to test the orangutan’s intelligence. It was made of three wooden poles marked A, B and C respectively. There were round disk on A that became smaller from bottom to top. According to rules, you were to move the disk over each pole until they were all on the same new pole. It was to see how many times you needed to move the disks to move them all over.


Those who learned computer related things should all have done exercises similar to the Tower of Hanoi, the recursion calculation of the Tower of Hanoi was one of the primary arithmetics of C.


Shang Ke took the Tower of Hanoi and picked up a disk to move it. In a minute, in different orders, he moved it six times.


Feng Juan watched without taking his eyes off while the Ms. Julie was also very amazed.


Shang Ke gave it back to Feng Juan. Feng Juan thought back to how Shang Ke did it and first did the exact same order. Then he tried to move it in different ways. In only a dozen minutes, he had actually figured out some rules.


Shang Ke suddenly felt that this guy was actually a talent for learning computer programming. The arithmetic for the Tower of Hanoi wasn’t hard, but to deduce the process was very much a pain. It was impossible to do without a clear logical thought process.


Ms. Julie watched them play around the with the Tower of Hanoi and was very moved: These two children were not ordinary children!


After Ms. Julie left, Shang Ke picked up the nine chain and asked, “You don’t like this?”


Feng Juan glanced at it and dully said, “I already got bored of playing that a long time ago.”


Shang Ke: “……” Could it be that this guy was actually a genius?


Using the small space of time in the bathroom, Shang Ke sat on the toilet and turned on the cell phone, then plugged in the headphones. On the screen showed Rowan’s phone call history. He did not pay attention to those, rather, he activated the Jumping Virus and had it search Rowan’s internet, then follow the internet and active all over the place.


One turns to two, two turns to three, and three turns into endless more.


Shang Ke’s final goal was the police department’s internal server and electronic monitors.


Although the Jumping Virus could spread without limit in theory, but it was limited by the lagging cell phone system. He could only monitor one at a time and not several at once. And the Jumping Virus he spread out, Shang Ke couldn’t clear them away unless he hackdc into each and every one of those computers.


Shang Ke was not worried that someone would find the Jumping Virus, at least he didn’t need to worry for the next four years. With the other things he added on top of it, it would be disguised and would not be activated unless the owner did. It was pretty much invisible and used a very small bit of space.


With the technology of today, unless someone focused on killing viruses, then they simply could not find its existence.


If he had his own computer, it would be much more easier to send out the Jumping Virus. But unfortunately, he could only do things one step at a time.


The following days, Rowan became Shang Ke’s moving source of infection. Every place he passed and every place he got in contact with would all have a trace of the Jumping Virus left behind.


Effort will not turn back on someone, Shang Ke had incidentally caught the image of a member of a gang through the monitoring system. After that, he followed that trail and found a den.


“I think those two children might still have some kind of secret hidden on them.” Angelie said to Rowan, “Otherwise, that group wouldn’t bite on so tightly on those two children and refuse to let go. They actually found their way to the activity center. Although we still aren’t sure of their identity, but besides though two children, what else is there for them to pay attention to?”


“I also feel the same.” Another officer expressed his agreement, “Rowan, what are your opinions on the two since you have the most contact with them?”


Rowan shook his head and replied, “Nothing for now, I will keep interacting with them for now and see if I can’t get some clues. For now, let’s go back to the case at hand…”


Right at this moment, a technician suddenly reported, “Come and take a look at this, I got a strange email.”


A few people quickly rushed by, in the email was an audio file and an address.


They played the audio and what was played was the conversation recording of a man, he seemed to be verifying the place to exchange goods.


Rowan’s face turned cold and asked, “Can you lookup the source of the email?”


The technician said helplessly, “I can’t.”


“Let’s go.” Rowan recorded down the address from the email and led a group to rush to the place.


No matter if it was true or false, they had to go inspect and verify it.


What was fortunate was that the information was true and they caught a den for illegal activities.


However, they did not make the connection between the small gang they were chasing together with Tobimu, who they were investigating this entire time, which was the people following Shang Ke and Feng Juan.


The next two months, the police department would receive three more similar information and all of them from untraceable sources.


Tobimu committed surprised attacks one after another and the situation within because strained, they started to pull back their power.


Shang Ke and Feng Juan’s crisis were dealt with for now while Rowan and the other were completely involved with those guys. Although no one knew, all of this was encouraged by a “child” behind the scenes.


One year later, Shang Ke and Feng Juan were sent to a foster family. Every month, they were given a $500 allowance. Although Rowan was very reluctant to part with them, he also knew that with his household vocation, he did not have the qualifications to take care of them.


That year, Shang Ke and Feng Juan officially became primary students of Fran Elementary and obtained their own english name–”Bruno” and “Ian”.

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