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Chapter 3: I Only Need 72 Hours To Fall In Love With You (III)


“Young Master Cage, that was just a starter, the real meal will start now, are you ready?” Charlton’s voice carried a faint excitement.


“Bring it on, I’m really hungry.” Shang Ke’s voice was hoarse, his exhausted appearance appeared somewhat languid, resembling a Persian cat that had just woken up and was awaiting its food.


His upper garment was wide open, revealing his skin that was covered in traces of burns along with purple vein lines. His neck, waist, abdomen, hands and feet were all locked up. His eyes showed forbearance, with no sign of cowerance or fright.


The scene before him did not appear like an interrogation by torture, rather, it looked like some kind play of a special nature. The boy in the prisoner room was just too stunning, he completely did not have the miserable condition or shameful performance after being exhausted.


Shang Ke did not know that he was being watched by several hundred people right now. After the electric shock, he gained back some strength.


At this time, the tip of the machine arm rotated and a straw-size laser extended from it, flickering red light. Before it had even touched his kin, he could feel short stabs of pain.


“I will give you once more chance.” That evil middle-age man’s voice once again echoed in the room, “Give us all the information you have and we can think about letting you live.”


Charlton asked several questions in succession, but Shang Ke did not say a word.


“So be it, we’ll see just how long your mouth stays shut.” Charlton unhurriedly said, “Our Dragon Fang Empire’s national flower is Flaming Red Sky. It has seventy-two flower petals, furl in layers like a burning blaze. I think if we trace Dragon Fang Empire’s national flower on your body, your father would be very happy, wouldn’t you say?”


If you’re a pervert then you’re a pervert, what use is trying to find an excuse? You want to insult people, so why trace some flower, if you have the ability, directly trace a pile of shit! Shang Ke raised his eyes, his eyes full of despise. His clear and cold eyes, like cold fire reflecting snow, caused people to be not dare to look straight at him.


Charlton was not angered, rather, he smiled. He gave the operator an order to continue.


The laser sword started to move and aimed itself right at Shang Ke’s right chest. Under its piercing, the outline of a flower started to slowly form on his skin, making zhi zhi sounds.


Shang Ke cried out loudly in pain, his body non-stop trembling as blood flowed down from his chest. His hair hung over his face, sheltering his eyes. The color of the laser entered his eyes, and a fireball seem to slowly burn in his dark green eyes.


Under normal circumstances, this laser drawing shouldn’t bring much harm, but under the interrogator’s alteration of the laser’s settings, it was able to make people feel a burning stab-like pain. With the addition of Shang Ke’s pain being raised by five folds, his pain was obvious.


Sweat quickly drenched his body and seeped into his wounds, causing even more pain. Through the process, he had fainted several times but was always reawaken by the pain.


A faint blush appeared on his fair skin, Shang Ke’s mouth faintly opened a few times, like he was a Flaming Red Sky Flower that was enthusiastically blooming. His flaming eyes carried his strong will and stubbornness, beautiful enough to make people choke.


Charlton proposed to let everyone watch the live broadcast so that they could sound out their reactions. After all, the person being tortured was Utrecht’s son, any rebellers who see him receive such torment would show some kind of reaction no matter how little.


But this Cage boy, not only did he not cower in face of such torment, instead, he stayed even stronger. Like he was using his body and will to silently tell his companions: No matter how painful it is, we must press on!


The plan was a complete failure, because every person at the scene, including Charlton himself showed a reaction. Their heartbeat sped up, their blood rushed and their breathing became hard… like they were in heat. A couple among the people had really fucking turned hard.


The tattoo continued for dozen more minutes. The machine arm cleaned up the bloodstains on Shang Ke, and blew on some hemostatic medicine. Don’t think that this was over, the coloring still had to be done, and the material of the coloring was a special type of poison.


Charlton explained in detail the source of the poison, but Shang Ke did not listen to him at all. He was in so much pain his mind was numb. Suffering pain every second, every minute, all he could think of was to quickly end it.


His red-hot skin suddenly felt a burst of coolness, before Shang Ke could gasp, he once again felt numbing itch from his right chest, like countless ants were on his skin, gnawing and devouring him. Shang Ke hated how he couldn’t just scrape off that skin, compared to the electric shock and laser tattoo, this kind of pain he couldn’t relieve of himself was even harder to endure.


The Flaming Red Sky Flower tattoo gradually gained shape. The smudges of poison were very bright, some places were darker and others light, layers and layers of petals unfurled and disappeared over his shoulder.


He had no choice to say, this world’s torture interrogation was not only quick, it was very artistic. If the one being tortured wasn’t himself, Shang Ke probably really would had given them some praise over that point.


After experiencing this torment that seem to last a century, Shang Ke became very weak, his head powerlessly leaned against the chair, his eyes half closed. A layer of fog seem to have landed on his eyes, blurred and sullen, but created and entirely different beauty with the blooming Flaming Red Sky Flower on his chest.


Just while he was absent-minded, he heard Charlton once again ask him a string of questions. He could only repeat three words–”I don’t know.”


He really didn’t know anything, don’t ask anymore. Let him rest for a moment, enjoy the silence, or give something for him to drink, eat some congee and so on.


However, the annoying voice continued to pester on by his ear, irritating him to no end.


Let along Shang Ke, even those who were watching the interrogation felt their mouth go dry. They can take a break whenever they felt like it, but Shang Ke could not. He had already not closed his eyes for twenty-five hours, his mind was beaten to the extreme.


Ravel looked at the boy in the video, he did not move his sight from beginning to end, like he was trying to embedded him into his eyes.


“General, it’s lunch time.” Kahn used a communication device to notify Ravel.


“Not going to eat anymore.” Ravel then faintly added, “If there’s nothing urgent happening in the afternoon, don’t disturb me.”


“…Yes.” Kahn really wanted to ask how the interrogation was going, but it was a pity that now wasn’t the time for it, so he could only push down the question in his heart.


At noon, people started to leave. After they ate, they would each return to their seat and continue to watch the interrogation.


This was an interrogation that no one was willing to miss. After having their breaths taken away by that boy’s graceful bearing, they wanted to see just how long he could preserve.


Ten times the pain wasn’t something an average person could bear. The military trained soldiers only uses the five times sensitizer. The five times sensitizer only included hearing, sight, smell, etc. it did not include pain. But what this boy was enduring was ten times the pain.


Facing this kind of torment, even if it was Iron Man, he likely wouldn’t be able to persevere past a few hours. But he was able to endure for a full one day and night, just how great of willpower and fortitude did you need?


With the slow passing of time, everyone’s impression of the boy turned from having their breaths taken away by the novelty to admiration.


Ravel did not return to his mansion until dusk.


The moment he walked in, he saw Gabriel walk up to greet him. The first thing he said was, “Sire Ravel, when are we withdrawing? If we don’t leave now then I’m afraid we won’t have enough time left.”


Ravel turned a deaf ear to his words, and neither quickly or slowly, took off his coat and gave it to his housekeeper.


“Sire Ravel.” Gabriel looked at him full of anxiety.


Ravel gave him a glance, his gaze cold. A few hours ago, he did not have any opinion of Gabriel, but after seeing Cage, he now felt a unwell.


Gabriel had been in his mansion for such a long time but had never said one good word about Cage, he also did not care about the others life and death. That boy was suffering through torture yet did not show any sign of shrinking back. Meanwhile, Gabriel was under his protection, yet never forgetting about running away at a moment’s notice. When the two were compared, just who was better was obvious.


Ravel’s life was monotonous, besides military affairs, he was not interested in anything else.


But that boy, made him have a new profound understanding of “beauty”. That kind of tenancy and will, that kind of ability to move people, was like a precious stone. The more you polished it the more dazzling it becomes.


Ravel felt that there was nothing else in this world that was qualified for him to praise it “beautiful”. The shock he left in his heart turned into an imprint that was hard to erase.


The second day, the live broadcast continued. The people watching it also increased by around sixty to seventy people.


There were 31 hours remaining.


The interrogator’s original purpose was to obtain information, but afterwards, they started to enjoy torturing him.


Cage was like a treasure house, the deeper they went in, the more beauty they would find. Under torture and pain, he appeared more touching.


As such, Shang Ke experienced thirty-six kinds of torture methods, but the big attack he was looking forward to didn’t appear. Those people seem to prefer a slow tempo torture.


The only thing he could rejoice was that the sensitizer had already lost effect at the thirty hour mark. The System’s 50% pain reduction finally gave him a chance to breathe. To the people outside, even though crueler and crueler methods were being employed, their effects weren’t even as good as the first electric shock and tattooing when it came to Shang Ke.


There were 20 more hours left.


Shang Ke’s mind was almost on the verge of breaking down, the long term abuse and fatigue caused him to lose any normal capability to think. He didn’t even have the energy to scold the System.


If the System ever gives him another “mission that can be 100% completed even by sitting”, he will reject it without hesitation!


He would rather go fight, go collect scraps, go be a caveman. He never wanted to do another “sitting” can complete mission!


14 hours.


Charlton finally used a big attack. He used a special instrument and broke all the bones within his limbs.


They could only hear a string of cracking noises. From the ankle to the knees, from the fingertips to the shoulder blades… and now, Shang Ke had long lost any ability to make a sound.


Even the people watching all sucked in a cold breath.


“Young Master Cage, you really made me have a whole new level of respect for you.” Charlton’s sighing voice went through, “You can still persevere under this kind of torture. I feel that even if we continued, you would not confess. Since so, I decided to directly use mental shock control.”


The so call mental shock control, was used to control another person’s mind making him listen to their commands. The result was similar to hypnosis, but it was extremely harmful. Once mental shock control was used, the receiver’s consciousness would be thoroughly obliterated.


Shang Ke hung his head, showing no reaction.


Ravel faintly held his fist, pushing himself to make sure to not show any reaction. But his mind was in a complete mess.


Just give him a bit more time, just one hour! No, even forty minutes would do!


Shang Ke did not know Ravel’s worry, he raised his head, thinking that everything was finally going to end. A gratified smile couldn’t help but float up on his face.


Charlton didn’t expect he could still smile and felt like he was scorned. He coldly asked, “What are you smiling for?”


Shang Ke moved his eyes to look at the metal wall before him, he knew that the interrogator was on the other side of this wall.


Since everything was about to end, he decided to act powerful one last time. After all, he had received pain for so long, he should at least return the favor.


He raised his lips and eyes, the originally faintly dark and gloomy eyes lit up like they had been ignited, spreading out a splendid light. His eyes were so firm as they looked straight ahead. He used up his remaining strength to slowly and firmly spit out three words: “Cruise, will die.”

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