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I have to say, life really has good timing on when to kick me into the gutter. I had one page left, yet a dinner rush hit me and laster 3 hours. Talk about timing…


Chapter 13: Disciple’s Butt May Not Be Touched    


Mu Chen held this space ring and looked at it. It was a very common one. His divine sense went in and investigated. The space within wasn’t very large and there was only a small jade piece within, it was a map.


The back of the jade piece had crooked writing that became a few letters–When you come find me, remember to bring two Dragonscale Carp, with pepper and salt.


Mu Chen: “……” This map didn’t even say where to hand it over to him, there wasn’t any useful information left behind. And he even wanted him to give him two salted Dragonscale Carp when he ascends… Very good, this gift is very valuable!


Since he can’t make sense of it, then it means it wasn’t the time for it yet. Mu Chen glanced over the map and place it into his consciousness. He clenched his teeth then pinched the jade piece into fine powder. Yes, it wasn’t time yet! He still needed to prepare salted fish, and give the old man a one hundred plus year old salted fish! In case he dies later, he can have his disciple give his Grand Master the salted fish!


On Mu Chen’s face, a faint layer of red gradually rose, he was angered!


Gu Yunjue waited until evening to sneakily investigate just what was in that bottle, but only found the bottle on Mu Chen’s table. He didn’t know who, but there was also a flower containing a flower bud placed within.


Gu Yunjue had a bit of a headache. He had used his Immortalization Stage divine sense to find that bottle, there was clearly something hidden inside that was very important. His Master already took away the item in it, and didn’t give away any kind of information. If there was something dangerous going for his Master, then he would be unable to protect him. Could it be that he must search his Master’s soul?


Gu Yunjue held his forehead. He felt he must be crazy!


When Mu Chen returned to his room, he found his little disciple “tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks”, resembling a naughty monkey. With a cold face, he asked, “What are you doing? Have you finished writing?”

TL Note: Way of expression frustrations


“I finished writing it, but didn’t write it.” Gu Yunjue’s expression quickly changed and he obediently took out his writings from the space ring. The strokes were so crooked they resembled bean sprouts, they were not pretty at all.


The Mu Chen looked at those words and immediately thought back to the letter Dan Yangzi left behind. When he looked at his little disciple again, there was some disdain in his eyes. Really ugly! Their IQ were about the same, their letters are just as ugly as each other!


Gu Yujun’s smile became a bit stiff. His little Master was disinclined to hide his mood, his disdain couldn’t be any clearer.


Mu Chen face turned cold while holding Gu Yunjue onto his leg. He had someone go get some ink, brush and paper, then gave the dipped brush to Gu Yunjue. He adjusted the other’s posture of holding the brush, then placed his larger hands over the small ones, writing the three characters Gu Yunjue (顾云玦).


Mu Chen’s characters were like his character, slender, strong, distinct and severe. It carried some lofty and unyielding character that was hard to describe.


“This is your name. Write it again.” As a Master, Mu Chen believed he should be very strict.


Gu Yujune obediently wrote it again. Although he still deliberately wrote it crookedly, it was still several times better than the ones written before. Mu Chen rubbed his disciple’s head, satisfied. He praised, “Pretty good, as long as there is progress.”


He heard that a child that would become warped easily by accident, what he needed was ample of patience. As expected, his little disciple happily leaned against his chest after he praised him. Although his small back was thin and weak, it was not the fragile state from before. He didn’t know if it was because he was raising him well, he felt that his little disciple gained some extra meat, especially on the buttocks.


Mu Chen reached out to rub it and at last was certain. He did grow some more meat, very good, tomorrow he will continue to feed him.


Feeling the little person on his leg shift his bottom, Mu Chen unhappily patted it, “Growing?”


Gu Yunjue squeezed out a word through his teeth. “…Mas-ter!”


Mu Chen looked at him in confusion, his eyes just and honest.


Gu Yunjue silently rested his hand on Mu Chen’s thigh, while he rubbed there, he smiled, “How is Master’s name written?”


Mu Chen hugged Gu Yunjue tighter, he felt that his little disciple was like a naughty monkey. The moment he wasn’t holding him tightly, he would grope around. He continued to hold Gu Yunjue’s hand, and wrote down his name.


“Master’s characters are really nice, I want to hang it up on the wall.” His small hand was still moving.


Mu Chen’s mouth twitched when he heard that, he no longer bothered with that naughty little claw and gently said, “Practice well, and you can write some better looking characters.”


In his past lifetime, Gu Yujun’s characters were bold, severe and outstanding, a spearhead was also hidden in them. No wonder his little disciple was this generation’s number one, he was outstanding on all sides. If he wasn’t exiled from the Immortal Realm, then he would be the leader of this generation. Mu Chen’s train of thought floated around. His disciple must have been lured into devil cultivation, he remembered that there was a devilishly gorgeous person by Gu Yunjue’s side before. It must be a honey trap the Devil Realm set down for his disciple to get rid of him!


In the future, the people by his little disciple’s side, he needed to strict check them!


Gu Yunjue kept his head low while a smile he couldn’t hide stayed on his face. While holding the brush and copying Mu Chen’s name, he curiously asked. “Master, what did Grand Master leave you in that bottle?”


Mu Chen held his chin, tilting his body to watch his little disciple write characters. When he heard the question, he blinked a bit and said with a dull tone, “It’s nothing, children do not need to worry about it.”


“But your disciple is curious.”


“Curious? If people are too curious they can lose their lives. You need to keep in mind in the future, things that don’t concern you, don’t worry about them.”


He didn’t even get anything out of him, rather, he got reprehended. Gu Yunjue had no choice but to continue writing. He was only released after he filled the whole sheet and had it checked over by Mu Chen.


Mu Chen looked at the characters left on the table, his mood quite muted. It’s really ugly, little disciple’s characters are really ugly. Even the characters writing using his feet wouldn’t be this ugly, just how did this child obtain his writing in his past lifetime?




When he heard the call, Mu Chen took up Gu Yunjue’s “Treasured Characters” then turned around to see him holding a pillow, standing at the entrance. He asked with eyes full of hope, “Master, can I sleep with you?”


Mu Chen wavered a bit and asked, “Scared?”


Gu Yunjue cutely nodded.


Mu Chen sat on his bed and patted beside him. After that, he saw his little disciple happily run over, climb on his bed and took off his shoes. He then pounced over to hold his waist, being very intimate with him.


“You cannot wet the bed.” Mu Chen’s face was gentle as he reminded him.


Gu Yunjue once again “cutely” nodded his head.


Mu Chen’s gaze turned softer, looking at his little disciple’s soft features under the lamp light. So small, he needed twenty years to raise him big. Twenty years to cultivators, were but a flash of time. Would he he able to raise Gu Yunjue into a modest nobleman in this limited time?


Pulling over the natural silk blanket, he softly covered Gu Yunjue with it. Mu Chen patted his small back, his face gentle. After Gu Yunjue’s breathing slowed, he finally started to meditate and cultivate.


At midnight, the bright moonlight went through the window and sprinkled on top of the snow white curtain. The originally sleeping Gu Yunjue quietly opened his eyes. His spirit soul that almost reached Ascension Stage enveloped Mu Chen’s divine sense, and quietly made Mu Chen fall into deep sleep.


At the same time, Gu Yunjue’s information was also sent to Ten Thousand Sword Sect, into Yu Tianyi’s hand. Refusing because of a child, it would make anyone somewhat interested in this child.


As the Sect Master of Ten Thousand Sword Sect, besides the power behind him, he himself was also known as the most talented cultivator in these several hundred years. Just several hundred years of cultivation and he was at Immortalization Stage while Ascension was just a step away. No matter if it was his power or his cultivation, needless to say, there were people everywhere that wanted to hold onto his thigh, let alone finding a dao companion? However, he had been refused. The reason for the refusal being that the other had taken in a disciple, but because the disciple was too young and can’t separate from the Master, he couldn’t even go out of Lofty Cloudy Sect to meet him.


In order to not leak Yu Tianyi’s condition, Mu Chen did not directly communicate with him. He only said to let him go on a trip, if there was something important they could consult each other. That Mu Chen who once always ran all over to look for medical herbs when he had nothing better to do, actually had a time he couldn’t go out.


Under the moonlight, the aura of a young cultivator dressed in black turned even more domineering and calm. Pinching the jade talisman into pieces, his complexion turned darker. Compared this reason about the child, there was one more part that concerned him more. Yue Mingze added one more tactful line in the letter: Ji Qingyuan offended Mu Chen, he’s not willing to leave the mountain. When he saw this line, Yu Tianyi was a bit suspicious. Mu Chen this man, was too frank. He was also too cold and unfeeling. He did not care about other people at all, so just what did Ji Qingyan do to make him hate him, to have such a reaction?


At this moment, a young man also dressed entire in black with a sword arrived. When he saw Yu Tianyi from afar, he happily laughed, “Hahaha, Great Senior Brother, I just knew you would be here!”


“Junior Brother Qingyuan.” Yu Tianyi’s voice was a bit deep, perhaps it was because he maintains his high position all year round, so whatever he says carries the pressure of a leader, causing others to subconsciously want to hide. But the person who came did not care and walked to his side. With a fling of his cyan magic gown, he confidently and easily landed. Then he raised his sword-like eyebrow and said with a laughing tone, his clear and bright voice carried some teasing, “Senior Brother really is hardworking. Even in the middle of the night, you are in the back mountain cultivating.”


Yu Tianyi enquiringly looked at Ji Qingyuan. This Junior Brother, really understood him too well.


Ji Qingyuan saw how quiet Yu Tianyi was and asked like he was playing a joke, “Senior Brother will always come here once your mood isn’t good. It hasn’t changed even after so many years. If you Senior Brother really can’t let it go, why not let me take your place and go to Lofty Cloudy Sect. I can take a look and see if the man Senior Brother is concerned about is an immortal beauty?”


Yu Tianyi said nothing and did nothing, but a chill flashed through his eyes. Ji Qingyuan’s popularity in the sect was becoming higher and higher by the day. He was interested in abdicating him after he goes into seclusion, so he started to win people’s hearts. But right now, this person even dared to meddle in his affairs. He thought to this point and replied, “Since you already know, then you can bring people with you and take a look. You don’t have to worry about the other things, I have my own thoughts.”


Ji Qingyuan immediately went blank on the spot. He was just joking when he said it, because at this time, there were many things to do within the sect and he simply wasn’t able to get away. But he didn’t expect that Yu Tianyi would agree to him so straightforwardly.


Yu Tianyi’s eyes slightly darken, but he only raised his hand to pat Ji Qingyuan on the shoulder, like he was encouraging him as he gave one last look at him, turned and left.


After Ji Qingyuan finally reacted, he smiled, “Then I will take Senior Brother’s place and visit him.” Seeing Yu Tianyi’s figure disappearing, Ji Qingyuan’s smiling eyes gradually turned chilly. A dark and fierce expression hung on his face that destroy his clear and bright image from before. He gripped the hilt of his sword tightly, he used so much force his shoulders were trembling. He was unwilling! What did Yu Tianyi mean? He wanted to take back his power within the sect? Then wouldn’t all of his hard work these past many years all go waste! But he didn’t dare to refuse, as long as Yu Tianyi saw any indication of what he was trying to do, the other would absolutely pat him to death. Yu Tianyi was definitely able to do it.


When he thought of his purpose for this walk, Ji Qingyuan suddenly started to coldly laugh. Within his laughter was despise, who would had thought Yu Tianyi would fancy a male cultivator? And a pill alchemist cultivator that didn’t have much attack power? If the other wasn’t careful and died, perhaps Lord Sect Master would go into seclusion to first heal his heart. Who knows.


Yanyang Palace.


After he pull aside Mu Chen’s inner clothing and clearly saw the black imprint on his fair chest, his pupils immediately contracted.

   作者有话要说: 不负责任小剧场:

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.


Gu Yunjue: “Master rubbed my butt, does it mean you’re interested in me?”


Mu Chen: “You ate so much yet only grew that much meat. You dare to say interesting?”


Gu Yunjue: “What I mean is that meaning.”


Mu Chen: “Like I care which meaning it is.”


Gu Yunjue reached out to pleasantly rub his chest, “What Master says is all right. Your disciple doesn’t have any other meaning.”


Black Meow: So shameless, unequal under heaven!    

TL Note: The running joke(?) I guess is 意思 which means interesting, ideas, meanings, etc. Too many meanings that gets lost over translation. And every single line has those two words. Basically, they aren’t on the same page…


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