Status Update

As most people probably know  it’s final/exam week for college students. So I’m sorry, but I still won’t be able to push anything out for another 2 weeks ?

But once college is over, update should be more frequent >.> Don’t take me too seriously though. I can never manage daily updates. Max is weekly ?

Now let me go back to cramming… ?

(Thank you certain somebody. A lot. Less cup ramen for me now~~)


5 thoughts on “Status Update

    • SnowTime says:

      Lol, just because of guilt, I’m still translating HLM because there was no release for Nov. Death Notice can wait a bit more. HLM should be out in a day or two. ? I’m very easy to guilt trip. Translating in class on mobile is a pain. It’s 20% done though.


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