Sorry folks, “The Cannon Fodder Was Reborn, But Won’t Cancel The Marriage” was leading with 77 votes, but I have to take that off now. The raws are gone with the whole site…. And pirates don’t have it either /o/ So, I’m assuming it’s completely off the net. Wayback isn’t working on it either, can’t find the exact raw name to search… If I had it I might have a better chance.  If you wanna try your luck for me, go ahead with it lol


28 thoughts on “For Boredom

  1. So many cats and merman =D
    “The Villain Is Really Stunning” makes me wonder whether the mc reincarnated as villain and became really badass or charming, or if the mc is just some side reincarnated side character that when meeting sir villain they find him really stunning/andhot/ tehee~
    “Zombie Emperor’s House Cat” in the apocalypse zombie there is an emperor zombie and he has a cat? WTF? That”s the first thing that came to my mind….. and yes. i voted for curiosity.


  2. Tried guessing possible bl novel names… Really random names… Criminal Minds made me pause because I’m watching the original US one and the Korean version too…


  3. Pijon says:

    Noah Animal Clinic!!!!!!!! Aaaaa! Is there a digital copy of the novel online?! I only saw physical copies that I would have to import and that’s always troublesome. Fzszds I tried to get my friends to watch the shorts with me but nobody was interested since it didn’t have subs but that is my $hit, I’m totally all about that and I want to read the novel so baaaad aaaa I forgot his name, what was it? Ers? He is my precious baby boy and I love him to death and Or is so haraguro I’m screaming!!! I need to rewatch like right now ToT thank you for reminding me this exists~~~❤


    • SnowTime says:

      Eh? It has a show? I totally did not know that… well, I’ll get my hands on digital copies, but they’re published so some I would need to buy anyway~ I’m trying to get some chinese physicals… for pictures and quality o3o


    • Pijon says:

      I found them!!! It’s not a show per se, just promotional material for the novel and manhua. But they’re SO CUTE <3
      (The series is vaguely BL if anyone's curious.)

      Also, all the shorts now have English subs for them! I uploaded the english to youtube but I have no clue what I'm doing and the subs are teeny tiny so if you do watch it here, I recommend using a higher quality setting ^^;;;


      • SnowTime says:

        I will call it bromance~
        It has a romance tag but no danmei tag so quite honestly, it really is hard to tell…

        //Let me hide the raws a bit longer~ I know the raws o3o Should buy the books one day to get the pictures


  4. blxmeee says:

    I really hope i voted for the bl ones?. I like of the rebirth/system novels. the ones i liked up there were the villian, scum manuel, love rivals those types of novels


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