Schedule: There isn’t one! We would try to at least update once a week, or if something happens, a whole bunch for one week~ But otherwise, updates are very random~

Locked Pages: They are teasers/unedited chapters. It depends on how long I had them locked, if I had it locked long enough, I will just post the whole unedited chapter instead of the teaser it was before… but I don’t announce it when I do! Password: [ Lalala ] or [ lol ]

PDF/EPUDs: I plan to make them myself eventually… the first volume that PrinceRevolution has of 1/2 Prince really fires me up >w< Even if I said you can’t make them, it’s not like anyone is going to listen~ So just don’t go selling them and stuff like that and we’re all OK,

Audio: Audio Books is on a list of things we want to do~ (I’m practicing really hard! Gotta spread the love \o/)

Well, I’ll steadily add to this as I get more questions…


9 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Shizuka says:

    Hallo, I used to make epubs from chapters (a bunch of chapters of course ^^) and read them on my ebook (mainly at night ^^) because I can’t read online for long times expecially long chapters. I saw that you disable the copy and paste function on this site and I can understand why but still it’s diffcult to me to keep track of all the novel I’m following here so I’m asking: Do you plan to make a epub/doc of volume ( or group of chapters), for people that use ebooks? (Pdf is not great at last on ebooks like kindle and kobo)
    Anyway thank you for all the translations

    • SnowTime says:

      Hm? Did I? I never installed any anti copy-paste function? (Since most people find a way around it anyway, so I find it useless) Weird~~ But yeah, I am planning to make some later~ When there are more chapters, make some nice covers and all~ (I plan to aim for princerevolution quality o.o The first volume of 1/2 Prince is amazing…)
      We’re aiming for a lot of things~ Audio books included XD Gotta spread the love even further \o/
      Well, making them is fine as long as no one is selling them or something…

  2. Shizuka says:

    Thank you for the answer. And for the news^^ I know princerevolution ^^ I’ve read Legend of the Sun knight there and it’s really amazing!!! Thanks for all the work translating!


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