Unyielding Heavenly Wood

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Status: 132 Chapters (Complete)


The Master of Devil Artifact Refinement was killed by both Righteous and Devil Cultivators because of an unfinished divine tool, but he was fortunate enough to seize another chance at life.

What should he do after being reborn? Take revenge? Take over the world?

Mo Tianliao expressed: I should find my cat first

A small theater:

Mo Tianliao: You were my cat in the first place, what’s wrong with holding you!

Master: (Silently showing claws)

Mo Tianliao: Ahaha, your disciple’s respect to Master is like the torrenting river. I really can’t bear to let Master walk yourself

Master: (Raises claw, slap him flying)

Tags: Xianxia, BL, Cat

Table of Content

Chapter 1:

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  1. Peony says:

    I’m glad to see this on your to-translate list
    Read the spoilers for this one and it was great~! Really looking forward to seeing the TL of this~~~! <3
    Much love

    • SnowTime says:

      😮 How, how did you find it? It’s not even showing on the header

      • Norkia Airy says:


        • Peony says:

          Found it when I googled the title, and I realized you did a whole bunch of other series I was interested in <3

  2. Jessica Lins says:

    they recommended this novel and the sipnose is interesting … cheering for the translation

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