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Chapter 8

Rain fell silently on the window. The dusk arrived unexpectedly.

Nobody knew if the past should be forgotten.

Anton put down the phone and walked to the window. Seventeen floors away was the New York City misty in rain.

Next week, a criminal he caught would go to the court. A cold blooded serial killer, who had committed murders across thirteen states, and fallen into his hands eventually.

The memory of the case gave him shivers. So many were killed, including his long-time colleague Young.

But the killer’s accomplice ran away, and the customer behind the seven murders remained unknown.


“Come find me at 5 o’clock, and you can see him.” The guy ended the call in a taunting laughter.

The same old mysterious voice he had heard multiple times. Anton knew he was the accomplice of the killer.

He torn up the address he took down from the scratch pad and went out to find Roger.

Upon opening the door, he rushed down the path as memories of the past inundated him.


It was three years ago. The killers kidnapped Young’s 16 year old kid and requested a trade. They want to give them a flash drive in exchange for the investigation to terminate.

They rushed to rescue the hostage, but the trade was a failure and their action was entirely exposed. Five cops were killed and the kid was not found. Of course, neither Young nor him stopped the investigation for a second.

Two weeks later, Anton received a second call from that man. He insisted to act in private, which turned out to be a trap once again. Young jumped in front of him to block a piece of bullet fragment.

Maybe he should’ve let it go, after all, Young’s child might be dead long ago. But he couldn’t. Young was his senior, and his mentor. He guided him into this field, but ended up dying in front of him.

*** *** ***

When he closes his eyes, he could still see the last moments of Young. He struggled to hold his hands, while repeating that kid’s name. Since then, his life had changed completely. He no longer waited and believed in promises and rules.

For three years, he never gave up on searching and investigating until he finally captured the killer. However, the whereabouts of Young’s kid remained a mystery.

Yet whenever the case had a breakthrough, that voice would once again appear.

Therefore, although he knew it was a trap, he still had to go.

*** *** ***

Anton found Roger and handed over some important tasks to him, as well as arranging to cover for him when he’s away.

That kid’s eyes rounded with surprise, but he nodded with understanding. Anton felt so grateful in that moment; while Roger knew the truth and guessed what it was about immediately.

Anton didn’t thank him. He just nodded at Roger and went back. After drinking a cup of coffee in the lounge, he could finally calm down enough to return to his office.

*** *** ***

Upon opening the door, he was shocked. Rene was in his seat reading the case file on the desk.

Rene stood up and returned the seat to him. He looked at Anton in puzzlement, “You don’t look good today.”

“Probably because reading the case was too tiring.” Anton pretended to relax.

“Hm. You should leave earlier if your job’s almost done. Don’t work too late.” Rene’s voice suddenly became exceptionally soft. He looked at him with great care.

Anton got nervous. What? What is this for? Is this personal? What does it mean?

“I’m fine. I just need some rest.” He replied coldly.

“Well, I was gonna talk about the case with you, but we can do it next time. I’ve read the case, and put my thoughts on the back. You can go back to work, I’ll just take my leave.”

Anton didn’t look up.

“Hey, don’t exhaust yourself.” Rene walked to the door, then turned back. He tried to say something, but in the end only expressed his concern.

“I will.” Anton pretended to be absorbed in the case file.

*** *** ***

At 5 in the morning, the air was chilly. In the suburbs of Boston, an old warehouse, flames, explosions – was Anton’s last memories.

Now, now, where am I?

The car was on the road, being driven smoothly. Some stranger sat by his side in a navy blue outfit. He then turned around and looked at Anton. Who is he? the accomplice? He couldn’t tell. Where’s the car heading? When the guy stared at him, he instinctively got alarmed and started struggling. He tried to sober up, but in a few seconds, his head felt like splitting and was back in unconsciousness.

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