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Chapter 82: “Jian Jian, I Love You.” “Yes, Me Too…”

Entering the house, An Yize let Su Jian change out of his wet clothes. Turning around and seeing the table of food that had turned cold, he felt apologetic. “Sorry. There was a traffic accident on the highway which blocked traffic for a very long time, that’s why I’m late.”

“It’s okay.” Su Jian shook his head. “Your phone ran out of battery?”

An Yuze took out his phone to check and realised that it indeed had run out of battery. Looking at Su Jian’s expression as well as his actions just now, he slowly came to an understanding. “You called me earlier but couldn’t reach me, am I right?”

Su Jian lowered his head and pursed his lips. “Yes, I thought you weren’t coming.” Pausing for a moment, he added, “I’ll go heat up the dishes.”

However, just when he stretched out his hand to grab a bowl, his trembling hand lost its grip and the bowl dropped onto the floor.

The sound of the bowl breaking was very clear. Su Jian flinched. Then he squatted down to pick up the shards.


“What’s wrong? Did you cut yourself?”


An Yize brought the plaster over. With furrowed brows, he helped bandage Su Jian. Seeing that Su Jian was going to continue picking up the shards, he said, “Let me do it.”

After cleaning up all the broken shards, An Yize sat beside Su Jian. Seeing Su Jian blankly raising his hand with the plaster, An Yize couldn’t help but smiled, “Jian Jian?”

Su Jian looked at him and suddenly hugged An Yize.

An Yize was stunned. Hugging Su Jian back, he asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian replied softly, “It’s a little cold…”

An Yize slightly tightened his hug, and a trace of gentleness appeared in his eyes. “Does it feel warmer now?”

Su Jian replied vaguely with an “Mhm”.

It was very dark outside the room and the sound of the rain could be heard.

Under the faint yellow lights, the two of them hugged each other silently. For a moment, no one spoke.

An Yize looked down towards the person in his embrace.

Such a well-behaved Su Jian was rarely seen when he was sober. It was also rare for Su Jian to be willing to hug him on his own initiative when they were not acting.

I guess it’s because of the cold afterall…

Su Jian’s hair was still wet with cold water. An Yize touched it gently with his face and an inexplicable sense of warmth suddenly emerged in his heart.

This night. This rain.

As well as this person in his embrace.

Lightly kissing Su Jian’s hair, An Yize felt his heart being filled with a sense of “satisfaction”.

Just when this gentle feeling was overflowing, the person in his embrace moved slightly.

“Jian Jian?” An Yize’s voice was full of warmth and doting.

Su Jian looked up towards him. “Yize, have you gotten fat?”

An Yize: “……”


An Yize heated up the dishes. The two of them sat by the table and began eating.

Su Jian ate his rice quickly with a lowered head. Seeing this, An Yize said warmly, “Jian Jian, eat slower.”

Su Jian looked up towards him and suddenly said, “Yize, next time, just come once a month,”

An Yize’s hand which was taking the vegetables paused. “Why?”

“You’re too diligent coming every week…” Looking up, Su Jian saw a An Yize looking slightly dejected. Su Jian was surprised but he soon understood. “I just… feel that it’s dangerous for you to keep coming. Didn’t you hear that there was a traffic accident just now?”

An Yize replied, “I will be careful.”

Su Jian replied anxiously, “Even if you’re careful, others might not be! The number of accidents happening is increasing! I think that once a month is enough. As long as we love each other, we don’t have to always be together![1]

An Yize’s eyes became brighter.

Seeing the faint laughter in An Yize’s eyes, Su Jian felt a little uneasy. He said with raised head, “Don’t misunderstand! I just felt that traditional Chinese poetry is exquisite and recited it!”

An Yize laughed softly, “Recited?”

“What are you laughing at?” Su Jian couldn’t help but raised his lips as well. “Can’t I be good at literature? As you are distracted by other things in life, the things we enjoy do not stay and continue moving on.”

An Yize: “…Good skills.”


When the two of them laid down on the bed, the sound of the rain outside the window has softened.

Su Jian nestled quietly in An Yize’s embrace and didn’t say anything. An Yize saw that Su Jian wasn’t as lively as usual and thought that he was feeling uncomfortable due to being drenched in the rain earlier, so he didn’t say anything as well. He brought Su Jian closer into his embrace.

The sound of the rain could be heard but it was buried by the night and silence. Although the air in the room was a little cold, it was warm inside the blankets.

However, Su Jian couldn’t fall asleep despite this drowsy environment.

Glancing at the person hugging him, Su Jian tried to endure but was unable to. He climbed out from An Yize’s embrace.

An Yize opened his eyes and stared at him. “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian looked straight at him and said, “Why didn’t you kiss me?”

He always kissed me before we went to sleep, sometimes even kissing me secretly during the night. Yet, when we went to sleep tonight, this fellow didn’t kiss me. This bothers me a lot just like a shoe that doesn’t fall[2]!

An Yize was stunned. Then a smile slowly emerged in his eyes.

Then, he slowly lean his body forward, hugged Su Jian’s waist and kissed Su Jian on the lips.

Su Jian closed his eyes but responded earnestly.

Their clothing overlapped and their skin stuck close to each other as their lips continue to intertwine.

Lips, ear lobes, neck, collar bone, chest, and…

Su Jian bit his lips. His neck arched backwards and he panted heavily.

Su Jian’s pant which had the words “Yize” in it caused An Yize’s body to heat up.


Su Jian caught hold of An Yize who was backing away, his blurry eyes questioning.

An Yize sighed and said with a hoarse voice, “Jian Jian, I didn’t bring any condoms,”

Su Jian froze. Then, he slowly raised his hands to hug An Yize. “It’s okay…”


After they became one, they didn’t do much afterwards.

However, An Yize felt that this was the best choice of all.

For some reason, Su Jian hugged him very tightly this time. Su Jian kept wanting him to do it face to face and kept hugging him without letting go.

However, An Yize was at a loss facing the crying Su Jian.

“Is it painful?” An Yize knitted his brows and moved less vigorously, gently touching Su Jian’s face that was wet with sweat.

Su Jian panted as he looked at An Yize and shook his head.

Facing those teary eyes, An Yize felt his heart soften. Lowering his head, he gently kissed Su Jian’s tears. His hoarse voice was overflowing with gentleness as he said, “Baby, I love you…”

Su Jian replied dazedly as he panted, “Yes, me too…”



Everything was calm and it was deep into the night.

An Yize held Su Jian’s face and gently kissed him.

“I can’t anymore…” Su Jian’s face was blushing red and he had no energy. “Yize, you should take note if it is possible to go on instead of just doing it single mindedly…”

An Yize lightly laughed, “I will take note next time.”

Su Jian was very tired. Nestling in An Yize’s embrace, he soon became drowsy.

On the other hand, An Yize’s eyes were bright. Remembering Su Jian’s dazed “me too”, his heart heated up.

He suddenly wanted to hear it again.

“Jian Jian?”


“I love you.”

“Hm… Just like how a mouse… loves rice…[3]



When Su Jian woke up the next day, the sky was already bright.

An Yize kissed his forehead. “Awake?”

Su Jian wrinkled his nose and replied a “Yes” softly. Then, he put one of his legs on An Yize’s stomach.

An Yize: “……”

As Su Jian gradually woke up, he murmured, “The rain seems to have stopped?”

“Mhm, the rain has stopped.”

Su Jian emerged halfway. However, because the surrounding air was cold, he quickly went back into the blanket. An Yize hugged him and helped cover him with the blanket.

Su Jian murmured lazily, “I don’t feel like getting up…”

An Yize said gently, “Then don’t.”

Su Jian laughed, his hand touching An Yize’s body idly under the blankets.

“ How did you get these abs?”


“How solid!”

“…Jian Jian.”

Su Jian was stunned when An Yize caught his hand. Then, he said in ridicule, “Why so petty? Isn’t it just abs? I have it too!”

Seeing An Yize look over in surprise, Su Jian said, “One ab is still an ab isn’t it?”

An Yize: “……”

Because An Yize didn’t let him touch his abs, Su Jian looked for another plot of land.

Seeing Su Jian studying his chest with relish, An Yize was at a lost.

“Say, why do you think guys have these?” Su Jian observed the things on An Yize’s chest, occasionally touching them with his fingers. “It’s not interesting to see, neither is it practical. I’ve heard that there’s even a chance for breast cancer.”

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian looked and looked. Then, he suddenly stuck out his tongue and licked it.

An Yize’s body trembled.

Su Jian found it interesting. He lowered his head and sucked it.

An Yize panted slightly, “Jian Jian…”

Su Jian looked up and asked, “Does it feel like breastfeeding?”

An Yize: “……”


The conclusion to the scientific study was Su Jian being pressed down by An Yize on bed and kissed fiercely.

After being released, Su Jian’s lips were very red and the emotion in his eyes had yet to retreat. Seeing An Yize restraining himself, he suddenly laughed.

An Yize’s forehead was touching Su Jian’s. He asked gently, “Why are you laughing?”

Su Jian panted lightly as he replied, “I suddenly thought of a poem.”

An Yize asked, “What poem?”

Su Jian slowly said, “An old man behaving like a young man, an old man marrying a young woman.[4]

An Yize: “……”

Seeing An Yize’s face stiffen, Su Jian laughed. Hooking his arms around Yize’s neck, he said softly beside his ears, “There are a few more lines, do you want to hear them?”

An Yize pecked Su Jian’s lips and nodded his head.

Su Jian recited unhurriedly, “Although it is short, the time spent is very precious. In order to truly understand something, you have to experience it yourself instead of reading it on paper. Stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery before you, when silence is stronger than speaking.”

A trace of laughter appeared in An Yize’s eyes, “Good poem.”

Su Jian laughed. Turning his body over, he sat on An Yize.

After a round of doing things for his own interest, Su Jian laid on An Yize’s body and suddenly sneered.

An Yize gently stroked his sweating back. “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian buried his face onto An Yize’s neck, saying, “I thought of another poem.”

An Yize: “Yes?”

Su Jian: “Everything happens very quickly and the king no longer wakes up early for his duty due to being so attracted to the woman.”

An Yize: “……”


[1]This sentence is part of a poetry.

[2]There was a story about an old lady and a young man who lived upstairs. The young man always worked late into the night and liked to wear boots. Whenever the young man came back, he would slam his two boots on the floor before he slept. The old lady being a light sleeper would always be awakened by the sound of the slamming boots before falling back asleep after hearing both the slams. However, there was a time when she only heard the sound of the slamming once instead of twice which bothered her a lot she couldn’t fall back asleep. The moral of the story is that when you’re expecting something but it doesn’t occurs, it will bother you a lot.

[3]This is the lyrics to a part of a song called “Mouse Love Rice”.

[4]This is not the poem literally but the rough meaning.

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