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Chapter 61: Yize, I’m Sorry

Initially, Su Jian had thought that he was hallucinating. He smiled and replied, “The wind was too strong. I couldn’t catch what you just said…” However, he was stunned to see that An Yize’s face didn’t have a trace of joking.  

Holy sh*t! An Yize is being serious?

Su Jian stepped back involuntarily. He was originally standing on the cliffside and the surface of the peak wasn’t flat so he wobbled backwards.

An Yize’s pupils dilated as he quickly grabbed hold of Su Jian’s hand and pulled him over roughly. “Be careful!”

Behind him was a steep cliff. Although the cliffside was fenced with metal railings, they were only calf height and couldn’t do much to prevent danger. When Su Jian thought about the fact that he would have fallen if he had taken one more step back, he couldn’t help but feel scared. He stared at the place he stood earlier and took two deep breaths.

When Su Jian came back to his senses, he realized that he was currently buried in An Yize’s embrace. Remembering Yize’s earlier confession, Su Jian squirmed out of An Yize’s arms immediately. After retreating to some distance away, he asked with a confused tone, “What you said earlier… it it all true ?”

An Yize looked at him deeply and nodded his head.

Su Jian was thoroughly annoyed. He really wanted to shout, “People, I’m really a man!” However, he knew that he could never say this out loud. Pausing for a moment, he asked loudly, “Didn’t we previously agree to not fall for each other?”

An Yize replied, “At that time, I didn’t know that I would.”

The fact that his previous love rival stared at him with sincere eyes and confessed his love for him made Su jian feel like a lightning bolt had charred him and cooked him alive. He tried his best to reason his way out, “But, I thought you like Ji Yan?”

An Yize replied, “That was in the past. It’s over now.”

Su Jian almost cried, “Queen Ji is pretty and has a good figure. She’s your perfect match. You should continue liking her!”

An Yize walked one step forward and stared at him unwaveringly, “Jian Jian, I said it earlier. The person I like now is you.”

Su Jian had never noticed how pressuring An Yize’s determined stare was. He couldn’t help but look away and apologized softly, “I’m sor-…”

He hadn’t finished his words when An Yize suddenly used his lips to block Su Jian’s mouth.

It wasn’t the first time he kissed An Yize. It was just that he was surprised by it in the past and cared, only treating it as An Yize’s teasing. However, after learning about An Yize’s feelings, he couldn’t just let An Yize do whatever he wants.

Su Jian’s eyes widened as he started struggling. However, An Yize was so much stronger than him and they were on a mountain peak with only a few square inches of land and cliffs on all sides. He really couldn’t squirm too much. Therefore, he didn’t manage to escape and was kissed by An Yize for a good while.

Su Jian wasn’t sure if he was already used to the kissing. Although he was shocked by An Yize’s confession, the kiss did not make him feel disgusted. He only felt that it was full of An Yize’s feelings, which made Su Jian feel awkward. He came up with a countermeasure while Yize was trapping him. No matter what, he needed to make An Yize give up! Although his body was now female, he still felt that it was too much to accept a man like An Yize!

Su Jian clenched his fist. When An Yize loosened his grip w, he took the opportunity to push An Yize away and panted, “I don’t like men!”

An Yize was stunned. He asked slowly, “What do you mean?”

Su Jian stammered, “Actually, I like women…”

An Yize had an unreadable expression. “Then, what is with the man in your computer? Don’t tell me you are just friends with him.”

“He…” Su Jian’s brain quickly spun some lies, “He was indeed my ex-boyfriend. However, after I realised that I like women, I broke up with him!”

An Yize quietly asked, “Didn’t you say you can’t remember anything?”

Su Jian: “……”

Under An Yize’s watchful eyes, Su Jian could only bite the bullet. “I seem to remember a few things recently…”

An Yize asked, “Then do you remember where we first met?”

Su Jian answered immediately, “The bar! I remember it clearly!”

An Yize replied, “That’s wrong.”

Su Jian stared at him, “Didn’t you said previously that we first met each other at the bar?”

An Yize replied calmly, “Didn’t you say that you regained your memories and remember it clearly?”

Su Jian: “……”

An Yize suddenly sighed and said, “You actually don’t remember anything, don’t you ?”

Brother, I actually didn’t forget anything at all! Su Jian felt very depressed.

An Yize stretched out his hands and pulled Su Jian into his embrace. His voice was gentle and serious against the backdrop of the howling wind.

“It’s okay even if you can’t remember. Jian Jian, I will treat you well.”


This time, Su Jian didn’t struggle.

If he had heard An Yize say something like this in the past, he would definitely comment “An Yize is trying to seduce girls again”. If he had heard An Yize say “I like you”, he would definitely laugh unstoppably and his heart would well with the joy of victory, thinking: Mr. An, so what if the girls like you? In the end, wouldn’t you still have to kneel down and sing to me “Conquer”? The ultimate winner is certainly me, hahaha!

Yet today, when he heard An Yize saying very seriously that he will treat him well, Su Jian couldn’t feel happy. Ever since his rebirth, An Yize had been the person he was closest with. Although their relationship was just a contract, if he thought about it carefully, he lived pretty well with An Yize. In front of others, he still had to act, but in front of An Yize, he did not have to be reserved at all except for the secret of his rebirth. He did as he pleased and lived freely. An Yize also took care of him very well. In public, it may be for the sake of their fake relationship, but behind closed doors, An Yize treated him well too. If he was a real girl, he probably would have accepted a man that had a great family background, appearance, and etcetera and still treated him well. However……

Su Jian softly said, “Yize, I’m sorry.”

An Yize let go of him slowly and looked into his eyes. “You still like your previous boyfriend?”

Su Jian shook his head. “No. I really can’t remember him.” He opened his mouth, but paused for a moment. This was the first time he couldn’t bear to speak to An Yize.

“It’s just that I don’t like you.”

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