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Chapter 34: Why Not Have Third Brother Choose One For Third Sister-In-Law?

An Yirou didn’t bother being modest for her brother. She browsed through a few branded goods and bought numerous clothes for herself. Seeing that Su Jian had been following her around and complimenting her non-stop, she felt apologetic and so she asked Su Jian, “Third sister-in-law, did you see anything you like?”

Su Jian’s main purpose was to accompany his little sister and was not interested in buying anything. He used his hands to wave it off. “There’s nothing that I want to buy!”

An Yirou hugged Su Jian’s other arm immediately and laughed, “It’s a rare chance to pull third brother out. Third sister-in-law, you don’t have to help him save money!” She carried on asking Su Jian, “Third sister-in-law, is there any brand you like?”

Su Jian wasn’t knowledgeable about male clothing in the first place. Naturally, his knowledge about female clothing would be even worse. He replied vaguely, “They’re all fine, I’m not picky.”

“Third sister-in-law, you’re so easy to raise!” An Yirou smiled, “It’s my brother’s fortune to marry you!”

“Indeed!” Su Jian answered instinctively and gave An Yize a glance.

An Yize had been holding his hand since just now. Hearing Su Jian, he turned around and looked at him. An Yirou, who was by their side, did not miss the faint sense of helplessness and doting in her brother’s eyes.

An Yirou’s lips raised greatly, “I think that there’s a brand that suits third sister-in-law, why don’t  we take a look!”

Su Jian considered for a moment and did not reject the idea. A few days ago, he received a call from sister Su’s school. They asked about his condition and when he could start working again. Since he was reborn, he;d have to work eventually. Sister Su’s job was a high school literature teacher. Since he was now occupying her body, he should take up all of sister Su’s responsibilities, which included her work. To add on, his previous job was very different compared to sister Su’s job. If he changed sister Su’s job abruptly into a completely different job that she was not qualified in, it would raise suspicion amongst the people around him. Therefore, he did not plan to change his job just yet. He decided to first try out sister Su’s job. In the past, he had scored exceptionally well for the third most famous university in the whole country. In addition, his literature had always been good since high school. Su Jian felt that as long as he put in some effort, he would probably most likely and hopefully not make a mistake.

Now that he could walk, his break would end soon and he needed to go back to work. Nevertheless, he was now a teacher. He’d have to take note of his own image. Therefore, Su Jian felt that it was perhaps a good idea to buy some new clothes.

An Yirou inquired Su Jian intimately, “Third sister-in-law, what kind of style do you want?”

Su Jian replied, “Something simple.” Not that he disliked complex designs, rather, he didn’t know how to dress himself.

Seeing that An Yize had been silent all this while, An Yirou did not neglect her brother and asked, “Third brother, what style do you prefer?”

Su Jian was unhappy. “Why do you need to ask him when I’m the one buying?”

An Yirou smiled, “Because it’s third brother who is paying!”

Su Jian thought that was indeed the case and thus stopped talking as he waited for An Yize’s answer.

An Yize answered, “As long as Jian Jian likes it.”

Su Jian froze. He never expected An Yize could reply naturally with such a romantic answer. He couldn’t help but feel creeped out. However, he came to a sudden realization Showing affection! An Yize is showing affection! Being able to express his affection so naturally, An Yize’s acting isn’t bad!

Su Jian rarely showed his admiration. Of course he wouldn’t be left behind. Assuming the image of a sweet wife, he smiled brightly at An Yize. “Hubby, you’re so nice! I really want a Gintama figurine!”

An Yize: “…Okay.”

Figurine obtained! Su Jian was instantly happy, with An Yize looking more pleasant in his eyes.

However, it didn’t take long for Su Jian to find An Yize despicable once again.

An Yirou brought Su Jian into a store. Initially, Su Jian was silently shocked by the number of zeros on the price tags. However, once he saw richman An who was watching him and sister An picking out clothing, he calmed down instantly.

What should a female high school teacher wear? Su Jian quietly thought, but what came up in his mind was the fierce and formal female politics teacher back in his high school.

Even after graduating many years ago, Su Jian couldn’t help but tremble when he recalled that person. He asked An Yirou hesitantly, “I’ll be going back to work soon, should I buy something formal?”

An Yirou replied, “Third sister-in-law, aren’t you a high school teacher? I remember that my high school teachers dressed themselves prettily. You are so young and beautiful, why do you want to wear formal attire? You will be easily mistaken as old fashioned!”

Su Jian thought that made sense. While he was in school, he especially liked the female teachers that dressed fashionably.

Thus, Su Jian decided to be fair and chose a tight mini-skirt for himself.

Changing his clothes in the fitting room, Su Jian came out and asked An Yirou, “Xiao Rou, what do you think?”

An Yirou had yet to comment before An Yize said, “This will not do.”

Su Jian said angrily, “Why not?” An Yize is clearly questioning his aesthetics!

An Yize looked at Su Jian from head to toe without any expression before saying, “Impure.”

Your mom, what “impure”… You’re the only impure one!

Su Jian glared at An Yize, “Just where do I look impure?”

An Yize looked at him from top to bottom once again. Neither quickly nor slowly, he said, “You look impure everywhere.”

Su Jian: “……”

Sensing the strange atmosphere between the two of them, An Yirou stepped out to try and save the situation. She smiled at An Yize, “Why not have third brother choose one for third sister-in-law?”

An Yize did not reject the idea. He walked towards the clothes stand, his eyes slowly sweeping past all the items. Then, he looked at Su Jian intently.

Su Jian didn’t want to refute against An Yirou’s good intentions, so he did not make any objections. Seeing An Yize looking at him, he looked back at him with eyes full of provocation—This impure An, I would love to see what kind of clothing you could possibly pick!

He felt that An Yize would most likely pick an elegant and noble style or a sensational and inducing type. After all, the taste of males were mostly similar. An elegant external appearance with an internal sexy goddess was the type that everyone loved.

However, the result was unexpected. An Yize picked a small, light yellow dress. The style was simple yet after Su Jian had changed into it, he looked soft and sweet but still looked dignified.

Su Jian looked at himself in the mirror and his mouth twitched. He thought: This is due to sister Su’s appearance being fresh and beautiful! This has nothing to do with An Yize!

An Yirou’s eyes lit up and she praised without hesitation, “Third sister-in-law is so beautiful! Can I try this dress too?”

Su Jian nodded his head. An Yirou picked the black coloured version of the dress to try in high spirits.

Su Jian glanced at the price tag of his clothes secretly. Looking at the numerous zeros on the price tag, he felt comforted: This will all be paid by richman An! Turning around, he realised An Yize had been looking at him. As their eyes coincided, An Yize suddenly asked, “Do you like it?”

Su Jian raised his head. “So what if I don’t like it?”

An Yize’s expression did not change. “It’s okay, as long as I like it.”

Su Jian: “……”

An Yize chose many other styles successively. Then, he told the shop clerk Su Jian’s size. The shop clerk took the clothes over respectfully and handed them to Su Jian.

Su Jian: “……”

An Yize rubbed his hair. “Go and try them.”

Su Jian erupted internally: An Yize, your favourite childhood game must be dressing up dolls!

There were too many clothes. Su Jian swore with his life that he would not help An Yize reminisce his childhood memories, so he strongly refused to change. He had thought that An Yize would be angry. Unexpectedly, president An told the shop clerk calmly and elegantly, “I want all of these.”

Su Jian: “……”

Fortunately, An Yirou finished changing and pulled Su Jian to ask for his opinion. Su Jian could then recover from An Yize’s domineering richman vibe.

“Third sister-in-law? How is it?”

“Very nice!”

“I think so too. This design looks good when worn. Third sister-in-law, I would like to buy one too, you won’t mind it right?”

“Of course not, why would I mind?”

“Because some people do not like wearing the same clothings as someone else. I’m worried that you would not like it.”

“No no! I don’t mind at all!”

“That’s great! Then I want this black one!”

The two of them were discussing happily while the shop clerk by their side added, “The two of you have great taste. This dress suits the two of you well!”

“It’s my brother that has great taste!” An Yirou pulled Su Jian arm and looked towards An Yize. “Third brother, don’t you think that third sister-in-law and I look like sisters?”

Su Jian couldn’t help but feel sour. In his life, he had never wore a couple outfit before with a girl. Now that he finally had the chance, he himself had turned into a girl…

An Yize looked at the both of them with his final sight landing on Su Jian. If he calculated, Su Jian was older than An Yirou by two years. Yet, looking at the girl before him wearing a small light yellow dress with her long hair tucked behind her ears, slightly pouting lips, and a pair of large, round clear eyes staring at him, she looked younger than An Yirou.

An Yize suddenly thought of an issue he had never noticed before: This little girl looks like a high school student herself. Can she really stand in front of so many high school students and address them?

It was so rare for An Yirou to see her third brother staring blankly, so she found it new and refreshing. She gently shook Su Jian’s arm with her eyes almost smiling. “Look third sister-in-law, third brother is dazed from looking at you.”

Su Jian felt uneasy being looked at by An Yize like this so he called out, “Yize?”

An Yize regained his attention and realised that in front of him were two girls holding hands; but one was looking at him with a bright smile while the other one was suspiciously staring at him.

Seeing An Yize’s recovery, Su Jian coughed and said righteously, “Remember to pay for the clothes!” Pausing for a moment, he added, “As well as the one Xiao Rou is wearing right now!”

An Yize replied with an “En” and asked calmly, “Anything else you want to buy?”

Su Jian was agitated by his natural richman tone. With anger rushing up into his head, he blurted, “Aircraft carrier!”

An Yize: “……”

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