The Rabbit Is Over Here!

Bang~ Bang~ Bang bang~

Once the sky had just begun brightening, the deep sound of the campus’ morning bugle resounded. The quiet apartment complexes became lively. By the time the echoing of the second bugle was heard, the only sound left was that of people running to campus.

“First squad, sixteen people, Captain Jellal Brown reporting!”

“Second squad, sixteen people, Captain Ed Welch reporting!”



Each squad defiantly challenged each other with eyes full of dominance while also making vigorous sounds to provoke each other. The supervisor stood to the side, proudly reviewing each squad, and nodded with satisfaction.

However, a languid voice broke the solemn atmosphere.

“Special Operations team, ah~ yawwwn~ one person, leader, Gloria Campbell~ ah, so tired…”

The supervisor clenched his teeth and stared at Gloria, who had broken the silence. Sure enough, Gloria stood at the front of the team, with a crooked tie and crinkled uniform, revealing a small piece of white skin. The uniform coat embraced her waist, showing its slenderness and her full breasts. Unfortunately, several of the buttons were incorrectly buttoned. Only her army hat was worn correctly, helping hide her gorgeous looks along with a black eyepatch.

“There are no assignments for Gloria! Evacuate the mission area!”


Gloria turned around rather briskly, but her dequeuing speed was slow, and she paced away unhurriedly.

Even if the soldiers were disciplined, they couldn’t help but whisper when seeing something like this.

“She really acts like she is trying to provoke others~ tsk.”

“What provoking? Honestly, reporting like this on the first day, isn’t it too unbridled!?”

“I can tell you’re not from our district with just one look. She is our area’s famous battle genius. That is why she is assigned to the Special Operations team!”

“There are three people in the Special Operations team. Just before this report, they were dispatched to help the army destroy the beast race in the area.”

“Silence! Start assigning tasks!”

Hearing the order, Gloria subconsciously straightened her back but instantly relaxed herself again. She had her hands in her pockets as she sloppily strolled around the school garden. She seemed to feel that it was too warm and boorishly pulled off her army hat.

A head full of platinum blond curls fell like a waterfall, glistening and bright under the sunlight. Her green eyes held clarity and kindness. With her gorgeous face, black cloak, and messy uniform, she did not look like a combat genius with alpha blood. Instead, she looked more like a seductive omega call girl playing around in a uniform.

But it didn’t matter to her how she looked like. She played with her hair as her left hand quickly pulled out a gun from her waist, and aimed it at the chest of the man who was sticking close to her. “Hey, being aimed at by my gun, do you feel— the urge to continue? Well?”

The man chuckled. With his chest against the gun, he stooped close to her ear. He deliberately shortened his breath and breathed warm air into her ear. “That’s right, that war— I’ve been missing it for a long time~”

“You were the most beautiful back then. Your face stained with your companions’ blood, and your eyes turning red from killing… At that time, you didn’t use this stupid, mundane gun— ah…”


She pulled the gun back and listened with satisfaction to his muffled grunt. Feigning a coy voice, she exclaimed, “Oh, I’m sorry. This boring, ordinary gun goes off very easily! I’m so sorry~ But it doesn’t matter….” she turned, looking at the beautiful slender, silver-haired, and red-eyed youth before her. She glanced at his chest that did not have a mark left on it and said in a gloomy voice, “Anyway, this kind of thing can’t even go against your beast race. Right, Cumberland?”

Cumberland seemed to think of something and was distracted for a moment. Gloria found her chance at that moment.She pressed him against a tree with her knees between his legs and pulled his necktie, forcing him to bend down.

At that moment, he smelled a familiar pheromone scent, no longer having his former calm, his fair face flushed. He tried to restrain the restlessness of his body and stutteringly threatened Gloria, “You, hurry up and let me go. You know exactly what kind of identity I have! Hurry up and let go of me, you, you b*stard!”

Gloria curved her beautiful, bright red lips and emitted her pheromones. Her appearance grew coquettish. “What did you say? I can’t hear you~” After that, she copied what he had done before and panted by his ear.

In an instant, Cumberland’s ears and cheeks were dyed red at a speed visible to the naked eye. His blurred eyes that showed anticipation were clearly revealing what he was thinking. Even his fast heartbeat seemed to pass through the necktie to her hand. She chuckled very wickedly and rubbed her knee against his lower half.


A pair of white, tender rabbit ears jerked out from the youth’s head and softly flattened down. The boy’s face was red now; his eyes glazed over and he lost consciousness.

Gloria could not help but laugh out loud, releasing her grip as she held her stomach. She was still laughing when Cumberland regained his consciousness. Faced with Gloria’s laughter, he blushed again and found it difficult to form words.

Gloria finally stopped laughing, patted her sore cheeks and tried to make a serious expression. However, when her eyes fell on the juvenile’s shaking rabbit ears, she once again broke into laughter.

Cumberland could no longer restrain his anger. “Go to hell, you impolite b*stard! My ears are not funny!” Saying so, his eyes began heating up (QAQ). He leaned down against the tree and held his ears in his hands.

Feeling angry and wronged (QAQ), he scolded Gloria in his mind. b*stard! I wouldn’t have followed you here if it weren’t for you! If it was just being dis-disrespectful to me, then that can be forgiven! But for you to even laugh at my ears! It’s not my fault that excitement will cause the beast race’s body to show its characteristics! My rabbit ears are much better than those fangs and barbs! Yet you laughed at me!


Ears, ears, my ears were-were-were touched! Cumberland’s face that was hidden between his legs turned red again. He curled further into a ball at his wit’s end, completely not knowing what he should do.

Gloria sighed and continued to rub Cumberland’s rabbit ears. “It’s best for you to be like this. Don’t participate in the war between the beast race and the new humans, okay?”

Watching the little bunny, Cumberland, angrily shaking his head, she chuckled and said, “Tomorrow, my withdrawal application will be approved, I will leave here. You… never mind.”

Do you want to come with me?

The remaining words she did not say, perhaps there was no need to say it.

Cumberland jerked his head, and his ears perked up. “Why?! Because of those two? Just because those two guys who only know how to drag people’s legs died?”

“No, I’m tired.” The hand rubbing his ears stopped, and she looked up at the mottled light from the trees. “You don’t always have to come annoy me. I am not an interesting person.”

She got up and was ready to leave, but found that Cumberland was weakly tugging at her clothes. Helplessly, she bowed down to his now lowered ear and planted a kiss on it.

“I do not regret blocking that shot, nor do I hate your beast race.”

Cumberland stared at her retreating figure blankly, on the back of his ear, a faint red lip mark could be seen.

Gloria continued to stroll around the small garden as sloppily as before, as if there was still some scenery she had yet to see. However, Gloria knew that she was just taking in the view for the last time.

She used to hang out and goof off here with them, and now she was the only one left. If they were simply killed in a battle, then how could she be so devastated?  They were clearly living people who were abandoned and left to die by that person’s order!

Her loyalty was like a joke. What kind of existence does that person take the preparatory army students for? Thinking of the owner of those long and narrow eyes, her body went cold as if her blood was flowing backward.

Goosebumps appeared as she shivered Her hand could not help but touch the eyepatch, and she thought back to when that child had become a rabbit.

On a certain battlefield, that guy drank the pheromone inhibitor and the confusing agent to sneak into the new human military. As a result, the battlefield was besieged by several of the beast race. She mistakenly thought that he was a comrade she needed to save and subconsciously blocked the bullet, resulting in her losing her right eye.

There was no memory after that, but she remembered that Cumberland endured the pain of reorganizing his body into his rabbit beast form. She suddenly thought: “Ah, so I saved a little rabbit.”

The little rabbit licked her eyes with tears. She still remembered the roughness of his tongue.

Although she knew that that the beast race’s saliva was beneficial for healing wounds and that he was trying to heal her, she could not help but feel that the little bunny was like a spoiled child.

So, in order to save a beast race who would not have been shot in the first place, she ended up partially blind. The little rabbit who licked her eyes while crying was so cute that she found herself completely unable to hate him.

But after that, the rabbit that always popped up and provoked her was also fun.

The next day.

She dragged the heavy suitcase away from the campus. Today, she was dressed very neatly. The dignified soldiers didn’t dare to say it out loud, but their view of the hidden beauty improved by quite a few points.

She was somewhat depressed and thought, “That rabbit unexpectedly did not appear! Maybe yesterday was his way of saying goodbye?”

Frustration could not help bubble in her heart. Perhaps there was something else, but Gloria warned herself that she could not keep thinking about it.

Finally, she sat on the empire’s first rail car. The little rabbit still did not suddenly appear. The conductor looked at her melancholy face and wanted to say something but hesitated.

Reaching the new green zone, she took a deep breath of fresh air. The new green zone was far away from the conflict area between the beast race and new humans. Mountains and rivers occupied the place, making it land on the top of the empire’s list for most habitable places.

Alas, what a good place. The little rabbit would have certainly said if he was here, “This place will only make you degenerate!” Then he would use his well-learned and honed manner to pretend to seduce her.

After she found her house, she threw the suitcase aside and flung herself on the spongy couch.


What was that sound?

Gloria got up and looked around. Her eye finally locked on the suitcase.


She opened the suitcase and found a fat rabbit obediently lying there. Its front paws rubbed its head.

She could hardly restrain her smile. It was as if tens of thousands of fireworks were exploding from within.

The little rabbit crawled out of the suitcase with tears in its eyes. More tears gleamed as he endured the pain of reorganizing his body and he stutteringly said, “This place will only make you degenerate~ you, so you only amounted to this much!”

He attempted to snuggle close to her ear, yet was carried away by Gloria and pushed onto the bed. In the next moment, what was between his legs was clearly not her knee.

The little rabbit glared with watery eyes and whispered:

“You, you disrespectful guy! (/ ●/ω/●/ )”


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