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Chapter 12: Fish Pond

Liking a fish and contracting a whole pond for her—generally speaking, every young lady fish would be unable to refuse such sweet speech and honeyed words.

Therefore, Qu Zhu who was a prodigal son of affairs of the heart, in his male and female matters, naturally he also had quite a bit of strategies. Moreover, his identity made it so that he naturally appeared as an orderly figure. Just like this, his reputation once again fell short, as he also had many big-boobed, no-brained female disciples throwing themselves at him.

Rong Lin, in his innumerable years had frequently avoided immorality. This Qu Zhu was a degenerate and dissolute man, and he usually had no opinion of it, after all, this passionate love was human nature, and so long as there was mutual consent, it was nothing to be afraid of. However, letting it slip out in the present situation was actually not in accordance to his aloof and remote identity.

A Lian glanced at him, but didn’t speak.

Continuing Xiao Bai asked,

“Then you agreed?”

A Lian shook her head.

Anyway… Not anticipating that she would refuse like this, it had unexpectedly evoked Qu Zhu’s interest all the more.

Afterwards when A Lian had busily studied her daily 2.1 lines, this Qu Zhu had also nagged her many times. Qu Zhu was a qualified dissolute wastrel, and understood how to throw a net of reason, but here this salty fish would not go in, and so naturally began to fool around with other good looking senior female disciples and junior female disciples. A Lian was originally not very careful, and naturally did not even realize that Qu Zhu had unconsciously stopped nagging her, then afterwards ran into him very few times. Who would have thought that when they met again, it was actually that sort of situation.

Xiao Bai didn’t ask again. Looking into the Flowing Light Mirror, sure enough, he gradually saw A Lian come in touch with Qu Zhu less and less. So much so that Qu Zhu didn’t appear for half of the month, and didn’t come into contact with A Lian at all. Xiao Bai again turned to glance at A Lian and said,

“In fact, it seems as if it is important to prove that the death of Qu Zhu had nothing to do with you. It’s also not an inconvenient matter.”

A Lian’s eyes brightened, immediately filled with hope as she asked,

“I don’t know what brilliant idea High God Xiao Bai has?”

“Are you still a virgin?” Xiao Bai asked.

A Lian’s mouth opened slightly, then managing to respond, a large deep red blush spread over her face, and she falteringly nodded.

Even though this matter was not regarded by immortal cultivating people as not as bad as to be too embarrassing to speak about, Xiao Bai’s expression was calm and collected, as he’d only asked a simple question; not to ‘cook rice today’, that was all.

“You go out and wait for me,” Rong Lin said.

“Ah?”  A Lian was puzzled. Rong Lin then said,

“I want to speak my mind to High God Xiao Bai.”

“Oh!” A Lian hurriedly responded, then afterwards very quickly went out.

Rong Lin with a calm and collected face then said,

“Xiao Bai, do you have a few ideas?”

Rong Lin’s temperament had always been good. Although he and Xiao Bai were close friends, he however, seldom saw him get angry. Now Xiao Bai smiled and laughed slightly, and did not look at him, only conveniently got up to put away the Flowing Light Mirror, his comportment completely graceful and noble. The master of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion High God Xiao Bai was also once a good lover of flowers and plants and youth, but due to being deceived by his mother, he had abandoned this type of temperament and became somewhat twisted. It made his face look warm, kind and harmless, when in fact his heart was entirely ruthless.

“If Xiao Zao had an accident today, would your manner still be like this?” Rong Lin said.

Xiao Bai immediately said,

“This is different.”

What was different?

He had originally thought that he was a reclusive but unyielding man, but he had actually, without the slightest hesitation, came to beseech him merely for a drop of his heart’s blood to use to save Xiao Zao. Now this small fish demon was also behind bars, and all human life was beyond value and significance, but here he was making cynical remarks.

Xiao Bai spoke again,

“I merely felt this was the most simple and straightforward method. If you don’t agree, I can gather all the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion people tomorrow to watch the scene in the Flowing Light Mirror—”

“Don’t! I will save this bighead carp with my way of thinking!” finished speaking, he then stormed off in a huff.


Since arriving on this road, they had not chatted in a very happy manner. Now that they were returning, however, A Lian clearly sensed High God’s mood was not good throughout the entire trip. Two or three times she had attempted to open her mouth and speak, but swallowed it down. Seeing that they had arrived, A Lian then said,

“High God has already done enough for me. If because of my matters, High God is not happy with High God Xiao Bai, then I precisely cannot escape censure.”

Rong Lin was not the type to randomly take out his anger on a person who did not deserve it, and even if he got angry again, he would not show a scowling face towards A Lian. He did not realize when they arrived, as throughout the journey this small fish demon had repeatedly looked like she wanted to say something, but hesitated.

He closed his eyes, thinking that he had indeed somewhat lost self control in front of Xiao Bai just now. He was clear about his temperament, but besides Xiao Zao, was it not possible to care about other people’s life and death? He lowered his head and quickly glanced at the clothes on the small young girl’s body.

That Xiao Zao did not have a father or mother. Since childhood, she had been mutually dependent for life on Xiao Bai. This small fish demon was also a lonely person, and it made no sense that her life was better than Xiao Zao’s in comparison.

“Since I am taking care of this matter, I will be sure to take care of it to the end. You need not be too worried, and naturally, you are still innocent to me,” Rong Lin said.

“Then I must trouble High God,” A Lian replied.

A fish without rhyme or reason had unexpectedly caused these problems. For a moment, Rong Lin’s impression of that Qu Zhu was at it’s worst—alive he was a stalker, not to mention a womanizer, but he had even asked for compensation in death!

Thinking of something, Rong Lin then said,

“You are still young. This world entices many, and sometimes it is hard to escape from repeatedly being dominated. If someday you come across such men like Qu Zhu again, hide as far as you can. Don’t, because of a sentence about contacting a fish pond for you, let yourself go crazy and lose your capacity to think clearly.”

It was possible to refuse once, who would have thought that someday she would be unable to refuse a second time? She must naturally be good looking, because from then on, there were bound to be many pursuers. In the end, she was from a small place and without much knowledge and experience, if not careful, she could possibly develop a bad habit of vanity.

However Rong Lin did not feel at ease, and solemnly added,

“It is important to learn good characteristics from others. At such a very young age, do not learn to worship money.”

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