Notes From the Grey Tower


Author: Kong Deng Liu Yuan (空灯流远 )

Status: 41 Chapters (Complete) + Side Stories (Ongoing-ish)


Mathematics is the field for geniuses.

Only weirdos that can no longer be satisfied by mathematics will touch cryptography.

Some say, it was the cryptographers that brought victory to World War Two. They were the weirdos among the geniuses. They broke the enemy’s riddles from the radio signals, and grasped the Nazis by their throat. They remained anonymous. They belonged to the cryptography institute of British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6.

*** *** ***

It’s okay to pursue your lover, but dear Alan Caster, it’s not the best idea to follow him to the cryptography institute of MI6. It’s an even worse idea when the guy you’re after is the boss of the intelligence service, Garcia.

And the worst idea, Alan, was to think about dumping him once you’ve gotten his heart.

Tags: BL, WWII, Angst, HE

Table of Content

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5


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  1. Phemist says:

    Notes from Grey tower is really a good story. I had read it in my language but i still want to read again in English version because this story happened in Europe and I want to feel that vibe. Btw thanks and i still wait for your updates.


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